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Time of My Life

By AngJudd
  • My Birthday

    I was the 1st child born to Rudy and Pam Kramer in Detroit, Michigan. BIOSOCIAL
  • Suzanne, My Sister is Born

    Suzanne, My Sister is Born
    The birth of my only true soulmate. PSYCHOSOCIAL
  • My Education Begins

    I begin pre-school at the doctors recommendation to my mother. (My Mom has my IQ tested, continually shows me 138 score through out my life.) COGNITIVE
  • Pre-School Drop Out

    I announce I will no longer attend the "baby school". PSYCHOSOCIAL
  • Kindergarden

    Mrs. Francis was one of my favorite teachers. PSYCHOSOCIAL COGNITIVE
  • You're Overweight

    My parents took me to a doctor, because at 9 years old in the 4th grade, I weighed 114 pounds. When I look at pictures, I wasn't as overwight as my sister was very skinny. Food was restricted, and I began hiding Pop Tarts in my night stand. I think of this as the beginning of my life long struggle with weight. I never felt I was fat until this day. PSYCHOSOCIAL
  • My Grandparents Move to Garden CIty

    They left Detroit to be closer to the family business and us. They lived just blocks away, and it was wonderful! PSYCHOSOCIAL
  • My 1st Airplane

    My 1st Airplane
    I attend my cousins wedding with my family in Pasadena, California. PSYCHOSOCIAL

    Walking home from school, I was being teased by some boys. I said some things back to them, and one boy, Danny, ran across the street and showed me the knife he had saying I had "better shut up". I hit him with my thermos and ran all the way home. I told my parents. They prosecuted. What happened to me in school socially as a result of court, was probably one of the most terrible experiences of my childhood. PSYCHOSOCIAL
  • Marijuana

    With MaryAnn before 1st hour in 8th grade, behind Cambridge, I smoke the 1st of many joints, PSYCHOSOCIAL
  • My Grandfather Died

    The most horrible loss of my life happened. PSYCHOSOCIAL
  • High School

  • My Parents Marriage Ends

    My Parents Marriage Ends
    My father stopped all contact with us, starting his new life, and my mother searched for her lost youth. My sister and I were on our own when this happened. PSYCHOSOCIAL
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    Class of 1983.5 thanks to marijuana posted on timeline. Cognitive/Biosocial/Psychosocial
  • Eric Hebestreit

    Eric Hebestreit
    I start dating my daughter's father. PSYCHOSOCIAL
  • College Begins

    I take classes towards my nursing degree at Schoolcraft College. COGNITIVE
  • Mel, my Daughter

    Mel, my Daughter
    I give birth to my 1st child. COGNITIVE
  • Good-bye, Eric

    I begin life as a single parent. PSYCHOSOCIAL
  • Keith Long

    Keith Long
    I meet my future husband. Though we went to HS together, this is the 1st we've talked, as my Dad hired him at the family business. PSYCHOSOCIAL
  • Arrested

    DUI, Assault and Battery, Malicius Destruction of Property. Officially the owrst night in my life to this point,
  • My Grandmother Dies

    I had been living with my Grandmother for 2 years. Before, during, and after my pregnancy with Melissa. She was my greatest teacher about motherhood. She was watching Melissa, and when I came home from work, I found her dead in Melissa's room, the baby in the crib, and her in the chair. It is still one of the most horrible days i have ever experienced. PSYCHOSOCIAL
  • Keith's Back

    Keith dropped the charges after 1985 incident, so we get back together. Probably one of the worst choices in my life, after what I did with the law, was to go back with him. Psychosocial
  • Mrs. Keith Long

    Mrs. Keith Long
  • We File For Divorce

    Crugs and alcohol being a major factor, we separate. Psychsocial
  • Kristopher is Born

    Kristopher is Born
    My 2nd and last child. Psychosocial
  • OUR 1st HOUSE

  • I Graduate from Nursing School

    I Graduate from Nursing School
  • Lake Tahoe

    We can finally afford a vacation, and celebrate our 10 year anniversary. PSYCHOSOCIAL
  • I File for Divorce (AGAIN)

    Drugs and alcohol again a major player, as well as an affair. He agrees to get help and go to couseling. We get back together 6 months later. PSYCHOSOCIAL
  • DUI

    Bankrupt, losing our home because of cocaine, I make things worse by going out and drinking, getting a DUI. PSYCHOSOCIAL
  • Internet Dating

    Internet Dating
    I have my 1st date with someone I met from the internet. Anticlimactic. Psychosocial
  • DIVORCE for Real

    DIVORCE for Real
    I finally get divorced after 16 years of marriage, 18 together. One of the saddest yet, liberating, days of my life. BIOSOCIAL COGNITIVE PSYCHOSOCIAL
  • Meeting Mr. Right

    Meeting Mr. Right
    I met my husband on yahoopersonals.com Thanksgiving, 2006. Psychosocial
  • Honeymoon

    We get married, and the 1st time I leave the country! (Canada doesn't count!) Psycosocial/Cognitive
  • Surgery

    The first surgery I've ever had to repair my back. The 1st of 3 over 5 years, during which time I was unable to walk without severe pain through 2012 BIOSOCIAL
  • The 1st time I have ever been FIRED

