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    Prenatal Devolpment & Birth

    This was the day I was born, I was born at St. Mary Mercy Hospital. I was 9 lbs.
  • Birth

    The day I was born. I was 9 lbs. I was born at St. Mary Mercy Hospital. I was born 2 weeks early but was helathy.
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    First Two Years

    Including Biosocial, Cognitive and Psychosocial Devolpment
  • Biosocial Devolpment - Age 6 months

    Instead of gaining weight by the time I was 6 months, I lost weight. I was breastfeed but because I this I had to go on soymilk to start gaining weight.
  • Cognitive Devolpment- age 10 months

    I started walking. I also spoke my first word around this time which was of course "Mama".
  • Psychosocial Development- 10 months old

    I had a secure attachment with my mom. Both of my parents worked so we would hang out with my grandparents. I wasn't too nervous around strangers.
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    Play Years

    Includes Biosocial, Cognitive, and Psychosocial Devolpment.
  • Cognitive- 5 years old

    Parenting style: My parents were authoritative. They were a happy medium and made us feel comfortable enough to talk to him if we had a problem.
  • Physchosocial-Age 5

    I was the youngest of 4 sibilings for a few years. So I got away with a lot and was babied.When my sister was born, I had to grow up a little bit and realize I wasn't the baby anymore. After a while, I liked how she was like my little doll and I started thinking it was fun.
  • Cognitive- 5 years old

    I started Kindergarden. I would go half a day. It was great, my mom said I really enjoyed going to school because I made a lot of friends. I learned how to process information.
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    The School Years

    Includes Biosocial, Cognitive and Psychosocial
  • Biosocial- 7 years old

    Biosocial Devolpment: I started soccer. It was great, I played almost everyday. I also started taking piano lessons and swimming.
  • Psychosocial- 10 years old

    At Church, I became an alter server and active in the church. It made me devolp self-esteem because I felt good about myself.
  • Biosocial-Age 11

    I learned that I loved school and I loved learning. This is when I really took a liking to school and reading.
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  • Biosocial- 13 years old

    I hit puberty around this time and had a growth spurt. I grew tall what seemed like overnight and became very skinny because of these sudden changes.
  • Psychosocial 15 years old

    My first niece was born and it was great. I helped take care of her a lot and made me mature a great deal.
  • Psychosocial 16 years old

    I got my drivers license! I was so excited and this is when I really started to hangout with a variety of people and also got my first job which was babysitting. I really devolped strong realtionships with my friends at this point.
  • Biosocial Age 17

    I have always been active since I was younger, but this was when I realized how important it was to stay active. I would go for daily jogs and really take care of my body.
  • Cognitive 17 years old.

    I took a anatomy class my senior year in high school and it reassuring to me that I wanted to go into the health field. This was when I discovered my passion and found what I wanted to continue my education in.
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    Emerging Adulthood

  • Cognitive 18 years old

    High School Graduation. I then got my second job as a waitress. I was so proud of my accomplishment of graduating High School with honors.
  • Cognitive 18 years old

    I started college. I actually really enjoy school and learning so I was excited to furthur my education.
  • Psychosocial Age 19

    Psychosocial Age 19
    I gave birth to my daughter. She was 4 lbs 13 oz. She was 3 weeks early. This is when I really devolped my identity and was able to show how nuturing I was.
  • Biosocial 65 years old

    I hope to continue my good nutrition and modify my exercise routines. I would imagine by now I would be taking viatamins of all sorts.
  • Cognitive Age 23

    Graduate with my Bachelors Degree in Biology
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    Adulthood: The Future

  • Cognitive Age 27

    Graduate from the PA program
  • Cogntive Age 27

    I hope to get a job at a hospital shortly after I graduate from the PA program.
  • Psychosocial Age 28

    I would love to have more children and a big family.
  • Cognitive Age 40

    I hope to find a specific hobby that I enjoy to do with my time when I'm not working.
  • Psychosocial Age 44

    I am an extremly involved mother so when my daughter grows up I would love having grandchildren to take care of. I would love to become a hands on grandmother.
  • Biosocial

    Since I am so healthy now and concered with my diet, I hope to continue that idea and keep active well into my 50s and beyond.
  • Psychosocial 51 years old

    By this time, I would imagine I would have an empty nest unfortunatly. I would find other things to fill my time.
  • Cognitive Age 60

    I hope to have enough life experince where I have intelligence such as people around me now.
  • Psychosocial Age 62

    I hope to have get togethers with friends and still be social when I'm older. I'd love to go on vaccations with friends or have fun get togethers with them.
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    Late Adulthood: The Future

  • Psychosocial Age 65

    I would imagine that I would retire by the time I'm 65. I don't know though, I could feel great for my age and not need to retire or something with my health could happen and I would have to stop working.
  • Psychosocial Age 67

    I want to become devoted to my Church because I believe that would be very important. I would want to volunteer there whenever I could.
  • Health Problems-Age 70

    Since at this point, I would be getting older, I probably would have retired and facing some health problems.
  • Move into a retiremnt Community

    Move into a retiremnt Community
    It would be great if I could move someone tropical and just relax.
  • Congitive Age 80

    By this time I would think I would have memory problems. So I would fill my house with pictures to constantly remind myself of great times.
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    Death and Dying

  • Age 90

    I would expect those around me to mourn me after I was gone. If I had lived to old age I believe that my death would be expecting so hopefully the greieving process would not be too bad.
  • Pyschosocial Age 90

    Since I am Christian, we beleive that when somebody dies, this is not the end. This is the beginning to your eternal life in Heaven and with God.
  • Psychosocial Age 90

    My family in the past have had a few family memebers that have lived to 100 years old. A lot of them have lived into their 80s-90s. I would expect to pass aways sometimes around my 90s.