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Kelly Dwight

  • Conception

    Estimated time of conception.
  • The First Embryo Stage

    The First Embryo Stage
    Nine months before my birth, I was just a tinny embryo. This is me, four weeks old. My head has started to take a shape.
  • Looking Like a Human

    Looking Like a Human
    Human like characteristics are more noticeable. I am developing fingernails, teeth buds, and hair. My brain is starting to develop and the connection of neurons are allowing me to have basic body functions
  • The Final Countdown

    The Final Countdown
    Things are now getting a little cramped. I am growing at an exponential rate. My lungs, brain, and cardiovascular system are maturing. I think I can hear my mom singing.
  • My Birth

    My Birth
    The day is finally here. I am born at Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn.
  • Vision Development: Biosoical

    Vision Development: Biosoical
    My eyes are developing, and I can begin to focus on my mom. At first my eyes were very sensitive, now I am able to focus onto objects.
  • SelfAwareness:Psychosocial

    Development of self-awareness is what makes use intellectually advanced, compared to other species. At 5 months old, I am already developing self-awareness. I am able to recognize myself in the mirror and look at my physical attributes.
  • My First Steps: Biosocial

    My First Steps: Biosocial
    I started taking my first steps at 10 months. My gross motor skills are developing. I have the muscle strength, cognitive coordination, and practice which allows me to walk unassisted.
  • Communication: Cognative

    Communication: Cognative
    I start to communicate with my hands. I point at things that I want, or I imitate my parents that are pointing. This is the first sign that I understand language and communication.
  • First Sentence: Cognative

    First Sentence: Cognative
    I never had a first word, only a first sentence. I loved to talk, and still do.
  • Like Mother, Like Daughter :Psychosocial

    Like Mother, Like Daughter :Psychosocial
    Imitating my mother's behavior around the house. Wanting to help cook, hold the camera, and talk on the phone.
  • A Whole Lot of Talking: Cognative

    A Whole Lot of Talking: Cognative
    My vocabulary has grown rapidly. I am beginning to put sentences together and my grammar is starting to build.
  • Tiolet Trained: Biosocial

    Tiolet Trained: Biosocial
    For the most part, I was successfully toilet trained by the age 2 1/2 years old.
  • Fantacy Play: Psychosocial

    Fantacy Play: Psychosocial
    I start “playing pretend”. My imagination develops and I love to play “house”. I am developing my language abilities, defining roles, and imitate parent’s actions.
  • Preschool

    Parents enrolled me in the local preschool facility. It was to encourage early education and social development.
  • Monkey Bar: Biosocial

    Monkey Bar: Biosocial
    My body is growing rapidly, which allows me to be more adventurous on the playground. My curiosity for my newly acquired skills leads me to the monkey bars. Under my mother’s supervision, I am able to swing across.
  • First Hair Cut: Biosocial

    First Hair Cut: Biosocial
    My hair didnt start growing until I was four. My parents claim that I was basically bald until four.
  • Munchkin: Cognative

    Munchkin: Cognative
    I was in my first theatre production, the Wizard of Oz. This is a significant point in my life because it is one of my first memories; it encouraged language development, memorization, and becoming a part of a social group.
  • Kindergarten

    Went to Kindergartenand and met my first best friend, Jodi.
  • Ice Skating: Biosocial

    Ice Skating: Biosocial
    Learned how to ice skate on my own. My mom would take me every day after Kindergarden.
  • First Grade

    First Grade
    At age 6, I went to first grade at St. Micheal’s. I remember riding the bus the on the first day with my brother.
  • First Communion: Psychosocial

    First Communion: Psychosocial
    In 2nd grade, I developed my faith and became a member of the Catholic Faith
  • Memory Explosion:Cognative

    Memory Explosion:Cognative
    I started doing musical every summer. Till this day, I still remember majority of the songs.
  • Reading: Cognative

    Reading: Cognative
    My most developed memory of comprehensive reading was in Second Grade.
  • First Soccer Game: Biosocial & Psychosocial

    First Soccer Game: Biosocial & Psychosocial
    My mom signed me up onto my first soccer team.
  • Piano: Cognative

    Piano: Cognative
    Started my first piano lesson. I learned basic piano theory, along with piano recitals that required memorizing entire compositions
  • First Standardized Test: Cognative

    First Standardized Test: Cognative
    I remember taking my first standarized test, which constisted of time testing over a long period of time. I remember the amount of effort to take this test was exhausting
  • Frienship: Psychosocial

    Frienship: Psychosocial
    Made a new friend, who became my best friend. She lived in my neighbor hood and went to the same school.
  • Learning Spanish:Cognative

    Learning Spanish:Cognative
    Started taking my first Spanish class. However, I have not mastered the language.
  • Death of a Friend:Psychosocial

