Michelle Smith's Timeline

  • Period: to

    Prenatal Development

  • prenatal dev and birth

    My eyes, ears, heart and the rest of my organs are ready to be used.
  • Birth

    I was Born Michelle Lee Smith at 9:02 PM on September 22, 1975
    I was 5 lbs 3 oz.
  • Period: to

    The first two years 1975 to 1977

    Biosocial: Breastfed until age 2 Cognitive: Began speakingmy words. Psychosocial: From birth to 10 months, living in Dearborn Heights
  • Cognitive Reflexes

    I now have reflexes. Grabbing and sucking
  • psychosocial smiling

    I am fully smiling now.
  • Biosocial Sleeping through the night

    My mother finally gets some rest as I am now sleeping through the night.
  • cognitive Intrigued by objects

    I am intrigued by shinny objects, especially my grandfathers watch. He would let me wear it on special holidays, even thought it was too big, but It was fun for me to play with.
  • Biosocial 1st birthday

    I was 21 lbs. My weight has more than tripled since I was born.
  • psychosocial Fear of strangers

    I have a fear of strangers.
    I was told by my mother, I did not like strangers coming up to me from the time I hit a year or so until I was 2 or 3.
  • psychosocial Potty training

    I began toilet training on my 2nd birthday. I was successful 3 weeks later, using just the toilet.
  • Period: to

    The play years ages 2-6

  • Biosocial age 2

    I am able to kick a ball with my brother now....
  • cognitive 3 years old

    I play with my dolls and role play a little with my sister.
  • biosocial age 3

    I now know what I like to wear, and want to wear the same dress everyday.
  • cognitive naming things

    I am able to name colors by myself now.
  • biosocial 4 years old

    I can now hop on one foot and do a lot of jumping forwards and backwards.
  • cognitive I can count and do it well

    I am now 5 years old, and I can sucessfully count many things. Line them up and count them.
  • biosocial I am now 5

    I can skip rope at school, during gym.
  • biosocial 6 years old growing like a weed

    I am almost 3.5 feet tall now. I have grown so much!
  • Period: to

    The School Years ages 7-11

    Biosocial: Began shaving legs, felt a little grown up. age 11..i
  • cognitive 7 years old

    I am roughly 85 lbs.
  • biosocial age 8

    I dont need to be asked to brush my teeth, I do it on my own every morning and evening. I make sure I am always taking my time and doing a great job.
  • biosocial age 9

    I have discovered the world of soccer. I am into running and eating good foods.
  • cognitive age 10

    I am a whiz at remembering my family and friends birthdays. I love to make cards for them from what crafty things I have laying around the house.
  • Biosocial age 11

    I began to shave my legs. This was new and exciting, and I felt like very adult like.
  • Period: to

    Adolecence age 11-18

    Biosocial: Tight group of best girlfriends, from soccer 13-17.Cognitive: Took ACT test for college entry, age 17.Psychosocial: First boyfriend, relationship lasted for 1 year.
  • cognitive age 11

    I have learned that reading is fun. I got a whole Nancy Drew series of books for my birthday, and read every book in a matter of weeks.
  • psychosocial age 11

    I know what self esteem is, and have plenty of it. After years of soccer, I have become very good. My coach is always telling me how great I am. It makes me feel good, and feel like I am the best.
  • Biosocial age 13

    I have a very close knit group of friends. From ages 13 to 19. We all hang out together talking about boys etc.
  • Psychosocial age 15

    Ahh, my first boyfriend. I remember this time so vividly. We dated for 1 yearish. Just shy of a full year. That was a neat time in my life.
  • Cognitive age 17

    I took my ACT for the first time, and did okay, but not as good as I had hoped.
  • Period: to

    Emerging Adulthood Age 18 to 25

    Biosocial: Graduated High school at age 19. Cognitive: Completed Associate of Arts degree, age 21. Completed Bachelor 's degree at age 23.Psychosocial: Engaged at age 22, but did not marry.
  • Cognitive age 18

    I took my ACT exam for college, the second time, because I was sure I could do better than my first time. And I did.
  • psychosocial age 18

    My oldest sister gets married, and asks me to stand up in her wedding party.
  • Psychosocial age 19

    I am ending my life as a young adult, and getting ready for adulthood.
  • psychosocial age 20

    I am emerging adulthood.
  • Cognitive age 23

    Complete my Bachelor's degree. I am nw schooled to be an Engineer.
  • psychosocial age 24

    I gave birth to my one and only child. A baby boy. (Jacob).
  • Period: to

    Adulthood Age 25-65

    Biosocial: Menopause, estimated at age 50.Cognitive: Returned to school for completion of Physical Therapy age 34. Psychosocial: Birthed first child, age 24.
  • Cognitive age 25

    My son Jacob is 1 years old today. This is a very emotional day for me. Overwhelmed with happiness.
  • Cognitive age 29

    It is Jacob's first day of school. Very emotional day me. My baby is going to school.
  • Psychosocial age 30

    Milestone. I am finally 30 years old.
  • Psychosocial age 32

    My middle sister is killed in an accident by a drunk driver.
  • Cognitive age 34

    I return to school and start my degree in Physical Therapy. I was laid off due to the economy, and places letting people go to save money.
  • Cognitive age 36

    I start running, and begin to run in marathons.
  • Psychosocial age 39

    I recieve my Doctine of Physical Therapy.
  • Psychosocial age 42

    My son Graduates High school.
  • Psychosocial age 47

    My son gets married, and purchases his first home with his wife.
  • Psychosocial age 49

    I am a grandparent. My son and his wife have a baby. What a special day.
  • Biosocial age 50

    I enter menopause.
  • Biosocial age 66

    I join the Red Hatters with my friends to say social and active.
  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood age 65+

    Biosocial: Member of Red hatters society. Age 66.Cognitive: Keep mentally active in order to avoid Alzheimer's disease, and I am An active member of an arts & crafts club.Psychosocial: Retirement, continue volunteering.
  • Psychosocial age 68

    I am retiring, and looking into volunteering my time.
  • Cognitive age 70

    I am keeping active to prevent Alzheimers and do crafts with my friends.