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The Story of Autumn Dawn

By awolgat
  • My Birth

    I was born at home in a bathtub full of water. I was the last of four childern and I was the only girl. I was born at about 5am.
  • Period: to

    My Life

    From my birth, to my future death.
  • Period: to

    The first Two-years

  • First Crawl(Biosocial)

    I started crawling at about 7 months old!
  • Beginning to Walk(Biosocial)

    I started walking at about 11 months old!
  • My First Word (Cognitive)

    I was 11 months old when I spoke my first word, Mama!
  • Potty Time(Psyhchosocial)

    When i was 2 1/2 years old, I was fully potty trianed.
  • Fearfully Little Girl (Psychosocial)

    My first fear was thunder-storms. My mother told me that it started when i was about 2 yrs old. I remember it lasting unit I was 16.
  • Period: to

    Middle Childhood

  • Why? (Congnitive)

    Then I about 4 years old, I questioned everything. Why I had to brush my teeth was at the top of the list!
  • Game time! (Pyschosocial)

    My brother used to play make-believe with my barbies and I!
  • Right Handed (Biosocial)

    I can write my ABC's and my own name.
  • No more traning wheels (Biosocial)

    My dad removed my traning wheel from my bike and I learn how to ride with only two wheels!
  • Getting dress(Biosocial)

    I can get dressed on my own! With my mom telling me to change outfits a few different times.
  • Moving Day!(pyshcosocial)

    I moved into my house in Redford and finally got my own room!
  • Bestfriends! (Pyschosocial)

    I met my new friends Kaelee, Lauren and Angel.
  • First day of third grade(Biosocial)

    Unlike most children, I was home-schooled until 3rd grade. This was my kindergarden, but I was the only new kid.
  • POM POMS!(biosocial)

    I started doing Poms with my Bestfriend Angel.
  • My famous Book! (cognitive)

    When I was in 4th grade, I wrote a book called "if you give a cat a cupcake". I wrote the storyline and drew all my own picutres. (They now have made the book with that title, but its not the one I wrote! should have gotten copy rights.)
  • Family Trip (Biosocial)

    My family took our first big trip to Florida!
  • Snappy! (Psychosocial)

    When I 10, I found a turtle at the park. My parents let me keep it in the backyard until winter.
  • When I Grow up...(cognitive)

    In 5th grade i won the "When I Grow up" Speech for my school! I trilled everyone about how I wanted to be a childrens author by starting my speech out with a quote from Dr. Sues.
  • Becoming a Woman! (Biosocial)

    When I was 12, i started my period. Which was followed by the uncomtable talk with my mom about "Becoming a Woman."
  • Divorce. (Pyschosocial)

    After 25 years, my parents decide to get a divorce.
  • Middle School (Cognitive)

    I Started the 6th grade at Hilbert Middle School.
  • Period: to


  • Make over! (Biosocial)

    When i was in the 7th grade, My older friend Kaelee, taught me how to put on make up. I also picked out my own hair cut for the first time.
  • Hungtion's (Biosocial)

    My father was diagnosed with Hungtion's Dieases.
  • Anita June (Psychosocial)

    Anita was my Bestfriend since the 7th grade and still is.
  • WEB Leader! (Cognitive)

    "Where Everyone Belongs" WEB was a program my middle school had made to help 6th graders feel welcomed. They picked a handful of 8th graders to become WEB Leaders. Each leader was assigned 4-6 6 graders and it was our job to help them get familiar with their classmates and the school. We held meetings with them once a month to see how they we fitting in. They knew they could find us any given day and ask for help or if they just needed a friend.
  • Body changes (Biosocial)

    By the time I got to 8th grade, I had grown to 5 feet and 3 inches. (which is my height still today) My body had slimmed down and I developed cruves.
  • BOYS (Psychosocial)

    I got my first kiss and boyfriend all in one. I dated John for 6 months.
  • The New Friends (Psychosocial)

    After John and I broke up, I started dating a guy named Devon. Devon Interdouced me to all of his friend, which became my new social group.
  • Smoking(Psychosocial)

    I tried my first cigarette with my friend Rosia.
  • High School (Cognitive)

    When I started High school I was ready. I even helpped friends find their way around. it was an easy transtion for me. I held good grades in middle school and was placed in some AP classes going into High School.
  • Cheerleading (Psychosocial)

    I made JV cheerleading.
  • Drunken fool (Psychosocial)

    After drinking for the first time with my group of friends, my mom caught me coming home.
  • Movin' on up! (Psychosocial)

    I made Varsitiy Cheerleading!
  • New house!(Cognitive)

    We moved in to my step dads house in Livonia.
  • The Step-Father(Psychosocial)

    My mother got re-married to my awesome step father.
  • Changing schools (Cognitive)

    For my Last two years of High school, I started going to Churchill High School.
  • Hiller's Market (Cognitive)

