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Developmental Psychology Timeline

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    Prenatal Development and Birth

  • Birth of Katie Kowalski!

    BIOSOCIAL: A healthy and mature baby, born at 12:15pm!
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    First Two Years

  • Developing the 5 Senses!

    BIOSOCIAL: Born with and further developing my five major senses of hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and touching.
  • Primary Circular Reaxtions: Stage of First Habits

    COGNITIVE: Sensorimotor intelligence develops in stage 2, First Acquired Adaptations, as I adapt my reflexes when repeated responses provide information about what my body does and how that feels. (sucking, noises, etc.)
  • I Learn to Sit Up!

    BIOSOCIAL: Head steady, most babies learn to sit upright on their own around 3-4 months of age.
  • Fine Motor Skills- Hand and Finger Movements!

    BIOSOCIAL: I learn to use my fingers and hands to grab onto things! (Most infants learn this fine motor skill around 6 months of age)
  • Gross Motor Skills- Crawling

    BIOSOCIAL: I learn to crawl!
  • Fine Motor Skills- Thumb and Forefinger Movement!

    BIOSOCIAL: Toward the end of the first year and throughout the second, finger skills improve and babies learn to use their thumb and forefinger to pick up tiny objects, along with self feeding.
  • Classic Secure Attachment

    PSYCHOSOCIAL: My first day at daycare, I show separation anxiety from my mom- a sign of attachment from the Classic Secure stage.
  • Gross Motor Skills- Walking!

    BIOSOCIAL: Some children begin to stand on their own and walk around 12 months of age. My mom says I was a little late on this one...
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    Early Childhood

  • Learning Reactive Aggression

    PSYCHOSOCIAL: Although I earned myself a few time-outs here and there... I quickly learned right from wrong by thinking before I acted on something. This is a common emotional regulation among children 5 years of age.
  • Language In Early Childhood

    COGNITIVE: I always enjoyed learning grammar in school for some reason. To this day, I correct my friends for making grammar mistakes that should have been learned back when we were 5 years old.
  • First Ice Skating Lesson

    BIOSOCIAL: Ice Skating has always been a major passion and hobby of mine. Although it had to end in High School, I'll always love it and remember my first lesson!
  • Improved Motor Skills- Painting & Writing!

    BIOSOCIAL: I remember learning how to paint and draw at a young age, I also remember being taught how to write. These motor skills develop around 6 years of age. Painting is still one of my favorite hobbies!
  • Grade Level Promotion

    BIOSOCIAL/COGNITIVE: In Kindergarden, I seemed to have learned my alphabet and math skills above average level of development for my grade. So they 'promoted' me to the 1st grade that year. I've always been a year younger than most other students in my class.
  • Gross Motor Skills- Dancing!

    BIOSOCIAL: I also learned how to dance at a young age. One event in particular that was special to me was my 6th birthday. It was the millenium and I remember having a blast dancing with my whole family at a new years family party.
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    Middle Childhood

  • Brain Development- Reading!

    BIOSOCIAL: I remember making daily visits to my school library. Reading has always brought me great joy, and the annual school Book Fair was a date marked on my calendar. At 7 years old, I loved reading books like Harry Potter and Charlotte's Web.
  • Dad Leaves/Parent's Divorce

    PSYCHOSOCIAL: I remember the day I got home from school and my dad told me him and mom were 'taking a break'. He never came back. They got a divorce. This was a significant event in my life that I know affected me in many ways while my mom alone raised me.
  • Speech Contest

    COGNITIVE: In the 5th grade, I won 3rd place in our school's annual speech contest. We had to conduct and give a logical speech on what career we wanted to go into when we grew up along with what roles and responsibilities that specific career involves.
  • Mom Starts Dating

    PSYCHOSOCIAL: When my mom began dating, she always made sure I was comfortable with it. Still, when her relationship with (my now stepdad) Woody got more serious and long-term, it was difficult for me to understand.
  • Mom diagnosed with Breast Cancer

    PSYCHOSOCIAL: When my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I didn't really take it seriously until she began radiation treatments. I was still in school (5th grade) and would often return home before her. I found it my responsibility to take care of her and comfort her the best I could.
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  • Move to new Middle School

    COGNITIVE: Move from Melvindale Middle School to Allen Park Middle School in 7th grade. I often felt like a minority and cared a lot about what other students thought of me (adolescent egocentrism). I also found fashion to be very interesting during this time period and created my own outfits/styles. Finding a group of friends to fit in with was very important to me when I moved to a new school. But I enjoyed the change, it was a better environment than the previous middle school I attended.
  • I begin Puberty!

