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Sarah Suppelsa's Life

By suppx17
  • Prenatal Development

  • Period: to

    Prenatal Development

  • Prenatal Development

    At 9 and half weeks my mother had her first ultra sound- development was normal
  • Prenatal Development

    My mother had her second ultrasound (5 months), development is good
  • Prenatal Development

    8 month ultrasound, development is good
  • Prenatal Development

    Water Broke, hospitalized
  • Birth

    My mother went through 24 hours of labor and in the end had a c-section. I arrived ay 5:04 AM. I was 22 inches long and I weighed 9lbs 12oz. Has brown eyes. Was born at Providence Hospital in Southfield Michigan
  • Period: to

    The First Two Years

    Birth to 2 years old
  • Cognitive Development

    At 6 weeks old I was making cooing noises
  • Biosocial Development- Sleeping

    At 3 weeks old I was able to sleep through the night
  • The First Two Years: Psychosocial Development- First Smile

    At 4 weeks old I was socially smiling
  • The First Two Years: Cognitive Development

    Between 4 to 5 weeks I was recognizing faces
  • Development

    Born November 15th with a heart murmur but closed up at 6 weeks of age.
  • The First Two Years: Cognitive Development: First Laugh

    Approximately 2 months old I started to laugh which is cognitive development.
  • Biosocial-Immunzation

    I got my first shots at 2 months old, The vaccines that I got were DPT series, Polio, and HiB.
  • Period: to

    Biosocial- Immunzation

  • The First Two Years: Biosocial Developmet: Plays with Toy

    At 3 and a half years I started to play with toys which is the development of the fine motor skills.
  • The First Two Years: Biosocial Development: First Baby Food

    Had sweet potatoes as my first baby food. Started to develop my sense of taste at 4 months old.
  • Biosocial-Immunization

    My second round of immunzations given at 4 months. Vaccines given were DPT series, HiB, and Polio.
  • The First Two Years: Biosocial Development: Started to Crawl

    I started to crawl at 5 and a half months. The normal development is between 8 and 10 months. This is part of the development of gross motor skills.
  • Biosocial-Immunization

    My 3rd round of immunzations which included HiB and the DPT series. This was at 6 months.
  • The First Two Years: Cognitive Development: Started Walking

    At 10 and a half months old I started walking.
  • 1st Birthday

    Celebrated my 1st Birthday
  • The First Two Years: Cognitive Development

    At a year old I was able to crawl out of my crib
  • Biosocial-Immunization

    At 18 months old I got DTP series, HiB vaccine, Polio vaccine, and the MMR vaccine.
  • Biosocial-Immunization

    I got my first TB vaccine.
  • Early Childhood: Biosocial Development: Running

    At approxiamtely 2 years old I was running around for pleasure but I did bump into things.
  • The First Two Years: Psychosocial Development: Toliet Trained

    At about 2 years old I was potty trained.
  • 2nd Birthday

    Celebrated my 2nd Birthday
  • Period: to

    Early Childhood

    Ages 2 to 6
  • Biosocial-Immunization

    At 5 years old I got my Hepatitis B shot.
  • 3rd Birthday

    Celebrated my 3rd Birthday
  • Early Childhood: Biosocial Development: Cutting with a Sissors

    At about 3 and a half years old I was able to cut with sissors. This is the development of improved motor skills. This normally develops around 4 years old.
  • Early Childhood: Bisocial Development: Riding a Tricycle

    I was 3 and a half years old when I started to ride a tricycle.
  • Earaly Chilhood: Cognitive Development: Start Of Preschool

    At the age of 3 years and 10 months I started Preschool at Little Tots in Livonia. Child-centered program.
  • Early Childhood: Biosocial Development: Dress Myself

    At approxiately 4 years old I was able to dress myself. This normally happens around the age of 4 as an improved motor skill.
  • 4th Birthday

    Celebrated my 4th Birthday
  • Early Childhood: Biosocial Development: Brushing Teeth

    At 4 years old I was able to brush my teeth on my own which is a improved motor skill.
  • Graduated from Preschool

    I graduated from Little Tots when I was 5 years old.
  • Biosocial-Immunization

    At 4 years old I got DPT series, MMR vaccine, and TB vaccine.
  • Early Childhood: Cognitive Development:Started early 5's

    I started early 5's at Little Tots in Livonia. This was a child-centered program.
  • Biosocial-Immunization

    At 4 years old I got the Hepatitis B shot.
  • 5th Birthday

    Celebrated my 5th Birthday. Fine motor skills and perceptual abilities advance.
  • Early Childhood: Biosocial Development: Singing

    Had a concert with my early 5's class at a senior center. I was 5 years old. This was an improved motor skill.
  • Biosocial-Immunization

    At 5 years old i got my last shot of Hepatitis B vaccine.
  • Got out of Early 5's

  • Summer Camp- Day Care

    I had to go to summer camp which was day care for the summer of 1997. This was the day that it started. I was 5 and 7 months old.
  • Early Childhood: Cognitive Development: Start of Kindergarden

