Time Line Final Project

  • Birth (Biosocial)

    Birth (Biosocial)
    On April 1st 1994 my parents had a healthy baby girl that weighed 5lbs! And they named me Laura Elizabeth Mitoraj.
  • Went to preschool (Cognitive)

    Went to preschool (Cognitive)
    In 1997 I started at a preschool that was run out of a ladies house, she was not a very nice lady so my mom took me out as soon as I was old enough to go to kindergarden.
  • Sister (Psychosocial)

    Sister (Psychosocial)
    In 1998, my sister came along. It was one of the best things that happen to me as a child, I not olny had someone to play with, I had someone to do everything with.
  • The Move ( Biosocial and Psychosocial)

    The Move ( Biosocial and Psychosocial)
    This was the year not only my sister was born, but it was when we moved from our house in westand and from all my neighborhood friends and moved to Livonia into my Grandpas ( my Dads, dads house ).
  • New Friends (Psychosocial)

    After we moved into the new house, I finally made new friends from down the street adn they became my bestfriends and playmates.
  • Slammed My Finger (Biosocial)

    Slammed My Finger (Biosocial)
    While i was getting ready for Kindergarden and waiting for the bus to come, I got mad at my mom and went to slam my bedroom door from the outside and I had my fingers in the hinge and it slammed my finger and I broke it and had to wear a sling with it not being bumped.
  • Kindergarden (Cognitive)

    Kindergarden (Cognitive)
    In 2000, I started my first day at school in Kindergarden. It was at Mckinley Elementary which was only a few blocks away from my house.
  • GreenField Village (Biosocial)

    GreenField Village (Biosocial)
    In 3rd grade my classs got to go to greenfield village. We got to dress up and learn in a one room school house. It was very cool. The best part was I got to by things from a store that everything was a Penny to a nickle. And it was all old school toys and candy.
  • Grandparents Moved (Psychosocial)

    Grandparents Moved (Psychosocial)
    My grandparents are people who are very special to me. And me and my sister use to go over there everyday and help out. So in 2006 they told us they were moving 3 hours away upnorth broke our hearts.
  • First Pet (Biosocial)

    First Pet (Biosocial)
    I got my first pet and it was a guiene pig. We got it from up north, and it was the nicest guiene pig. It would lick you like a dog. It was someone we could love unconditionally.
  • Mom did my hair (Psychosocial and Biosocial)

    Mom did my hair (Psychosocial and Biosocial)
    In 8th grade my mom died my hair an it was a mess. She wanted to save money and highlight it her self. But it turned my head orange and it was embaressing and I had to got to school the next day cause we had a civil rights field trip.
  • Bullied (Psychosocial)

    Bullied (Psychosocial)
    In 2008, I got bullied by a group of girls and it left strong impact on my life. They were mean and hurtful. But I did find out who my true friend were.
  • Cheer (Biosocial and Psychosocial)

    Cheer (Biosocial and Psychosocial)
    In 2009 I made high school cheer and that made me feel accomplished and apart of something.
  • Moving on up in cheerleading ( Psychosocial)

    Moving on up in cheerleading ( Psychosocial)
    As a sophomore I got moved up to varsity, which was a really big deal at my high school cause no many younger girls got moved up. It made me feel strong and special and even honored to be with the older girls and apart of something bigger.
  • First Job - Psychosocial

    First Job - Psychosocial
    I got my first job at Baskin Robbins. And I work there for 5 years.
  • Hyper Extended My arm - Biosocial

    Hyper Extended My arm - Biosocial
    My first year on varsity cheer and i hyper extended my arm while doing 5 back hand springs in a row. It hurt so bad and the noise was so loud i thought I broke it. I fell to the ground and started balling my eyes.
  • Prom - Psychosocial

    Prom - Psychosocial
    In 2012, I got asked to prom on my birthdya. One of my good friends came to my house on my birthday with a dozen yellow roses ( that was the color of my dress) and a cake that said Prom? on it. I was so happy and excited it made my 18th brithday special.
  • Graduation - Cognitive and Psychosocial

    Graduation - Cognitive and Psychosocial
    In 2012 I graduated highschool at Livonia Franklin. It was one of my proudest moments and my parents.
  • College - Cognitive and psychosocial

    College - Cognitive and psychosocial
    I got accepted into Wayne State my senior year my school of choice. I was so excited and happy.
  • New Job - Psychosocial

    New Job - Psychosocial
    I got a New job my sophomore year of college at Plymouth Physical Therapy and its something im going into my field. So it helps me learn adn experience stuff i will need to know. I love it and I'm so thankful.
  • Chicago - Biosocial

    Chicago - Biosocial
    In 2014 I went and visted my cousin in Chicago with my two friends and we had a blast. We explored all around the city, the bean, sears tower etc.
  • Graduate College- Cognitive and Psychosocial

    Graduate College- Cognitive and Psychosocial
    I graduated college in 2016 with a masters and bachelors in Occupational Therapy and a minor in Health Psychology from Wayne State University.
  • Got a Job in my career path -Cognitive and Psychosocial

    Got a Job in my career path -Cognitive and Psychosocial
    After graduation I got a Job as a OT and love it. Im making good money and could not be happier.
  • Moved out - Biosocial and Psychosocial

    Moved out - Biosocial and Psychosocial
    I finally moved out of my parents house and on my own into a really nice aparetment and finally can afford everything I need.
  • Married - Psychosocial

    Married - Psychosocial
    I finally got married to a man who loves me and cherishes me and I could not be happier.
  • Traveling - Psychosocial

    Traveling - Psychosocial
    In 2019 my husband and I traveld for two years all around the world everywhere experiencing stuff that you could never imagine.
  • Three Children - Biosocial and Psychosocial

    Three Children - Biosocial and Psychosocial
    After traveling for two years my husband and I settled down and had three beautiful children. Two boys and a girl. We are so thankful and blessed.
  • Children off to college - Psychosocial

    Children off to college - Psychosocial
    Children go off to college, very sad but exciting day for them and us as parents.
  • Retired -Psychosocial

    Retired -Psychosocial
    My husband and I finally retired, and are excited to just enjoy life with our family.
  • Traveled more - Biosocial

    Traveled more - Biosocial
    After relaxing for a few months my husband I decided to travel more to the few places we had missed.
  • Grand Kids - Psychosocial

    Grand Kids - Psychosocial
    We recieved all of our Grand kids 8 of them and we love them all. They are just another blessing to our family, and are very entertaining.. and some times exhausting!!!
  • Husband passes away - Psychosocial

    Husband passes away - Psychosocial
    My husband passed away and I was crushed. It broke my heart and I lost the love of my life.
  • Moves in with Daughter -Biosocial and Psychosocial

    Moves in with Daughter -Biosocial and Psychosocial
    I finally moved in with my daughter so I did not have to live alone and so she could help me out. Best decision I had made in along time.
  • Grandchildren graduate college - Psychosocial

    Grandchildren graduate college - Psychosocial
    Got to see two of my beautiful grand children graduate college and see one of their biggest accomplishments in life.
  • Passed Away - Biosocial

    Passed Away - Biosocial
    I passed away at 91, I lived a beautiful life full of adventures. My family was crushed, but they knew I was in a wonderful place now.