Daniel Macheske

  • Birth

    Biosocial (prenatal development): Born at Royal Oak, Beaumont at 10:48am, on Sep.7, 1982. I was a big full- term baby weighing 9lbs.10oz. and 21 in. long.
  • Period: to

    First Two Years ( 0 - 2 )

    Biosocial: We know this is a critical stage of growth. Optimal nutrition is critical for the development of brain & other body systems. Birthweight is a good indicator of nutrition.(doubling by 6 months)
    Cognitive: Infants use all there senses (esp. moths) to understand the world. Language is expoding, Object permance: knowing an object still exists though it’s NO longer visible puts child at HIGH risk.
    Psychosocial: Emotions develop from newborn reaction to complex, self-conscous responses.
  • Breast Fed

    Breast Fed
    Biosocial/Psychosocial: Growth and social bond development through breast feeding. My mother breast fed me for first year, and then transitioned to whole milk. Mentiond that she also kept up with all reccommended immunizations.
  • Colicky Baby

    Colicky Baby
    Biosocial/Cognative: I was a very colicky baby. For first seven months I had alot of gas & after passing gas would smile in and go ahh in relief. Spoke my first words at 11 months & was told that I was putting everything in my mouth at this time.
  • Crawling

    Biosocial: My mom said I loved crawling backwards and always got my butt stuck under the couch.
  • First Steps

    First Steps
    Biosocial/Psychosocial: I took my first steps around 11 months with guidance from either mom or dad. My dad told me he rounded all the sharp corners on the furniture with a sander, in fear I would hit my head. My current bedstand is one of those tables.
  • Period: to

    Early Childhood ( 2 - 6 )

  • New Tasks (Initiative)

    New Tasks (Initiative)
    Biosocial/Cognitive: Striving to learn new tasks on my own including: tie shoes, eating, dressing, bathing, buckling seat belt.
  • Rough House, Language, and Relationships

    Rough House, Language, and Relationships
    Psychosocial/Biosocial/Cognitive: My older brother use to fight with me and my little sister all the time. Although he picked on me I learned alot of things from him including: expanding my language, emotions, and cordination, strength, socialzation through play and other various activities.
  • Play

    Biosocial/Psychosocial/Cognitive: As with most boys I truly enjoyed play including: tag, hid & seek, legos, cars and guns. As I have grown older and watch my little one I now realize just how very important play is for growth, cordination, socialzation, and cognativly (language & deveoping a conscious).

    (I loved HE-MAN : this picture is actually me)
  • Period: to

    Middle Childhood ( 6-11 )

  • School / Education

    School / Education
    Cognitive: As with most boys around this age I absolutly hated reading, which in turn slowed me down for years to come. But I excelled in other areas including: developing a friendly personality & long term friendships. In addition was visual learner with a hands-on approach for anything mechanical. Therefore: enjoyed taking apart / building many different things.
  • Cooking

    Cognative/Psychosocial: I started cooking at a young age and still truly enjoy making a variety of foods. Learning alot of recipies from my mom and dad. Soups are among my favorite.
  • Sports

    Biosocial/Psychosocial: Enjoyed Playing many different sports including, yard football, baseball,basketball. My overall favorite sport was street hockey. Being brought up in Clawson,MI ACTUALLY played street hockey with Tim Gleason ( who is now a NHL defensemen for Carolina Hurricanes).
  • Period: to

    Adolescence ( 11-18 )

  • Racing R/C, Hobbies

    Racing R/C, Hobbies
    Cognitive/Psychosocial: Being mechanically inclined and friendly I enjoyed building, communicating, teaching and racing remote control stadium trucks. Won 2nd place A-Main Stock Truck state nationals. North American Race Association.
  • Sandrail

    Cognitive/Psychosocial: With the help from my best friends Andy & Trevor we all fully assembled a sandrails (dune buggy) using stock VW parts while in highschool. This includes: (Cutting, fitting, welding, painting, wiring and building the motor)
  • Relationships

    Psychosocial: Developed identity and many long standing relationships during high-school. Because of my shyness toward girls most of the relationships were with the guys.
  • Highshool Graduation