    The 1st time I have ever been FIRED
    I lost my job over a series of illnesses that began in January, 2006. I had never been fired in my life, and have never felt this type of despair and depression. I never want to feel this way again.
  • The Left Hip

    The Left Hip
    Total replacement of my hip from what the doctors now tell me is a birth defect. BIOSOCIAL
  • The New Job

    The New Job
    I get a new job within a week. I know something is still wrong with me, and I can't walk. I manage to get a desk job that I have no experience with, but talk my way thru the interview like I know exactly what I'm doing. I can't be a floor nurse because I've my constant pain, limping. psychosocial PSYCHOSOCIAL/BIOSOCIAL
  • The Right Hip

    Walking in a restaurant, I fell, as my hip crushed while ambulating because of avascular necrosis. I went to work through January 19th 2012 with it broke. Now what I call the worst time of my life. I have never felted I wanted to die or end it all excpet during this month. BIOSOCIAL BIOSOCIAL
  • The Final Surgery...HOPEFULLY!

    My hip is replaced. 72 hours later, though with surgical pain, I can walk normally for the 1st time in 5 years. BIOSOCIAL
  • London and Paris

    London and Paris
    My biggest dream is fulfilled! We traveled to these 2 amazing cities for 2 weeks! Not a bad way to wrap up the worst 5 years of my life! PSYCHOSOCIAL/COGNITIVE
  • Drugs

    I throw my 21 year old son out of my house for ongoing substance abuse, and his refusal to get help. BIOSOCIAL/PSYCHOSOCIAL
  • I'm going to be a Grandma

    I'm going to be a Grandma
    I'm told I'm having a Grandaughter by my son....in April. psychosocial
  • Ashlynn Susan

    Ashlynn Susan
    The love of my life is born! PSYCHOSOCIAL/BIOSOCIAL
  • Edinburgh, Scotland

    Edinburgh, Scotland
    We manage to get there again! The most amazing trip, where I truly had the opportunity to get to know the people of the country! PSYCHOSOCIAL/Cognitive
  • The New Job

    The New Job
    I was offered a new job closer to my home, with a signifcant raise in pay based on my abilities to do the job I was never prepared for! Funny how life works.... Psychosocial/Cognitive
  • Ashlynn is 1

    Ashlynn is 1
    The year has gone by so fast, and I have never been so in love! Being a Grandma is a million times better than a parent! PSYCHOSOCIAL
  • Europe Again!

    Europe Again!
    Off to Munich, Germany and Salzburg, Austria for 2 weeks!
  • My 2nd Granddaughter is born!

    My 2nd Granddaughter is born!
    My daughter has her 1st child, and it's a girl! She gives her the name I picked out, after my favorite city of course!

    Gordy and I finally win the lottery! Retirement is happening NOW!
  • Plymouth, Michigan

    Plymouth, Michigan
    I buy my new condo in Downtown, Plymouth, because I need to be close to the grandbabies! I buy them all houses walking distance! psychosocial
  • Christmas in London

    Christmas in London
    My dream of spending our holiday in London, I take the whole family, and show them the apartment they can share when they visit me at my 2nd home.
  • I Save Health Insurance and Medicare

    I Save Health Insurance and Medicare
    I meet with the director of Health and Human Services. My thoughts of a failing system are finally listened to...I save Medicare, overhaul Medicaid, and create truly Universal Healthcare and rid our nation of the joke called Obamacare. I'm a NATIONAL HERO PSYCHOSOCIAL/BIOSOCIAL

    My efforts with Social Media pay off...Monsanto and bankrupt, I save the US food supple. ORAGANIC is the only ALLOWABLE crop in the United States. PSYCHOSOCIAL/Biosocial

    Through my efforts of education, I end the practice of Factory Farming in the United States. Amazing, we still have enough food, and the climate will improve! The animals will not be shot up with hormones, antibiotics, or steroids. They will be free range. PSYCHOSOCIAL/biosocial/cognitive
  • Slough Sanctuary

    Slough Sanctuary
    Tired of running Healthcare because everything is stable, I complete my life long dream of opening a slouth sanctuary in Costa Rico psychosocial
  • Sea Turtles

    Sea Turtles
    In Tulum, Mexico, I open a Sea Turtle Sanctuary on our beach property. PSYCHOSOCIAL
  • My 60th Year

    My 60th Year
    I'm in the best shape of my life! Celebrate with more Botox and filers... :) BIOSOCIAL
  • Renew Our Vows

    Renew Our Vows
    I finally get to wear the wedding dress I never did the 1st time when we renew our vows for our 20th Anniversary.
  • Ahlynn gets accepted to OXFORD

    Ahlynn gets accepted to OXFORD
    A Rhodes Scholar...just as I predicted! biosocial
  • My 80th

    My 80th
    With family, friends, and dignitaries, I celebrate my 80th. I travel back to Germany, and have the party at the Haufbrauhaus Beer Hall in Munich, because Gordy's 80th is 3 days later. He loves a German Beer, ever since our 1st trip 31 years ago!
  • My passing...

    My passing...
    I die in my sleep at our Chateau in Champagne, France with all my family and friends there for the Memorial Day Holiday. My children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are happy, finanacially stable, and wonderful members of LIFE! I have no regrets. I died functional and happy, and not on a single pill. It is time for me to enter my next adventure. I made the world a better place!!!