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Developmental Psychology Timeline

By nugs
  • Conception

    Around the day my parents had conceived me.
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    Prenatal Development and Birth

  • Birth

    The day I arrive into the world. My mother had hoped for a girl who would be named Stephanie, but she had a boy instead naming him Stephen.
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    The First Two Years

    I attain motor control of my body and scare the crap out of my parents due to the explorative nature of being a child. My fonatanelles close due to the ossification of my skull by my second birthday. Cognitive
    I learn to speak by means of babbling then to saying words that I hear from my parents. Psychosocial
    I become attached to my parents and probably whoever watched over me in daycare. I become aware of my older brother and build a relationship with him.
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    The Play Years: Ages 2-6

    My parents make me go to reading classes. In kindergarten and preschool I am taught French. After leaving that to go to grade school I forget everything I had learned. Psychosocial
    My older brother and I begin fighting with each other on and off. I learn about how girls have cuties.
  • Biosocial - not exact day

    Although I grow and become bigger, I become one of the pickiest eaters at around age 5 or 6. I get into a couple of accidents where I had to go to the hospital. One was of myself running throughout the house away from my brother ending into a gruesome crash into the end of the kitchen table making contact with my nose. This was at age 2 or 3 and I had to get about 4 stitches along my nose. The scar is still visible to this day.
  • Biosocial - not exact day

    The other incident occured at a campsite at age 4 where I burned my left foot supposedly telling ghost stories. The scar remains on my foot.
  • Biosocial - not exact day

    In kindergarten I had to get stitches on my lip from an accident. It wasn't severe, but I recall walking on a bridge that led to a slide at the playground. I looked back for some reason and looked forward and proceeded to slide down and as I stood up I noticed blood all over me. There was no pain associated with this except for the pinch of the stitches. I believe I must of nicked my lip on the railing of the bridge when I turned my head forward towards the slide.
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    The School Years: Ages 7-11

    I begin playing soccer in the local league and become rather fond of it. Cognitive
    It is found out that I need glasses; my parents hope my reading level increases after being prescribed lenses. Psychosocial
    My private school I attend isn't big at all and so I do not encounter any bullying. I am a latchkey child and I attend an after school. Although I did not know it at the time my future wife had attended the same one for a year or two when I was there.
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    Adolescence Ages 12-18 Biosocial

    In middle school I was offered drugs(marijuana, alcohol, and ciggarettes), but did not take any of it although I continued to hang out with some of those friends that did. I became more attracted towards girls, but always remaining shy.
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    Adolescence Ages 12-18 Cognitive

    Standardized tests are stressed throughout middle school and high school, but I never performed well at any of them and I begin to loathe them. I become more conscious of how I look and what others think.
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    Adolescence Ages 12-18 Psychosocial

    I meet my future wife at a high school dance and after seeing her a couple more times at dances we begin talking. This doesn't last long because I felt she was too fake for me, but little did I realize she was just trying to impress me. I got of going to homecoming with her and we stopped talking. I also blocked her in AIM. I begin going against the grain of conformity in appearance and attitude. I am more introverted and become critical on myself. Low grade depression starts.
  • Photoshoot

    My friend who is a photographer takes pictures of myself with another friend.
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    I graduate high school in 2004 from Catholic Central.
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    Emerging Adulthood Ages 18-25 Biosocial

    I put my body through hell and back throughout my 5 years in the Marine Corps. My fitness level peaks and I compete in bodybuilding and powerlifting.
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    Emerging Adulthood Ages 18-25 Cognitive

    I begin taking college classes in 2004, but join the Marine Corps March 2005. I start taking classes again during my Iraq deployment and go full time after I get out in 2010. I figure out what I want to learn and place goals for myself.
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    Emerging Adulthood Ages 18-25 Psychosocial

    I come to terms with who I am, what I want, and how to get there. I have some ups and downs and fall out of past relationship all while living in Okinawa, Japan. I start talking to Erika, my future wife, again right before leaving Japan September 2007. Everything goes well, on October 19, 2009 we get married randomly after a work day in North Carolina. 12 weeks beforehand, one week after being back from Iraq, I propose when I pick Erika up from the airport.
  • The day I leave for bootcamp.

