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Savanna Parks Timeline

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    Prenatal Development & Birth
    - My parents planned to have me and began taking prenatal precautions before even trying to concieve.
    - I was 10 days overdue.
    - I was born via C-Section.
  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born at 8:26 p.m. on April 23, 1994 in Detroit, MI.
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    First Two Years: Biosocial

    I was a healthy infant. I slept regularly and my height/weight was always healthy. My cognitive performance seemed above average for my age. I received all the proper vaccines/immunizations I needed aloing with good nutrition.
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    The First Two Years: Cognitive

    My sensorimotor intelligence seemed where it should be through my development at this time. I spoke sooner than most infants, my first word was duck.
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    The First Two Years: Psychosocial

    My parents both worked full time and usually more than 40 hours a week. I spent a lot of time in daycare and with my nanny. I never had problems with separation anxiety or attachment issues.
  • My Closests Cousin Was Born

    My Closests Cousin Was Born
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    Early Childhood: Cognitive Development

    I learned to read at a very early age and displayed above average in vocabulary and numbers.
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    Early Childhood: Psychosocial

    I was always sort of quiet and shy, but made friends easily and loved to be around others. My parents raised me fairly strict.
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    Early Childhood: Biosocial

    Body Changes: I was a slim child and was very active. I was always in the healthy percentiles for weight/height. My parents never let me drink pop and fed me healthy meals.
    Brain Development: In Kindergarden, I was placed in activies for older children because I displayed higher than average cognitive develpoment.
    Improved Motor Skills: I was very active and creative during this time period. I loved crafts and art. In Kindergardern, I was in many school plays/muscials.
  • My Sister Was Born

    My Sister Was Born
  • Moved Into The House I Grew Up In

    Moved Into The House I Grew Up In
  • Got My First Dog

    Got My First Dog
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    Middle Childhood: Biosocial

    I was a healthy child and was very active. I played many sports; soccer, gymnastics, and dance. I was very independent.
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    Middle Childhood: Cognitive

    I was above average academically and performed very well in school. I was especially good with math and reading. I attended a Montessori style school throughout this whole time.
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    Middle Childhood: Psychosocisl

    I was shy and quiet. I had somewhat low self esteem but made friends easily. I got int trouble for bullying on several occasions but always felt bad. I was very close to my family.
  • First Day Of 1st Grade

    First Day Of 1st Grade
  • Dance Recital

    Dance Recital
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    Adolescence: Biosocial

    I was embarassed about puberty and growing up because I was older than most of my friends and all of my cousins. This was a very awkward time in my life until I was about 16. My friends were my only prority and I was very insecure about my body/weight.
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    Adolescence: Cognitive

    I performed above average in school. The transition from middle school to high school was hard because I went from a Montessori school to a Catholic school. In high school, I did not care much for school and performed under my potential.
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    Adolescence: Psychosocial

    My friends were my main priority. I remember feeling slightly depressed throughout the beginning of high school. I got into a bad crowd at one time and was exposed to drugs/peer pressure.
  • Got My Second Dog

    Got My Second Dog
  • Started High School

    Started High School
  • Started Varsity Tennis

    Started Varsity Tennis
  • 16th Birthday

    16th Birthday
  • Started Competitive Cheer

    Started Competitive Cheer
  • Started My First Job

    Started My First Job
  • Adoption Of My Cousin

    Adoption Of My Cousin
  • Junior Prom

    Junior Prom
  • Vacation To Aruba

    Vacation To Aruba
  • Moved Out Of My Childhood Home

    Moved Out Of My Childhood Home
  • 18th Birthday

    18th Birthday
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    Emerging Adulthood: Biosocial

    I am currently in great health. I am very active and am decated to living a healthy lifestyle. I seem to have high anxiety often and have been diagnosed with severe ADD. I exercise almost every day of the week, stay away from drugs, and have a great diet.
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    Emerging Adulthood: Cognitive

    I have ADD and have a very hard time with college, but very motivated. I am very devoted to my faith and God. I am still learning the effects of college :)
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    Emerging Adulthood: Psychosocial

    I am currently learning who I am and loving the person I am becoming. I see myself continuing this in the next few years to achieve my full identity. I have a few very close friends and my social life is very important to me. I also have a very strong relationship with my parents.
  • Senior Prom

    Senior Prom
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    I graduated from Cabrini High School in 2012.
  • Graduation Party

    Graduation Party
  • 1st Car Accident

    1st Car Accident
  • Started College At UM-D

    Started College At UM-D
  • Vacation To The Bahamas

    Vacation To The Bahamas
  • 2nd Car Accident

    2nd Car Accident
  • Bought New Car

    Bought New Car
  • 19th Birthday

    19th Birthday
  • 20th Birthday

    20th Birthday
  • Planned Date Of College Graduation

    Planned Date Of College Graduation
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    Adulthood: Cognitive

    I hope to maintain my intelligence and make smart life decisions.
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    Adulthood: Biosocial

    I hope to live a healthy, active life. I want to maintain a good diet. I hope to go far in live and get a good job while maintaining a strong relationship with my family. I hope to not have any alcohol/drug/health problems.
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    Adulthood: Psychosocial

    I hope to maintain strong relationships with family, friends, and God. I do hope to get married and have kids as an adult.
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    Late Adulthood: Biosocial

    I hope to be well adjusted to new technology. Also I hope to have integrity that I have lived a prouctive, great life.
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    Late Adulthood: Cognitivie

    I hope my memory and brain is still properly functioning and that aging hasn't taken too great of toll on it. I hope to be happy and share my lif experiences and wisdom to younger generations.
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    Late Adulthood: Psychosocial

    I hope to remain active in the Church and also have political involvement. I hope to have retired and be comfortable financially with my husband. I hope I have a close family and live near them.
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    Death & Dying

    I hope to live a long, healthy life. From my family history I'm guessing I will live until around 85 or 90.