PSY Andrea's Timeline

  • Day of Birth

    I was born at Beaumount Hospital at 2:28AM on Sunday June 17th 1990. It was also Fathers Day.
  • Period: to

    Andrea's Lifespan

  • Period: to

    Birth-2 Years

  • biosocial

    I started crawling at 7 months and walking at 11 months. My first word was at 11 months and the word was "boy." I was speaking at a year old.
  • Cognitive Development

    My parents explained that early on I was good at remember things. If my parents took away a toy, I would remember where they put it and sit below the counter or closet that they kept it in. My mother also told me that I enjoyed throwing a ball down the stairs but because I couldnt get down myself she kept bringing it up the stairs to me until she was tired.
  • psychosocial Development

    From the beginning of my life I hardly ever would eat. My parents had to force me to eat. I loved sleeping and slept more than the average baby did. At about 10 months my mom started using hand gestures while speaking to me. She would pretend to be eating a bowl of soup when she said the word "hungry" she said this helped me to learn the motion and use it when I was hungry but i didnt suceed for a few months.
  • Period: to

    Early Childhood

  • Early Childhood- Biosocial

    I started becoming potty trained at age 2 1/2. At age three my mother put me in dance and at age five I was put into gymnastics. My growth still happened but increasingly slowed down. With the help of dance and my ability to walk I was learning different parts of my body quickly. By age six I was able to do my left and right splits and became very flexible.
  • Early Childhood- Cognitive

    I began school at age 5 and in my early childhood years I learned colors, numbers and began learning how to read. I learned Yes and No quickly and knew how to use them to get what I wanted.
  • Early Childhood- Psychosocial

    In preschool I had seperation issues from my parents. When I was dropped off at Preschool everyday I would cry and hold onto my mother.
  • Period: to

    Middle Childhood

    Elementary and Middle School
  • Middle Years- Cognitive

    I learned the basics of education- math, reading, spelling and writing. I learned more about the body in middle school and recieved my period in the 8th grade.
  • Middle Childhood- Psychosocial

    In middle school I finally felt that I was not a baby anymore and started acting out to my parents because I thought being in middle school meant I was cool. I listened to my friends more than my parents and while i feel i was still level headed and grounded I did act out.
  • Middle years- Biosocial

    I reached 4 feet in the fifth grade and didnt grow again until the eighth grade due to gymnastics and dance. I spent a combined amount of 32ish hours a week at dance and gymnastics while growing up. I got injured in the seventh grade from a trampoline at gymnastics. Shortly after I quit my gymnastics career.
  • 16th Birthday

    At age 16 I recieved my drivers liscense after 2 classes and hours of driving practice. Not everyone recieves their liscense but I learned enough to recieve mine.
  • 21st birthday

  • Period: to

    Adult Years- Death

    Adult Life
  • College Graduation

    I will graduate from Central Michigan University with a Bachlor Degree in Family Studies.
  • Cognitive Development Adult

    Starting in June 2012 after I graduate from College I will start a career in the the Human Service Field. I will use all the information I have learned in college and from K-12 years of school to help expand my knowledge at work and have an overall higher education while being out of school.
  • Biosocial Adult Life

    I plan to move to North Carolina and begin looking for my future husband so I can start a family and live in my dream state. I will start new friendships and ways of communication
  • Psychosocial - Adult

    I plan to be married by 2020. I want three children.
  • 1st born

    my first child will be born.
  • 2nd born

    2nd child will be born.
  • 3rd born

    my final baby will be born.
  • 1st child becomes 16

    My first child will be 16 and will be able to help drive my other children to their sport practices.
  • empty nested

    I will be empty nested in 2043 due to my third child graduating high school.
  • 2nd child gets married

    2nd child gets married and is the first of the 3 children.
  • last college graduation!

    My last born will graduate from college!
  • last child gets married

    my baby child will get married in 2053.
  • memory loss -cognitive

    I will begin to start having memory loss.
  • husbands death

    my husband will die in 2067.
  • Nursing Home -psychosocial

    After my husbands death, my children wont be able to take care of me and will be forced to put me into a nursing home.
  • my death -biosocial

    In the year 2068 I will pass away at the age of 78.