    The day I leave for bootcamp.
    The picture is of my ID card later on after I get promoted to Sergeant.
  • Japan Freebord Crew

    Japan Freebord Crew
    I pick up the sport called "freebording" in Japan and meet a lot of locals doing so. The best time I had living out there.
  • The day of my first powerlifting meet.

    The day of my first powerlifting meet.
    I squat 500lbs and take first in my weight class.
  • The day I deploy to Iraq.

    The day I deploy to Iraq.
    I deploy to Iraq for a little over nine months which is better than what was intended, 12-14months.
  • Vacation with future wife

    Vacation with future wife
    I was able to take a vacation during my deployment in Iraq. Erika and I went to Myrtle Beach.
  • Bodybuilding Competition

    Bodybuilding Competition
    My first competition while I was still deployed in Iraq.
  • Getting married!

    Getting married!
    Erika and I eloped a little over a week after I got back from Iraq. I had proposed to her when I picked her up from the airport a week beforehand. It was an idea and my friends were available to witness so we went ahead got it done. I was wearing some random gym clothes I had in my car because our place we were staying at was too far away to go back to.
  • My parents and inlaws wanted a wedding ceremony.

    My parents and inlaws wanted a wedding ceremony.
    Our parents wanted a wedding ceremony so they got one. Erika and I didn't care about having any formal ceremony.
  • My daughter arrives.

    My daughter arrives.
    Coming in at 8lbs and 6oz my daughter is born on the best day in the world, the Marine Corps Birthday! Madeleine Marie comes packaged with a full head of hair!
  • Madeleine says "Da-Da"

    Madeleine very clearly says "Da-Da" for the first time on my first Father's Day. It was the best gift ever.
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    Adulthood Ages 25-65 Biosocial

    As most men lose sexual desire and have less reliable erections my desire for fitness and health overcomes many of these obstacles. I continue to lift weights and I begin to run and ride my bicycle more often. I continue to watch my health and have my cholesterol and blood pressure checked at least 3 times a year.
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    Adulthood Ages 25-65 Cognitive

    I get accepted to medical school, graduate, and continue to research and challenge myself throughtout practicing medicine. Fluid intelligence decreases while crystallized intelligence increases.
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    Adulthood Ages 25-65 Psychosocial

    My wife and I always keep each other in check on what we are doing and where we are going allowing us to never experience a so called midlife crisis. Our relationship continues to grow and we love each other more and more every day, week, month, and year. We do not become complacent and continue to challenge each other, we become involved in our community and make friends with as many people as possible.
  • Our Second Child is born

    My second child who is a boy is born and we name him Cailin. My wife and I look forward to the amazing experience of being parents of a newborn.
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    Late Adulthood Ages 65-96 Biosocial

    The inevitable primary aging is displayed in my appearance. My brain slows down, but I continue to read and challenge myself. Since the days in the military and being around gunfire my hearing worsens and I have the need to wear a hearing aid in both ears. I continue to workout and influence my peers to exercise as well. I am prescribed blood pressure and cholesterol medication to slow the progression of my inherited CVD.
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    Late Adulthood Ages 65-96 Cognitive

    My brain slows down, but I try to exercise it in order to slow down the degeneratoin of neurons. Ageism affects me and I avoid the inconsiderate youth. I worry about Alzheimers and I alter my will.
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    Late Adulthood Ages 65-96 Psychosocial

    I do not retire until I am 71 where my wife and I decide to age in place. We downsize to a smaller home that is easier to maintain near the lake. We both take continuing education classes at the local community college which is rather enjoyable. My wife and I prepare for the worst while revising our wills, but we plan to make as enjoyable as possible. I start to rely on my children and grandchildren for help and they're kind enough to spend the time.
  • Retirement

    I retire from working and gather my family and friends and have a barbecue at my house on the lake.
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    Epilogue: Death and Dying Age 97

    My health greatly takes a turn for the worse with metastatic cancer; I am taken in by my daughter and put on palliative care. I accept that I will die within a year and do as much as I can with my children and grandchildren. It is rejuvenating to be around youth since I have been living by myself after my spouse's death a year prior.