    BIOLOGICAL: The milestone of adolescece (a.k.a. menarche) began for me in 8th grade! Memorable day and phase of puberty!
  • Allen Park Presbyterian Church Confirmation

    COGNITIVE: The tradition for Presbyterian church is an adolescent's confirmation before entering high school. Basically, we learn the meaning of being a Christian and we went on an adventure trip to West Virginia for rock climbing, white river rafting, and horseback riding. It was a memorable event in my life and a formation of my relegious identity.
  • Move to new school and house

    COGNITIVE: My mom and I moved in with her boyfriend of 4 years to Canton, about a half hour from where we originally lived. I transitioned from my small high school in Allen Park with a class size of about 200+ students to Plymouth High School at the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park with a class size of about 1500+ students. New home. New school. Big change.
  • Begin attending Northridge Church!

    PSYCHOSOCIAL: Another formation of my religious identity continued at Northridge church as I began attending a high school youth group there. It was a big help in my transition to a new high school and environment.
  • First Boyfriend!

    PSYCHOSOCIAL: Ahh yes, the first boyfriend. First kiss. Sparks flew. Yadda yadda. A big milestone for most young women in high school/college.
  • College decisions!

    COGNITIVE: I applied to Western University and Grand Valley State University and was accepted to both. I decided to go to Grand Valley, which was a great decision!
  • Relationship with Mom!

    PSYCHOSOCIAL: During my awkward/moody adolescent years, my mom and I would argue constantly. It was not a good time. But we have thankfully transitioned out of it the older I've gotten and our relationship has gotten better!
  • Off to College!

    COGNITIVE: My first year of college was spent at Grand Valley State University. It was a tough but fun year! I met a ton of new friends, got involved, and learned much more than what's in the textbooks. My major was and is currently Nursing, a difficult major but will be worth it one day (:
  • Join Dance Club!

    BIOSOCIAL: I wanted to stay active and healthy in college, so my roommate and I joined a dance organization at GVSU called Momentum! It was a lot of fun and exercise (:
  • First breakup!

    PSYCHOSOCIAL: Things just didn't work out with the distance and whatnot! Pretty stressful event, but most young women/men go through it.
  • Joining a Christian youth group at GVSU

    COGNITIVE: I joined InterVarsity, a Christian fellowship youth group at Grand Valley State University. I became heavily involved in it my second semester of my freshman year and plan to stay involved throughout the rest of college!
  • Becoming an adult!

    BIOSOCIAL: My 18th birthday!
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    Emerging Adulthood

  • On the road, finally!

    COGNITIVE: I received my driver's license and started driving a lot later than most of my friends because my mom is strict and because I was away at college, but I'm kind of glad because I've learned to be patient rather than reckless while driving!
  • Religious Involvement

    PSYCHOSOCIAL: Being involved with a church community has always been important to me so I have no doubt that it always will be. To be an active member of a church as an elder would be an honor to me. I hope I will be able to teach others who are younger than me while also learning from them. Through my involvement in the church I will be more likely to stay physically and emotionally healthy.
  • Leading a Bible study!

    COGNITIVE: I will be leading a bible study for Pre-Nursing students this coming year at Grand Valley State University and am very excited! I hope to have as great an influence on my students as past youth group leaders have had on me.
  • Staying Healthy!

    BIOSOCIAL: I hope to stay fit and active throughout my young adult years, but currently it's difficult while I'm busy taking classes and working. I enjoy adventure activities like rock climbing and will always have a passion for dancing, but I'm not one to go to the gym every morning!
  • A Working Nurse!

    PSYCHOSOCIAL: I hope to be a Registered Nurse by 2016! College was a lot more difficult than I expected, so getting my Bachelor's degree might take me an extra year. But I'm very passionate about becoming a Nurse, so I will not give up!
  • Marriage?

    PSYCHOSOCIAL: There's no telling when I'll be married, especially because I want to be a Travel Nurse once I graduate and will be all over the globe with little time for relationships! But, you never know. I hope to be married in my late 20's (:
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  • Children?

    BIOSOCIAL: I hope to be married and have children in my early 30's! No telling what may actually happen, but in my mind currently- this plan is ideal!
  • Nursing!

    COGNITIVE: I hope to be at my prime level of my career by my 30's, hopefully Nursing! Though I don't know exactly what I want to specialize in yet!
  • Mom turns 80 years old

    PSYCHOSOCIAL: Though it's not common in our nation's culture, I plan on having my mom live with me once she reaches an age that's to old for her to live on her own. For as long as I can, I'd rather be my mom's own caregiver rather than put her in a nursing home. I'd be able to help her, she'd be able to help me, and she'd be able to spend time with her grandchildren.
  • Kids Graduate!

