By reeberm
  • Prenatal-birth, Biosocial

    My mother and father were married two years prior to having me. They moved to Dearborn, MI because of the center location between their jobs. My parents both have college degrees. At this time my mother had a B.S. in Occupational Therapy and my father was finishing his masters and preparing for law school. My father was a Human Resource Director and my mother was an Occupational therapist for special needs children. Both of my parents were very active in sports and very healthy.
  • Prenatal, Psychosocial

    My parents were very busy as young adults. My father was always in school. My parents were very happy and not stressed!
  • Birth

    I was born in Dearborn, MI at Oakwood Hospital. Parents, Michael and Melinda Reeber.
  • Period: to


  • Meagan joined the family!

    Meagan joined the family!
    My parents had a baby girl! She was born at Wyandotte Henry Ford in Wyandotte, MI. Her name is Meagan Jeanette Reeber. Her middle name is after my mother's grandma, Jeanette Herman. My parents said that I was so excited to have a baby sister! I always wanted my mother to read to the baby and me at the same time!
  • First Two Years: Biosocial Development

    Motor skills are beginning to develop. When I was 16 months old my aunt slipped down the stairs and I broke my leg. I was in a full leg cast for many months. Luckily my gait and motor skills were not effected. because I later became a national precision figure skater. My parents talked about me as a baby being frusturated because I was limited in mobility and wanted to scoot and crawl! As soon as the cast came off my mom said that I took off like a leashed dog!
  • First Two Years: Cognitive Development

    My mother spent every second with me as a baby. She is an occupational therapist with a Masters in early Childhood Development, she believes in the development of the brain as a child is important in the learning process to come as a child and adolecent. Therefor she read and talked to me as a baby every second she could. She introduced many learning techniques with blocks, colors, and shapes at an early age.
  • First Two Years: Psychosocial

    My mother has four very close friends that all had babies within the same 7 months. Every chance they had, they would have play dates! To this day my mother is very close with these women. Learning from an early age that relationships, especially with friends, are very improtant in emotional and developmental well being!
  • school years begin

    At the early age of three I was put in daycare/pre-school. This was a privatley run pre-school taught through the Gospel faith. I was baptised as a Catholic, but my mother heard that this pre-school was the best at learning and prep for kindergarten. My mother tells me that I loved to go to pre-school everyday, At this age you begin to create relationships and understand that there are other people in th world besides your mother and father.
  • School years: Biosocial

    I attended Woodworth Elementary in Dearborn, MI. I was in the afternoon class, but begged my parents to also attend the morning class. Learning begins with programs such as phonics, alphabet, and beginning reading. I was also given the task as being the class officer in chagrge of feeding the lizards in the am. This was an example of being taught responsibility.
  • School years: cognitive development

    I attended second grade at St. Alphonsus Grade School in Dearborn, MI. Cognitive development at this age was understanding and using math by incorporating multiplication tables into the daily regime. Mathematics were difficult for at this age and still are to this day.
  • School Days: Psychosocial

    At an early age I was a brownie and transferred into a girl scout. Each week we had brownie meetings and events to attend. These meeting we were taughyt life lessons and did crafts. I also participated in fundraising at an early age. We raised money by participating in White Elephant Sales and cookie sales.
  • Joining the basketball team, biosocial

    At the early age of 8 years old I joined the girls basketball team at St, Alphonsus. This taught me not only a skill but resonsibility and commitment.
  • Joined the softball team, biosocial

    I joined the softball team at St. Alphonsus at age 9. I had already played basketall this year however this continued to teach me commitment and responsibilty.
  • Figure skating, biosocial

    I began to figure skate at 9 years old. I would spend each Saturday on the ice for practice. I began establishing myself as an athlete at an early age of 9.
  • Crystallettes, biosocial

    I expanded my figure skating talent and joind The Dearborn Crystallettes as a Juvenile competitor.
  • Crystallettes National Competition, psychosocial

    My first National precision skating competitionwas held in San Diego, CA. We took 4th in the USA representing Michigan! This iniated a sence of success and emotions that would be particular to the psychosocial domain.
  • School Years: High School, Psychosocial

    Starting a new school. Coming from a private Catholic grade school this was a rude awakening. I was introduced to a social acceptance and diverse structures. I joined the basketball team during the summer prior to my freshman year. I did this because I loved to play basketball, but also because it would make the transition easier into a new school with new friends. The diverse structure was the organization in which a public school differs from a private school.
  • High School Begins

    I attended Dearborn High School from 1998-2001
  • High school: Cognitive Development

    In high school it was imperative to prepare for college. Learning to cope and overcome are learned at this age by being able to juggle both learning and social scenes. I was an athlete and a atudent and in order to trave with the skating team I had to have all my homework completed and good grades.
  • High School Years, balancing life, Biosocial

    In high school I was a precision figure skater for the Dearborn Crystallettes, a basketball and a softball player. I learned how to be an athlete as well as a friend, and a student. At times I let my sports get in the way of grades but my parents made sure that if I fell behind I would get right back up to the top!
  • High School Graduation, cognitive development

    I graduated from Dearborn High School. It would take my knowledge from this point on to the next stage of my life...
  • Freshman Year College, cognitive development

    I attended Schoolcraft College in Livonia, MI for two years to decide which career path in which I wanted to study.
  • Dean's List, cognitive development

    made the Dean's List at Schoolcraft and stayed on until I transferred
  • Eastern Michigan University, cognitive development

    Transferred to EMU in my junior year of college hoping to pursue a career as an english teacher
  • Change major at EMU, psychosocial

    Changed major from english major to Exercise Science
  • New Job in Detroit, cogntive development

    I started my internship in Detroit and was hired 2nd week into it! Took the job, and put college on hold for a few semesters.
  • New Job at St Marys, psychosocial development

    New job at a hospital as an exercise physiologist!
  • Mexico, psychosocial

    Mexico, psychosocial
    I traveled to Mexico as a gradution present to myself!
  • Graduated from EMU, cognitive development

    Graduated with B.S. in Exercise Science
  • Upgraqde my Townhouse, biosocial

    With a good job and a grasp on the bills I acquired throughout college, I was able to upgrade to a larger townhouse!
  • Adopted Mimi,psychosocial

    Adopted Mimi,psychosocial
    I adpoted my cat from the Detroit Humane Society. She has been a wonderful addition to my life!
  • Physician Assistant School

    I am planning on applying to physician assistant school and attending this year!
  • Death

    projected death