    This was when I started Kindergarden. About to turn 6 years old. Guided participation increases, language and social skills improve, basic problem solving and coping abilities begin to develop.
  • Biosocial-Immunization

    At 5 years old I got my last dose of the Polio vaccine.
  • 6th Birthday

    Celebrated my 6th Birthday. Complete mastery of alphabet and basic numerical values, personality and social ethics begin to emerge, social play, active play are developing.
  • Period: to

    Middle Childhood

    Ages 6 to 11
  • Graduated from Kindergarden

    I graduated from Kindergarden at 6 years old and 7 months old
  • Early Childhood: Biosocial Development: Riding a Bike

    I was about 6 and a half years old I was learning how to ride a bike with training wheels.
  • Early Childhood: Cognitive Development: Start of First Grade

    I started first grade at Kennedy Elementary in Livonia and I was about to turn 7 years old. This was the start of teacher directed classes.
  • 7th Birthday

    Celebrated my 7th Birthday. Daily habits and routines are being more finely developed, hand-eye coordination improves, brain maturation and connection occur, learning to read.
  • 8th Birthday

    Celebrated my 8th Birthday.
  • 9th Birthday

    Celebrated my 9th Birthday. Physical actvity and quality increases, neighborhood games become fundamental, selective attention occurs I was about 8 and a hlaf when this all started.
  • 10th Birthday

    Celebrated my 10th Birthday
  • 11th Birthday

    Celebrated my 11th Birthday. Reading, mathmatical and cognitive skills advance, the self concept evolves, more attention is placed on self-consciousness and self critism, Daily hassels become a developmental and social obstacle.
  • Period: to


    Ages 11 to 18
  • 12th Birthday

    Celebrated my 12th Birthday
  • Adolescence: Biosocial Development: Puberty

    I was in 6th grade and I was 12 and 3 months old when puberty hit and the average for gilrs is 12 and 8months.
  • Start of Middle School

    Start of Middle School at Riley Middle School at the age of 12. This is when my fine motor skills mastery are developing.
  • 13th Birthday

    Celebrated my 13th Birthday
  • 14th Birthday

    Celebrated my 14th Birthday
  • Start of High School

    At the age of 14 I was starting High School at Livonia Churchill. I was a freshman and I was developing ituitive and analytical thought.
  • 15th Birthday

    Celebrated my 15th Birthday. Hormonal changes increase, bio rythms change, final growth spurts occur, stress coping matures, morals and ethics begins to evolve.
  • 16th Birthday

    Celebrated my 16th Birthday
  • 17th Birthday

    Celebrated my 17th Birthday
  • Got Driver's License

    I know that I got my diver's license a year later due to how active I was in volleyball I had no time to take the classes.
  • Emerging Adulthood: Started Senior Year of High School

    Started my snior year at the age of 17 and 10 months
  • 18th Birthday

    Celebrated my 18th Birthday
  • Period: to

    Emerging Adulthood

    Ages 18 to 25
  • Emerging Adulthood: Biosocial: Graduated from High School

    I was 18 years old when I graduated from High School
  • Emerging Adulthood: Cognitive/Pyschosocial: College

    At the age of 18 years old I made the choice to go to Schoolcraft College. I played volleyball and i participated in the social norms of college. Developing time management skills and figuring out the next step in school.
  • 19th Birthday

    Celebrated my 19th Birthday
  • Emerging Adulthood: Freshman Year of College

    Ended my first year at Schoolcraft College
  • Emerging Adulthood: Sophomore Year of College

    Started my sophomore year of college at Schoolcraft at the age of 19 years old. I am still playing volleyball.
  • 20th Birthday

    Celebrated my 20th Birthday
  • Emerging Adulthood: Biosocial: Graduation from Schoolcraft College

    At the age of 20 I graduated from Schoolcraft with an Associate's Degree in Health Sciences. Part of Phi Theta Kappa Society and on Dean's List.
  • Emerging Adulthood: Making a New Choice Surrounding College

    Decided to start off my junior year of college at Concordia University in Ann Arbor. I was playing volleyball on the team.
  • Emerging Adulthood: Biosocial: Transferred

    At the age of 20 I transferred to Concordia University in Ann Arbor to work towards my Bachelors Degree in Biology.
  • 21st Birthday

    Celebrated my 21st Birthday
  • Emerging Adulthood: Cognitive/Psychosocial: First Job

    At the age of 21 I started my first job at Bath and Body Works. I built more friendships that will last and I am also learning on the job as well and improving my people skills.
  • Emerging Adulthood: Biosocial: College

    At the age of 21 I decided to leave Concordia University and go back to Schoolcraft to take some classes that are required for my major.
  • Emerging Adulthood: Cognitive/Psychosocial: Senior Year of College

    I made another big decision in my life to go to Marygrove College to pursue my Bachelors in Health Sciences to later do an accelerated program in Radiology. Still playing volleyball and gaining lifelong friendships.
  • Emerging Adulthood: Cognitive/Psychosocial: Start of Senior Year of College