    Death of a Friend:Psychosocial
    First encounter with a death and a funeral. It really brought me to reality and showed me how precious life is.
  • 8th Grade Graduation

    8th Grade Graduation
    Out of one instituation and into another.
  • Highschool

    First day at Ladywood.
  • Best Friends: Psychosocial

    Best Friends: Psychosocial
    I truely found my best friend and we are still best friends even after many years. Not only did I meet one amazing person, I developed a large group of friends.
  • Puberty: Biosocial

    Puberty: Biosocial
    Body image is important during high school. During this period my body was changing from puberty
  • First Boyfriend: Psychosocial & Biosocial

    First Boyfriend: Psychosocial & Biosocial
    Started dating my first boyfriend. His name was Dan and he became my highschool sweetheart for about a year and a half
  • Mother vs. Daughter: Cognative

    Mother vs. Daughter: Cognative
    Around16, I started getting into more household fights with my mother. I wanted to be independent and she was just trying to do what she thought was best. A lot of unnecessary, uncontrolled outbreaks on my part. After reading the textbook, I would link my outbreaks to an undeveloped prefrontal lobe.
  • Preparing for College: Cogative

    Preparing for College: Cogative
    I knew that my dream was to go to college, however I did not know what I wanted to pursue. After applying to many colleges, I got accepted to Michigan State.
  • HIgh School Graduation

    HIgh School Graduation
    Finally, out of high school and feeling independent.
  • MIchigan State

    MIchigan State
    The most excited I have ever been was my first day at Michigan State.
  • Cognative Growth

    Cognative Growth
    During my Junior year of college, I began to notice that I was able to grasp concepts easier. I started to understand the theories rather then just memorize.
  • Internship: Psychosocial &Cognative

    Internship: Psychosocial &Cognative
    I had my first true work experience at a company in Richmond, Virginia
  • Senior Year of College: Psychosocial

    Senior Year of College: Psychosocial
    This year is very significant because this is where I started developing my focus for life. I cared less about social party events and more about my health and career.
  • Nutritional Enlightment: Biosocial

    Nutritional Enlightment: Biosocial
    Really starting to focus on eating well and exercising. Joining soccer leagues and the gym.
  • Graduation

    I graduated from Michigan State with a Business Degree
  • First Job, TRW : Biosocial

    First Job, TRW : Biosocial
    Held my first job out of college for an automotive company.
  • Nursing School: Cognative

    Nursing School: Cognative
    I was not feeling fulfilled with my current job. I did not like the business feied and I wanted to have an active job where I worked with people. I decided to go into nursing
  • Parent's Relationship: Psychosocial

    Parent's Relationship: Psychosocial
    I have recently become closer to my parents. I enjoy talkinng with them and hanging out with them. A dramatic change from high school
  • Graduate from Nursing School

    Graduate from Nursing School
    Estimated Graduation Date.
  • Marriage: Psychosocial

    Marriage: Psychosocial
    By 28, I hope that I will be walking down the aisle. Having an imtimate relationship with someone who holds the same values as me.
  • First Child: Biosocial& Cognative & Psychosocial

    First Child: Biosocial& Cognative & Psychosocial
    One year after my wedding, my first child will be born.
  • Aging Body: Biosocial

    Aging Body: Biosocial
    By 30, I will start noticing my body changing. This includes wrinkles, energy, loss of muscle strength.
  • Caregiving: Cognative & Psychosocial

    Caregiving: Cognative & Psychosocial
    Raising all my children, working, and maintaining the house is hard work and I am starting to feel the stress from adulthood
  • Multi-tasking Decline: Cognative

    Multi-tasking Decline: Cognative
    Multi-tasking is not as easy as it use to be. I am slower to accomplish a task, but it is still done well.
  • Menopause: Boisocial

    Menopause: Boisocial
    My body is changing and it is not producing estrogen and other hormones at the same amount.
  • Retirement: Cognative

    Retirement: Cognative
    With retirement our minds are less active, which can lead to a cognative decline
  • Relationship with Grandkids: Psychosocial

    Relationship with Grandkids: Psychosocial
    Watching the growth of my grandchildren willl be a rewarding experience
  • Religious Involvement: Psychosocial

    Religious Involvement: Psychosocial
    I see myself falling back onto the church for support as I grow older and more frail.
  • Staying Active: Biosocial

    Staying Active: Biosocial
    With old age my body is slowing down, but I want to keep active to maintain my health
  • Decreased Mobility

    Decreased Mobility
    Mobility is limited and special care is needed.
  • Memory Decline: Cognative

    Memory Decline: Cognative
    As we get older it is only nature to experience memory loss. We still may be able to recall the past, but our working memory is fading.
  • Death

    I expect my death to be when I am around 90 years old.