    Highshool Graduation
    Cognitive: Graduated as a Cheif at Plymouth Canton Community Schools (PCCS).
  • Period: to

    Early Adulthood ( 18-25 )

  • Metal Patternmaker

    Metal Patternmaker
    Cognitive/Psychosocial: Right out of highschool I got a job in an apprentiship program as a Metal Patternmaker. Working on numerical control machines and taking trade classes through Henry Ford College.
  • Exercising

    Biosocial/Psychosocial: Exercise and nutrition has become a big part of my life, frequenting the gym and alternate between lifing and aerobic workouts. It truly makes me feel much physically and mentally better.
  • Buster

    Psychosocial: I developed a loving relationship with Buster my American pitbull. He has truly been the best dog ever. Many misconseption tend to give this breed a bad rap, but I assure you he is among the most gental of dogs and I trush him around our child. Buster is still with me and is 10yrs old now.
  • First House

    First House
    Psychosocial/Cognative:Purchased a house in Westland at 22, because I was one of the first to own a house everyone like to come over and hang out. Developed relationships with neighbors and learned the responsibilities that come with house (Bills, mainaince, independance)
  • Outdoors

    Biosocial: I absolutly love the outdoors this includes: camping, cannoing, mt. biking, state & metro parks, BBQ.
  • Period: to

    Adulthood ( 25-65 )

  • Family

    Psychosocial: Family Connections. My Polish Family has been supportive through out my young-adulthood. I am a true family man and have developed many of my current habbits, personality and cultural norms from them. Love them all. Even though they are crazy at times.
  • Pho

    Psychosocial: Still enjoy cooking a vaiey of foods & since I am now with a Vietnamese woman, I learned to cook her foods as well. (Pho)
  • Nusing

    Cognitive/Psychosocial: Got accepted into OCCs Associate Degree Nursing program, enjoy the responsibilities of patient care and the challenges that come with this field. At the sametime I cant wait to graduate in 3 months.
  • Vietnams Culture

    Vietnams Culture
    Psychosocial: Planning a 1-Month Vacation to South Vietnam where I will be spending time with my girlfriends family and learning there culture.
  • Enguagment / Intimacy

    Enguagment / Intimacy
    Psychosocial: I am planning to propose while vacationing in vietnam (after requesting her fathers approval)
  • Marriage

    Psychosocial:Life long partner
  • Children

    Biosocial(sexual reproductive): Children are definatly in our futue for we love the joy they bring to ones life.
  • Continuing Education

    Continuing Education
    Cognitive/Psychosocial: Plans to continue education and develop strong relationships within the health feild.
  • Geriatric / Home Health Care

    Geriatric / Home Health Care
    Cognitive/Psychosocial:My plan with the help of my wife is to open our own practice in either Home Health or Geriatric Care. One that goes above and beyond with the same kind of activities, care and love that you would give your own parents.
  • Home Sweet Home

    Home Sweet Home
    Biosocial: New home out in the country
  • Nature

    Psychosocial: The inner peace you get watching nature from a far while living the country life.
  • Bonfires

    Psychosocial: Would like to have a place in the country and enjoy havin a bonfire in fall time, with friends and family.
  • Generativity

    Psychosocial: None of this is inevitable, of course; as grandparents get older and sickness stricks one must anticiapte death. Caregiveing is apart of the joy as well as the obligation of adulthood. This time can be BOTH joyful and sorrowful.
  • Friends and Family

    Friends and Family
    Psychosocial: Life long friends and family time: Long-term marriages tend to be supportive, long-time friends are usually loyal, and relationship with grown children and grandchildren are satisfying.
  • Retirement

    Biosocial: The point at which I dont have to consiously work any longer.
  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood ( 65 - Death )

  • Mantaining a daily regimen

    Mantaining a daily regimen
    Biosocial:Theories of Aging: many scientists are working to understand the aging process. While it is true that some parts of the body wear out through daily use, continued exercise, stress reduction and balanced nutrition all have positive effects of aging process.
  • World Travel

    World Travel
    Psychosocial: I would love to travel with my soul mate, enjoying life, adventures and nature together.
  • Period: to

    Epilogue: Death & Dying

  • Death

    End of life.