Pacific partnership 2011 006

Lifespan Developmental Psychology

  • Birth of Sarah Jayne Elizabeth

    I was born at Adams County Memorial Hospital in Decatur, IN one week prior to my "due date."
  • Period: to

    The First 2 Years

  • Separation of Parents

    My parents separated when I was 2 months old. My mother had primary custody of me and my father had visitation only every other weekend and on Wednesday nights. (Psychosocial Event)
  • First Word

    I spoke my first word, "moon," at the age of 8 months. My mother loved Astronomy and we would talk to me about the moon and stars constantly. (Cognitive Event)
  • First Steps

    I took my first steps at 9 months, a significant event in the world of gross motor skills. (Biosocial Event)
  • Period: to

    Early Childhood (The Play Years)

    During this time of my life, I had many interactions with the women of my family. Before my mother remarried my Great Grandma would watch me during the day. When my Grandma got off of work she would come pick me up and I would go to her house until my Mom got off of work. I saw the 3 main women in my life every single day. (Psychosocial Event)
  • Potty Trained!

    I was finally potty trained at 2 1/2 years old. I'm sure my mom was relieved! (Psychosocial Event)
  • A New Stepdad

    My Mom remarried a man named Ron. They are still married to this day. Not only did I gain a new Stepfather, but I also gained an older Stepsister, Veronica, on this day. (Psychosocial Event)
  • Preschool

    I began attending St. Mark's Preschool at the age of 3. I really loved school! (Cognitive Event)
  • New Baby!

    My baby sister Brooke Caitlin was born. How happy I was to be a big sister, even though I was hoping for a brother. Ha! (Psychosocial Event)
  • Tied Shoes

    I was able to tie my shoes at the age of 4. Really starting to master those fine motor skills! (Biosocial Event)
  • Gymnastics

    My mom started me in gymnastics. A good way to develop those gross motor skills, but an epic failure on my part. I was always that awkward kid who couldn't quite get it right. (Biosocial Event)
  • Kindergarten

    I started Kindergarten at Monmouth Elementary School with my favorite teacher, Mrs. Torson. My mom had always believed education was of the utmost importance, subsequently, when I entered Kindergarten I was the only student who could read books and not just words. (Cognitive Event)
  • Period: to

    Middle Childhood (The School Years)

  • A New House

    We moved into our new home on Valentine's Day 1994. My little sister and I would each have our own BIG rooms! (Psychosocial Event)
  • A New School

    A new house meant having to change to a new school. My new school, Southeast Elementary, was scary but I made new friends quickly. (Psychosocial Event)

    At my new school I tested into the VISIONS gifted and talented program. (Biosocial Event)
  • Accelerated Math

    Being a VISIONS student meant more challenging schoolwork. The 3 students in the program worked on accelerated math assignments and had to meet with a counselor a couple of times per week. (Cognitive Event)
  • Reading Tutor

    I began tutoring my peers in reading in the 4th grade. (Cognitive Event)
  • Honor Roll

    Throughout Middle School and High School I consistently maintained excellent grades and made Honor Roll every semester. (Cognitive Event)
  • Period: to


  • Menarche

    The onset of womanhood. (Biosocial Event)
  • My First Job

    I began my first job at 14. I worked at Adams County Memorial Hospital in the Nutritional Services Department. Because of my age, I required a special work permit. My hours were limited, but I enjoyed making my money! (Psychosocial Event)
  • Show Choir

    Sophomore-Senior years of high school I was a part of the show choir called Brave Generation or the BGs. This was where I spent the majority of my time in high school and from where my primary group of friends during high school originated. (Psychosocial Event)
  • College

    I began a dual enrollment program my senior year of high school. I attended college at Purdue University Fort Wayne and subsequently only had to attend high school half day. (Cognitive Event)
  • Enlisted in the US Army

    On this date I enlisted in the US Army. I chose to be a Medic and attended Basic Training at Fort Jackson, SC. I attended my job training at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX. This decision changed the dynamic I had with my mother and grandmother. Both of them felt very strongly against my decision to enlist.(Psychosocial Event)
  • D-I-V-O-R-C-E

    Unfortunately, like many couples who marry too young, Mike and my marriage ended in divorce. (Psychosocial Event)
  • High School Graduation