    I started working at Hiller's Market as a bagger. It was my First Job.
  • My Bestfriend at Churchill.(Psychosocial)

    Melissa was my closest friend from my new school. She Introduced me to Eddie.
  • Long Term Boyfriend (Psychosocial)

    I started dating Eddie Bosas. We dated for almost three years. He was the first person i had sex with.
  • Eddie's Prom(Psychosocial)

    Eddie asked me to prom and I had a blast.
  • Hungtington's, again.(Biosocial)

    My oldest brother, Brad, is diagonse with Hungtington's diease.
  • My first Homecoming (Psychosocial)

    For my senior year, I went to my first homecoming.
  • My Prom (Psychosoical)

    I asked Eddie to prom. It wasn't as fun as the first time, but still a great time.
  • Goodbye High School! (Cognitive)

    I graduated from High School!
  • Hiller's Market(Cognitive)

    I was moved up to a deli clerk.
  • College (Cognitive)

    I started at Schoolcraft College planning on transfering to a 4 years college to become a Dental Hygienist.
  • Period: to

    Emerging Adulthood

  • Changing My Major (Biosoical)

    I switched my Major to Nursing.
  • Relationships End (Psychosocial)

    Eddie and I broke up.
  • Ava Rose (Psychosocial)

    MY bestfriend Anita had a baby girl!
  • The Most Wonderful Person (Psychosocial)

    I started dating Michael Philbrick. Who is the best person to ever come into my life. He has helpped me through so much in the past year.
  • Anxiety Disorder (Biosocial)

    I Have Panic attacks.
  • Nursing assistint classes (Cognitive)

    I took a course at SChoolcraft to become a NA.
  • Goodbye Hiller's! (Cognitive)

    I lefted my job at Hiller's Market.
  • Hello Botsford! (Cognitive)

    I started working as a NA at at Botsford Hospital.
  • EMU! (Cognitive)

    I applied to Eastern, so I can try to get into their Nursing Program.
  • Brother"s Wedding! (Psychosocial)

    I am a bridesmaid in my brother Jon's wedding. Gaining Courtney Webb as a sister.
  • Nursing School(cognitive)

    I began Nursing school at EMU.
  • Job Change(Cognitive)

    After I am done with the Med surg. part of Nursing school. Ill become a Nursing Tech at Botsford.
  • Period: to


  • Career Time (Cognitive)

    I begin working as a Nursing at Botsford.
  • Graduation! (Cognitive)

    I finish Nursing school and get my BSN from EMU.
  • Engagement (Psychosocial)

    My boyfriend asks me to marry him! :)
  • Moving out! (Cognitive)

    Buy My own house and move in with my Fiance.
  • Dream Job! (Cognitive)

    I move to a new hospital to work in their ICU or as a Scrub Nurse.
  • Wedding Bells! (Psychosocial)

    I have my dream wedding some where tropical! Celebrating with my closest friends and family!
  • Honeymoon! (Psychosocial)

    Spending two week with the love of my life under the sun!
  • I'm Pregnant! (Biosocial)

    Michael and I are excepting our first child!
  • Twins! (Biosocial)

    I give birth Faternal twins! One Boy, Rowen Michael, and One Girl, Airanna Renee.
  • Back to School!(Cognitive)

    I got back to school to become a CRNA!
  • Brad's Death (biosocial)

    My brother Brad passes away from Hungtington's diease.
  • Wedding time! (psychosocial)

    My brother Evan gets married!
  • Finally Done! (Cognitive)

    I graduated from my program and became a CRNA!
  • Operating Room! (Cognitive)

    I get My first Job as a CRNA in the OR.
  • My father's Death(Biosocial)

    My Father passes away from Hungtington's dieases.
  • Kindergarden!(Psychosocial)

    The twins start school!
  • My Step-father's Death (Biosocial)

    My step dad passes away from old age.
  • My mother's Death (biosocial)

    My mother passes away from old age.
  • Twin's graduate High school! (Cognitive)

    They walk arcoss stage to their future!
  • Twin's Careers! (Congnitive)

    The Twin's gratduate from college! Rowen becomes a teacher and Airanna becomes a nurse!
  • Wedding bells! (Pyschosocial)

    Airanna gets married!
  • Menopause (Biosocial)

    At the age of 51, I start Menopause.
  • Rowen's wedding! (Pyschosocial)

    Rowen ties the knot!
  • Retirement! (Biosocial)

    I retire from my career.
  • Grandmother! (Biosocial)

    Airanna has her first child!
  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood

  • Falling (Biosocial)

    I had a fall, that made it difficult to move around as well as I once did,
  • Michael's death (Psychosocial)

    Michael passes away suddenly by a brain aneurysm.
  • Memory fades(Cognitive)

    After Michael's death, my mind started fading quickly.
  • My Death

    I pass away to a heart attack at the age of 75.