The Life of Kelly Ann Yarrington

  • Prenatal

    germinal period
  • embryonic period

    embryonic period
  • fetal period

    fetal period
    mother probably smoked, not sure about prenatal care
  • birth

    6 1/2 pounds and 20 inches
  • Period: to

    sensoriemoter stage

    dont remeber anything
  • Period: to

    cognitive developement

    From birth til age two i was probably normal for the sensorimotor stage. I learn from tasting, touching and watching my brothers and my parents.
  • Period: to


    my neurons are conecting inside my brain. im growing while i sleep. im learning by watching my family and being exposed to new things like dogs or toys.
  • Period: to


    my emotions are developing. im attached to my family and i like to keep them close. i did not go to day care, i stayed home with my mom.
  • Period: to

    the school years psychosocial

    my peers are mostly good people. My peers followed a moral code. we didnt bully or cause family probably would be considered a little disfunctional.
  • 8 days old growing as i sleep

    8 days old growing as i sleep
    bottle fed formula, most likely exposed to tabaco smoke.
  • cognition at 1 year

    well developed for age in areas of laguage, learning, memory, and intelligence. Had to older brothers to learn from as well as a mom and dad.
  • 2nd year of life

    Learning through experiments and experiance. would get hand smacked if misbehaving, according to my parents.
  • Period: to

    play years cognitive

    my prefrontal cortex is maturing, I learn skills and experiance achievements. I like to draw, rip, color and cut with scissors.I cut my own bangs and spray painted a picture of Flipper on my bedroom wall.
  • Period: to

    the play years cognitive

    my vocabulary is growing. start school in Kindergarten. I rode the school bus.
  • Period: to

    the play years psychosocial

    im beginning to regulate my emotions.i have pleasnt personality. i am starting to realize that people have feelings. Im not sure about disipline practices.
  • Period: to

    peoperational theory

  • year 3

    talking, playing, still exposed to cigerette smoke. normal growth pattern. Good eater, learned to use the potty. right handed
  • Start school

    Start kindigarden. Ride the school bus. played well with others. mom and dad have a baby boy.
  • 1st grade

  • 2nd grade

  • 3rd grade

  • Period: to

    the school years cognitive

    these years i expanded my vocabulary, reading books. learning through media.
  • 4th grade

  • Period: to

    concrete operational

  • Period: to

    formal operational

  • 5th grade

    5th grade
    puberty yek!!!
  • Period: to

    adolescence psychosocial

    i knew i was heterosexual because i liked boys but i was not sexually active. i fought with my mother alot. never liked being told what to do.
  • 6th grade

    6th grade
    not sure i was enjoying my life in 6th grade. some girls in clics. i have trust issues. my teacher was mean to me. plus i had her in fourth grade.
  • Period: to

    adolescence biosocial

    i started my period very young. I was not proud of the developement of my body. i was a good kid. perhaps because i didnt know if anyone would save me.
  • Period: to

    adolescence cognitive

    school never felt good to me. there were a few teachers that caught my interest. i feel shy at school events. i do not try out for any sports because i have no confidence.
  • 7th

  • 8th

  • 9th grade

  • 10th grade

  • Period: to


  • 11 th

    11 th
    started smoking nicotine on a regular basis.
  • depression sets in

    boyfriend runs away with a 16 year old to florida. i lost 30 pounds in three weeks. i just coulnt eat.
  • Period: to

    adulthood biosocial

    i usegood healthd tobaco didnt drink too much. maintained
  • Period: to

    emerging adulthood biosocial

    loss of my mother. loss of my father, at least thats what it felt like.had a pretty good group of friends, we were not into drugs. good health, undiagnosed and untreated depression sets in.
  • Period: to

    emerging adulthood psychosocial

    didnt even think about marriage. not sure why not. live with guy but never thought of the future.
  • Period: to

    adulthood psychosocial

    well i am at peace with my self. i keep things easy. i dont anticipate a midlife crisis. i am employed and have health benifits.
  • 12th grade

    12th grade
    favorite person in the world
  • Period: to

    College years

    made to the waiting list for nursing school. i worked hard for it, being a good mom working and going to school. in that order so you can probably guess why i dont have a 4.0.
  • Period: to

    emerging adulthood cognitive

    started college, gave up for a while because i didnt know what i wanted to do. now im still in school at 44 years old.
  • 27years old

    27years old
    trying to make it on my own, still seeing negglectant ex boyfiend.
    basically swimming no where
  • prenatal care

    prenatal care
  • my family

    my family
    resumed living with the father of my child. Didnt really go well.
  • Period: to

    adulthood cognitive

    i have become a good mother. i am a good person. i enjoy diversity. i use all my life experiance to guide my actions and thoughts. i am very optimistic.
  • the birth of my baby

    the birth of my baby
    Quade Douglas
  • break free of the resteraunt business

    took a continuing ed class and became a certified health unit coordinator. i now have a stepping stone job in a wonderful hospital. iprovide health insurance and support my son in a stable environment.
  • quit smoking forever

    quit smoking forever
    found the strenghth inside of me to conquer this addiction. if not for myself for my son.
  • 45 years old medical problems

     45 years old medical problems
    diabetes, blood pressure and hormone imbalences.
  • graduate college

    graduate college
    rn nurse
  • two jobs

    two jobs
    work in florida in the winter and michigan in the summer. this is my ultimant goal.
  • age fifty

    age fifty
    i better have a good man in my life by now. emotional
    very happy with my inner self
    finacially independant
  • 60 years old

    60 years old
    enjoying life, traveling, happy becoming a grandmother
  • grand baby

    grand baby
    love being a grand ma
  • 70 years old

    70 years old
    a little stiff
  • 80 years

    80 years
    my eyes are not as good as they used to be. im hard at hearing signs of alhiemers or lung cancer.
  • sudden death

    sudden death
    while watching tv suffered sudden cardiac arrest while sleeping.