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Timeline Final Project- Chandra Rogers

  • Identify mother's voice (psychosocial)

    At this point, I am able to idenitfy my mother's voice from within the womb
  • Brain in developed (Cognitive)

    At this point in time, all parts of my brain exist. They will continue to develop as I age.
  • Birth

    Born in Tucson, AZ at 9:19 am. 23 inches long and 8 lbs 6 oz
  • First Breath (Biosocial)

    I took my first breath and my color changed from bluish grey to more pink
  • Binocular Vision Develops (Biosocial)

    I am now able to utilize binocular vision and am able to focus both eyes on one thing
  • Preference for my Mother/Father (Cognitive)

    I developed a preference for my primary caregivers (my mother and father)
  • Spoke my first word "mama" (cognitive)

    I spoke my first word "mama"
  • Grandparents Visited (Psychosocial)

    At about 9 months, my grandparents came to visit. I did not recognize them and therefore they were strangers to me. I devleoped a stranger wariness.
  • First Steps (Biosocial)

    My parents tell me that I didn't walk first and then run. I stood up and took off running so that I could use the momentum to keep me upright
  • Potty Trained (cognitive)

    This took time and effort on my part. I had to learn how and when to use the restroom
  • Got a new tricycle (Biosocial)

    My parents bought me a new tricycle for my birthday and I immediately took it outside and rode it around
  • First swim lesson (biosocial)

    I took my first swim lesson and continued every summer till I was 14 years old
  • Sister is born (psychosocial)

    My sister was born and I immediately had to learn how to socially adjust to no longer being the only child and having to share
  • Started Tee ball (biosocial/cognitive)

    I had to not only physically learn a new sport, but also learn the rules of how the game was played
  • Best friend Sarah that I played with (Psychosocial)

    Sarah was my playmate on the weekend. We generally stuck together and didn't venture into other play groups
  • Started catholic school (cognitive/psychosocial)

    I started at a Catholic school and had to learn while in class, but also had to socially adjust to a catholic environment
  • Played word games with my Dad (Cognitive)

    My Dad and I would play word games together. My Dad did this in hopes that it would help develop my vocabulary
  • Lost my first tooth (Biosocial)

    My tooth became loose, so my parents had me eat an apple. It caused me to lose my tooth.
  • Started Synchronized Swimming (biosocial/psychosocial)

    I started to learn a new sport that was physically challenging. Along with that I started to develop new friendships and authority figures and had to adjust accordingly
  • Got my puppy (psychosocial/cognitive)

    I got my first puppy. I was responsible for feeding and picking up after the dog. Additionally, my parents made me go to the library and read about taking care of a dog before we adopted.
  • Broke my arm (biosocial)

    Fell off my bunk bed and broke my arm
  • Broke my arm again (biosocial)

    Tried to reinact Mary Poppins and jumped off the roof with an umbrella
  • Spelling Bee (Cognitive)

    I participated in my first spelling bee
  • Broke my arm for the third time (biosocial)

    Fell down running near the pool and broke my arm for the third and hopefully final time
  • Got my first all A's report card (cognitive/psychosocial)

    I started really enjoying the praise I received when I got an A on a test, so I changed my goals and focused on my grades. I studied more than I had in the past and really applied myself
  • Training Bra (Biosocial)

    Went with my mother for my first "bra"
  • First Boyfriend (Psychosocial)

    I had my first "official" boyfriend, Chris
  • Started High School (Psychosocial)

  • Started Puberty (Biosocial)

  • Got my driver's license (Cognitive)

    Had to use my analystical thought process to pass my test and then everyday that I drove after that
  • Graduated High School (Cognitive)

  • Sarted College at University of Arizona (Cognitive)

  • Joined Sorority (Psychosocial)

  • Became a Resident Assistant (Pyschosocial)

  • Moved to San Diego (Psychosocial)

  • Graduated College (Cognitive)

  • Started Weight Watchers (Biosocial)

  • Started Mixed Martial Arts (Biosocial)

  • Returned to College for Physician Assistant School (Cognitive)

  • Started CrossFit (Biosocial)

  • Moved to Michigan (Psychosocial)

  • Start Physician Assistant School (Cognitive)

  • Get Married (Psychosocial)

  • Specialize in Orthopedics (Cognitive)

  • Start a Family (Biosocial)

  • Start Teaching at a College for Physician Assistant (Cognitive)

  • Finish Having Kids (Biosocial)

  • Move Close to my sister (Psychosocial)

  • Renew Marriage Vows (Psychosocial)

  • Start Menopause (Biosocial)

  • All Kids Are Out of the House (Psychosocial)

  • Retire (Cognitive/Psychosocial)

  • Take Classes for Fun (Cognitive)

  • Start a scrabble group (Cognitive/Psychosocial)

  • Create a Walking Group (Biosocial/Psychosocial)

  • More Frequent Doctor Visits (Biosocial)

  • Write My Life Story for my Kids (Cognitive)

  • Start Playing Memory Games (Cognitive)

  • Move into Assisted Living (Psychosocial)

  • Spouse Passes Away (Psychosocial)

  • Pass Away (Biosocial)