    PSYCHOSOCIAL: I think one of the most memorable events for me when I'm older will be seeing my kids graduate high school and going to college! Nothing beats seeing my mom's proud smile, I hope to do the same one day.
  • Breast Cancer?

    BIOSOCIAL: As Breast Cancer continues to run in my family, I imagine this may be a trial I'll have to face in the future. My mom and grandma acquired it around age 50, so I assume I will too. However, with our technology most of the time we are able to catch cancer through mammograms as early as 35-45 years of age. Along with technology increasing each year, I still have hope for a complete cure for cancer one day.
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    Late Adulthood/Death and Dying

  • Retirement?

    PSYCHOSOCIAL: I'll be about 65 around this time, which is the age I hope to retire at (if not sooner). I'm pursuing a career in Nursing, and I'm not sure how long an average person is able to continue such a physically demanding job. But at 65 I think I'll be healthy enough to retire and travel the world with my family. Perhaps I'll even be able to pursue Medical Missions?
  • Medical Missions?

    PSYCHOSOCIAL: I hope to be involved in volunteer work as an elderly woman as much as I am now during my youth. Volunteering and staying active in my community will provide me better health, less depression, and and other services not only to me but my society.
  • A Companionate Grandparent

    PSYCHOSOCIAL: As my grandma was more of an emotionally distant and Remote Grandparent, I hope to be more of the opposite. I hope to be a grandma that spoils their grandchildren and has fun with them as much as possible. I hope to be emotionally available to them as much as I am physically (or financially lol) available to them. Being the authoritative figure will be more important in raising my own children. (;
  • Dancing at 75!

    BIOSOCIAL: I hope to be as active and healthy as my grandma is. At about 80 years old she still participates in golf, dancing, and swimming. So I hope by the time I reach 75 years old, I'll still be dancing. Maybe more like ballroom or light swing dancing instead of hip-hop and ballet... but dancing nonetheless (: Staying active will help my body stay strong despite the genetic possibilities of osteoporosis and vision issues I may face!
  • Mutitasking Slowdown

    COGNITIVE: Probably around my late 70's my brain function will not be as quick at multitasking as it is now. Tasks like housework or running errands will start to take me longer... Guess I'll have to take advantage of my children/grandchildren when it comes to doing yardwork (;
  • Late Creative Development

    COGNITIVE: Just like my grandma, I hope to continue building my skills as an artist throughout the rest of my life. Especially since aesthetic sense and creativity are at a high in the elderly. While improving my current art skills, I also hope to acquire new ones and enjoy my creative side while my hands still let me,
  • Long-Term Memory

    COGNITIVE: Since the cognitive task of remembering the past is stronger than short-term memory in the elderly, I hope to be putting this to good use by telling my children/grandchildren interesting stories from my past. Hopefully I'll have many stories of traveling to places like Africa on a Medical Missions trip! All the while, I'll be posting many simple daily reminders for myself on the refrigerator.
  • Wear and Tear

    BIOSOCIAL: As evident in most elderly humans, the wear-and-tear theory describes aging from where the human body begins to wear out because of passage of time and exposure to environmental stressors. My grandma is still healthy and active at age 80, but she is definitely starting to feel more of the effects of aging. Her hearing gets worse every year along with her osteoporosis, making it difficult for her to golf as well as she used to. By 80, I'll probably be dealing with similar issues.
  • My Unidentified Sweetheart

    PSYCHOSOCIAL: As I currently enjoy the 'single life', I hope the man I marry is worth the wait, and a man that I will spend the rest of my life with. It often sounds cheesy to me when I hear it or see it in movies... But every once in a while I witness an old couple on a stroll holding hands and chuckling together like they were on their first date. Everyone's story is different, but I hope this is a chapter in mine.
  • Defying Dementia!

    COGNITIVE: Another reason I plan to stay active through exercise is to keep my brain healthy. Dementia has not been common in my family, and I'd like to keep it that way. As a food server, working with residents in Memory Care has been the toughest part. To not remember anyone or anything is scary to me, and I hope I don't have to go through it or put anyone through it before I die.
  • Goodbye World!

    BIOSOCIAL: If I continue making attempts to stay active and healthy, perhaps I will live until the age of 96. 96 feels like just enough time to enjoy my family and appreciate life altogether. Living until 100 seems like quite a stretch for me, and probably quite boring, but I suppose we'll have to see!