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Melissa's Timeline

  • Prenatal Birth and Devolopment

    Prenatal Birth and Devolopment
    Beginning: As far as I know, there were no complications with giving birth to me. My mother arrived at the hospital and as soon as she went to gown up, my head was already coming out. Needless to say, I was born vaginally. The picture is of my family prior to me being born.-My brother passed shortly after this photo was taken.
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    Beginning-Prental Development and Birth

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    First Two Years

  • Seeing Santa Clause

    Seeing Santa Clause
    I was 4 months old in this picture. This is the age where perception became more sensed. As you may notice, I was looking at santa and I would assume I was gaining a perception of him or the situation. (Biosocial Development)
  • Sensorimotor Intelligence

    Sensorimotor Intelligence
    I was almost 6 months in this photo. This is where I was realizing that rattles made noises. Hence the toy pictured in the photo. (Cognitive Development)
  • My First Birthday

    My First Birthday
    I turned 1 in this photo. I started to have more developed emotions. For example, I would smile more often. I never had a fear of separation anxiety. I found happiness in having other people involved in my life other than my mother. (Psychosocial Development)
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    Early Childhood

  • Gross Motor Skills

    Gross Motor Skills
    At age 2, I began to gain interest in wanting to do what my sister could do. For example, ride a bike. While, I would fall down several times, this is the beginning steps towards learning to better gross motor skills. ( Biosocial Development)
  • Focus on Appearance

    Focus on Appearance
    At age 4, I noticed that my hair was short and felt like a boy. This is why bangs became so important to me. In addition, dresses also became important. (Cognitive Development)
  • Emotional Development

    Emotional Development
    At at 5 almost 6, I had much anger and sadness inside me. My parents were not together so I also felt guilty. This is where I gained motivation was through my big sister. (Psychosocial Development)
  • Physical Activity-Dancing

    Physical Activity-Dancing
    I was 6 years old. I would dance as a physical activity. This was good for my health which lessend my chance for obesity. In addition, dance lessons allowed me to respect my teammates. (Biosocial Development)
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    Middle Childhood

  • Elementary School

    Elementary School
    I was 7 years old. This is the time that I developed interest in becoming active in after school activities. I created a quilt with coordination by connecting the pieces to ultimately form the shape of the rectangle along with a few other students. (Biosocial Development)
  • Science Museum

    Science Museum
    Age 8, as a class, we visted the science museum. Although, I cannot remember what exactly was being explained in this picture, I can say that the logic behind the trip was to educate us (the students) on the connection in science and life. In addition, there were many games and machinary that would allow us to classify things such as animals, as well as, differentiate by terms of\ a baby animal and an adult. (Cognitive Development)
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  • The I-Self

    The I-Self
    At the age of 11, I began thinking that I was independant. Although, I did hold much stress inside from living with only my mother.This is the time where I began to understand things more clearly. Yet, I became very self conscious about myself and my surroundings. This is why I decided to become more independent. (Psychosocial Development)
  • Puberty

    In this photo I was eleven. This is the age where my breast were growing, I began getting zits and I grew taller. (Biosocial Development)
  • My thoughts

    My thoughts
    At this point in my life, I was twelve years old. I began to think more clearly about everything. I would keep a journal to gather my thoughts and was very conscious. (Cognitive Development)
  • Best friends and Romace

    Best friends and Romace
    I was 14 years old at this time. This is the time in my life that I began to rely on my friends' advice and really begin close relationships with them. In addition, my interest in love and romance. I began dating my "first love" around this time and our relationship lasted for a few years. (Psychosocial Development)
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    Emerging Adulthood

  • Driving

    I was 18 years old when I began driving. This was an exciting time for me as I felt more independent. (Biosocial Development)
  • Cohabitation

    At this time I was 20 years old. This is when I moved in a home together with my partner. with my partner. Even though we were not married, we still lived together. (Psychosocial Development)
  • Time management

    Time management
    I was 21 years old at this time. I had my first child who was a boy! This was a very difficult time for me to manage my time between work and providing care for my new family I had built. In addition, the new schedule that comes along with having a child to care for was difficult within itself to manage. Now, I had to pack diaper bags, change diapers, dress the baby, make a bottle, and so on in addition to getting myself ready in order to leave. (Cognitive Development)
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  • Aging

    Although, I am not at this point yet I hope when I am thirty wrinkles are not beginning to develop and become visible. (Biosocial Development)
  • Expert Cognition

    I will be 37 years old around this time. I would like to have some expertise in some areas such as cooking and my career (hopefully radiology). (COgnitive Development)
  • Committed Partners

    Since I am currently getting married (in 2014) on this day, I am hoping that the year of 2034 will be 20 years happily married. (Psychosocial Development)
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    Late Adulthood

  • Wear and Tear

    This is the stage I am not looking forward to while aging. I am hoping to exercise appropriately during these years including lots of physical therapy to decrease pain in my body. Biosocial Development
  • Memory

    I am hoping to have several photos surrounding me, as well as, family to help keep my memory in close reach. Memories of events in my life are important to me so I hope not to lose them. Cognitive Development.
  • Holding On to One's Self

    This is something I know will occur to me. I often cling on to things now. To help myself with this, I plan on directing my children to rid things of unimportance without my knowledge, leaving the few things of great important close to me. Psychosocial Development
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    Death and Dying
  • My Death

    I expect to pass at the age of 83. All I hope for is that my children do not pass before I do. Also, I hope to pass peacefully and knowing that I do not have to worry about my children/grandchildren. Death is a fear I have.