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Life Span

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    Prenatal Development and Birth

  • Yay Me!

    My mother found out she was pregnant with me. My brother was only a little over a month old. My brother and I are 11 months apart and we are the same age for 2 weeks out of the year, because I was born before his 1st birthday. It was quite crazy for my mother to hear she was pregnant. She was in a panic.
  • Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
    My mother was at an appointment that morning for me and her doctor told her she was dilated and she needed to go straight to the hospital and he would meet her there. So my mother all worried, due to complications with her previous pregnancy heads to the hospital. She tries to push for a few hours and they decide to do a cesarian. Not too much longer, I was screaming, and perfectly healthy. 8lbs 12oz, there I was with a head full of curly brown hair and big brown eyes at 10:32 pm.
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    First Two Years

  • Cognitive-Started Walking

    I took my first steps quite early considering my brother and I are only 11 months apart and he was walking. So I wanted to learn by example.
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    Play Years

  • Cognitive-Started Preschool

    I actually attended preschool a year early and went with my brother. I then attended preschool for a second year due to me starting early.
  • Psychosocial - Divorce

    My parents divorced right before my second birthday. I do not remember. All I remember is growing up with divorced parents and going to two seperate households all the time with two different sets of rules. It was really hard because my parents did not parent together and a lot of times I would find myself in the middle growing up. I always tried to not take sides.
  • Cognitive-Kindergarten!

    I attended Farrand Elementary in the Plymouth, MI area up until fifth grade.
  • Biosocial-First Grade, The start of elementary school!

    Biosocial-First Grade, The start of elementary school!
    Elementary school was my favorite. I loved it. I attended Farrand Elementary.
  • Biosocial-Twin Towers

    Biosocial-Twin Towers
    I can remember being in elementary school when the news spread through the school like a raging sea. All the teachers were trying to hide what had happened and allow for the parents to tell us instead. A tragic event in history marks the first historical event I've witnessed.
  • Cognitive- Ice Skating Lessons

    Cognitive- Ice Skating Lessons
    I started Ice skating when I was around 8 years old. I had quit after my first recital due to complications with my ankles. Later I found out I have severe pes cavus bilaterally. This is an ankle disorder that has to do with a high arch or instep in bone structure. So when weight is beared on the feet themselves, they do not cushion properly. This is hereditary.
  • cognitive- Graduated Elementary School!

    cognitive- Graduated Elementary School!
    This was a fun day for me filled with games and food. I was upset to see all my friends head off to different middle schools. I lost many friends this year through loss of communication and went on to make new ones in middle school. This is where most of my friends today are from. To this day, I still have the t-shirt with the Farrand Fox on it and all my class signatures.
  • Psychosocial -Middle School- Game Changer

    Psychosocial -Middle School- Game Changer
    This is when I was introduced to the world of what you look like matters. This is when everyone is going through the awkward stages so everyone attempts to look the best. I made a lot of friends. I think that I put on an act a lot through these middle school years. I was embarrassed about where I lived. This is where some bullying occurred and I did all I could to fit in. Middle School was a game changer, to say the least.
  • First Homecoming Dance

    This was my freshman year of high school and I was so nervous to attend a dance for the first time.
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    Adult Years

  • Cognitive- First Job

    Cognitive- First Job
    Became an empoloyee at Boston Market as a Dining Room Ambassador. Moved up to Cashier, Drive Thru, and Server. Worked at Boston Market for a little over a year.
  • Psychosocial - Voluntarily Quit First Job

    Psychosocial - Voluntarily Quit First Job
    Left Boston Market for personal reasons. Went through a really bad depression. My grandmother became ill and I had to be home to take care of her because my mom worked so much. I lost my grandmother February 22, 2012 ot a very long fight for her health.
  • Psychosocial- My grandma passes

    Losing my grandma was the worst thing I have ever been through. (I tried to upload a picture, it will not let me.)
  • Psychosocial-My grandma passes

    On Ash wednesday, my grandma went to heaven. It was the hardest thing I have ever been through in my life.
  • Psychosocial-Graduated from High School!

    Psychosocial-Graduated from High School!
    Graduated from Salem High School with a nice diploma and honor roll award after a long and tough 4 years.
  • Cognitive-Started College

    Cognitive-Started College
    Became a student at Schoolcraft College.
  • biosocial- First Home

    Moved into first home wth boyfriend.
  • Cognitive-Dean's List

    Cognitive-Dean's List
    Was awarded to the Dean's List at Schoolcraft College for outstanding academic achievement of carrying a 3.5 or higher in at least full time credit hours.
  • Biosocial- Puppy

    Biosocial- Puppy
    Got our first puppy. She is a German Shepherd. Born December 22, 2012.
  • Graduate with Associates in Science from Schoolcraft College

    Graduate with Associates in Science from Schoolcraft College
    I will have my Associates in Science and have 4 Dean's List letters.
  • Transfer to Oakland University

    Transfer to Oakland University
    Attending Oakland University to Study and obtain a degree in Biomedical Technology and Therepeutic Services with a specialty doctoral degree in Radiology.
  • Psychosocial-Graduating with Bachelors

    Psychosocial-Graduating with Bachelors
    Biomedical Technology from Oakland University.
  • Biosocial-Hopefully Married

    Biosocial-Hopefully Married
  • Psychosocial-Doctoral Degree

    Psychosocial-Doctoral Degree
    Oakland University. Specialty in Radiology. I want the Big M.D. after my name!
  • Biosocial- Have first child

    Biosocial- Have first child
    Hopefully having or planning to have my first child a few years after I get out of school.
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    The Later Years

  • Biosocial-Hopefully retiring down in Florida!

    Biosocial-Hopefully retiring down in Florida!
    Florida is my dream place. I have contemplated moving there several times. I would love to enjoy the end of my life there.
  • Biosocial-Predicted Death

    My age tabulator said I would be around 95 years old when I passed. I do not smoke or drink. I live a healthy lifestyle. I hope to live a long and healthy lifestyle.