    For me, graduating high school was saying goodbye to my youth and embarking on a new resposibility that was bigger than myself. I had enlisted prior to graduation so instead of thinking about college, I was thinking about deployment. (Psychosocial Event)
  • Period: to

    Emerging Adulthood

  • Marriage

    At 19 years old I married Mike in San Antonio, TX. (Psychosocial Event)
  • Our First Place

    Mike and I bought our first home in Indiana. While my friends were away at college, I was paying a mortgage. (Psychosocial Event)
  • Graduated LPN School

    I graduated my LPN course marking the first step of my career progression. (Cognitive Event)
  • Better Eating Habits

    This is about the time I adopted better eating habits to combat my IBS (Irritable Bowel Sydrome). Though I was never a big eater of fried foods, I began to make a conscious effort to eat less red meat and consume fewer carbonated drinks. I was a Coca-Colaholic prior to this! Thankfully, as a result I have had fewer IBS symptoms and feel markedly better! (Biosocial Event)
  • Obtained Associates Degree

    I earned my Associate of Science degree from Ivy Tech Community College. This was not only an educational goal, but also a point where I began to feel better about myself and my accomplishments. It's amazing what a piece of paper will do for the self esteem. (Cognitive Event)
  • Period: to


  • New House, New State, New Family

    I moved into my current home in Northville, MI with my boyfriend and his son. (Psychosocial Event)
  • Learning Abroad Army Style

    I spent a month on a US Naval vessel called the USS Cleveland in support of the Pacific Partnership 2011 mission. While I'm working in support of the mission I am afforded the opportunity to visit 3 different countries in the South Pacific: New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, and Australia. While in Papua New Guinea, I work in a remote medical clinic and was able to interact with the people and gain cultural knowledge. (Cognitive Event)
  • Army Discharge *Future*

    After 9 years of service, I am honorable discharge from the US Army Reserves as a Sergeant. (Psychosocial Event)
  • Associate RN degree *Future*

    I graduate with my Associates RN degree. One more rung of the ladder below me! (Cognitive Event)
  • Remarriage *Future*

    I get remarried to Ben after 5 yrs of dating. I also become a stepmother to his 12 yr old son, Joshua. (Psychosocial Event)
  • Bachelors RN Degree *Future*

    I complete my Bachelor's RN degree. After which I work in a wound clinic and continue to teach and mentor those in positions below me as well as my patients. I use these teaching opportunities to maintain a sharp mind. (Cognitive Event)
  • Emma Lyn Ruth is Born *Future*

    Ben and I welcome our first child together. A daughter. (Biosocial Event)
  • Jackson Neil is Born *Future*

    Ben and I welcome our second child together. This time a son. At this point we have Joshua (16), Emma Lyn (2 1/2), and now Jackson. I guess we need a bigger house! (Biosocial Event)
  • Grandparents *Future*

    Ben and I become grandparents when Josh's wife gives birth to our first grandbaby. (Psychosocial Event)
  • Menopause *Future*

    The "Change" begins, hot flashes, emotional rollercoasters and wrinkles! (Biosocial Event)
  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood

  • Water Aerobics *Future*

    Its a new year and since my best friend of now over 50 years and I keep telling ourselves that 65 is the new 20 its high time we figure out something to do with our mornings now that we are retired! It keeps us young at heart and is good for our mobility too, I mean OBVIOUSLY we aren't getting any younger these days, HA! (Biosocial Event)
  • Ben's Death *Future*

    Well, we didn't quite make it to 50 years of marriage, but the time we had together was beautiful. (Psychosocial event)
  • Bridget and I get a room! *Future*

    Well, with both of our husbands deceased we didn't have anyone else to annoy but each other. So we figured we would just get a room together at that swanky new retirement community in town and paint it red. All of the staff seem to really like to hear about our quirky adventures. (Psychosocial event)
  • Dementia Diagnosis *Future*

    Bridget always said I was losing my d*&% mind, I guess she was right all along! This year I got diagnosed with dementia. Not surprising as it is a genetic disease and it is something my Nana suffered from. (Cognitive event)
  • My Passing *Future*

    I was a lucky one. I died in my sleep. No pomp, no circumstance. Just quiet, politely...I always leave the grand finale for Bridget, she's the star of the show ;)