    Starting my senior year at Margrove and starting my last volleyball season that I will ever play.
  • 22 Birthday

    Turing 22 years old
  • Done Playing Volleyball

    I used up all of my eligibility for volleyball now to just focus on school and work. I built tons of relationships along the way, and also I learned alot and made tons of choices that helped me get to where I am at today
  • Emerging Adulthood: Cognitive/Psychosocial: Graduating

    I will 23 years old when I graduate from Marygrove with my Bachelor's in Health Sciences. Crystalized intelligence is peaking. Continuing my education as the days go on. Making new friends along the way.
  • Cognitive/Psychosocal: Starting My Accelerated Program

    Made another life decision to do a acclerated program in radiology at Oakland University.
  • Finding My Longlife Partner

    I will finally meet him when I am 24 years old.
  • Cognitive/Psychosocial: Job

    Secure my job at the hospital by acquiring more hours at the hospital and have the part time job at Bath and Body Works as a sales associate. I will be 25 years old. Utiize crystalized, analytical, creative, and practical intelligence to lead a successful career in medicine.
  • Psychosocial: Engagement

    At the age of 25 I am getting engaged
  • Cognitive/Biosocial: Buying our first home

    We will move into together and we will buy our first home. I will be 25 years old.
  • Cognitive/Psychosocial: Graduating from Accelerated Program

    After a year in the program I will graduate at the age of 25 years old
  • Period: to


    Ages 26-65 Years Old
  • Psychosocial: Getting Married

    After dating for 2 years I will be getting married to my lifelong partner at the age of 26 years old.
  • Biosocial: Having a Child

    Becoming pregnant I would have to take maternity leave from work and at the age of 26 I have my first child. Further develop nuturing skills and expericene motherhood. Also makes the strength of my partner and I's bond better due to the life of another person in our hands.
  • Work

    Going back to work after getting settled in with the paper. Family members help to take care of child while I am at work.
  • Biosocial: Having my Second Child

    At the age of 28 I will have my second Child.
  • Work

    I will return back to work after a month of maternity leave and I will still manage my time with my children
  • Psychosocial: Celebrating 5 Years of Marriage

    Celebrating 5 great years with my partner and my family that I love so much. I am 31 years old.
  • Psychosocial: First Child Starting school

    My first child will start school. I am 32 years old.
  • Psychosocial: Second Child will Start School

    My second child will start school. I will be 34 years old.
  • Psychosocial: 10th Anniversary

    Celebrating 10 years of marriage. I am 36 years old.
  • Psychosocial: Celebrating my 15th Anniversary

    Celebrating 15 great years with my partner and my family that I love so much. I am 41 years old. Getting together with my family again and spending time with them is the best.
  • Biosocial: Driver's Liscense and New Car

    First Child gets drivers liscense and me and my husband help her buy a new car.
  • Psychosocial: First Child Graduates from High School

    I am so proud of my child to complete high school and to move onto a great college at age 18. I will be 43 years old.
  • Biosocial: Driver's Liscense and New Car

    Second Child gets drivers liscense and me and my husband help him buy a new car.
  • Psychosocial:Second Child Graduates from High School

    I am so proud of my second child to complete high school and to move onto a great college at age 18. I will be 46 years old. With my second chil going off to college I will battle with the feeling of the empty nest.
  • Psychosocial: My First Child Graduating From College

    My first child will graduate from college with her bachelor's degree. I will be 49 years old. I am a proud Momma!
  • Psychosocial: Celebrating my 25th Anniversary

    So glad that I got to meet someone so special and which has helped me develop into the person that I am today. My friendships will be cherished forever. I will be 51 years old.
  • Cognitive: Update My Will And Retirement Fund

    At the age of 51 I will diversify retirement funds and update my will.
  • Psychosocial: Second Child Graduating From College

    My second child is graduating from college with his bachelors degree at the age of 23 years old. I will be 51 years old.
  • Psychosocial: Maintaining Social Bonds

    Develop plan to maintain social bonds with family and friends including happiness in marriage, as well as remaining open to forming bonds with new friends and keep the same bonds with my old ones.
  • Biosocial: Retirement

    I will be retired. I will be 65 years old.
  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood

    Ages 66-85 years old
  • Biosocial: Volunteer Work

    Start volunteer work at my church to keep me active. I will be 66 years old.
  • Cognitive: Intergrity VS Despair

    Integrity versus despair regarding volunteer work and ways to spend my time with my family. I am going to be 68 years old.
  • Psychosocial: Celebrating 50th Anniversary

    Still happy in the marriage with my husband. I will be 76 years old.
  • Cognitive/Biosocial: Selling Our First Home

    Sell the home that my husband and I raised our family in, life review occurs as well at the age of 79.
  • Moving in with Children

    Moving in with my children at the age of 71. Mild cognitive impairment occurs, activity theory applies to my life. I am 79 years old.
  • Death

    Die at the age of 85. At home surrounded by family.