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Life Span

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    PreNatal Development & Birth

  • Birth

    Sonograms were less common 29 years ago, my mother’s doctor shared that based on my mother’s pregnancy, dates & previous births that I was a boy… they didn’t even have a girl’s name picked out. Birth: November 19, 1981 Time: 1:09pm Name: Christine Lynn Maciejewski
  • The First Two Years: Biosocial Development

    My sleep patterns were less than ideal, I would only take 30 minute “cat naps” every two to three hours. Doctors told my mother that I simply didn’t require as much sleep as other newborns.
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    The First Two Years

  • The First Two Years: Cognitive Development

    As an infant I displayed No Fear! I would do and/or try anything, cry then try it again. Clearly said first word “Momma” at 8 months. Experienced naming explosion at 20 months.
  • The First Two Years: Psychosocial Development

    Displayed no form of separation anxiety or issues with attachment. Though I preferred attention from my parents, I would go to anyone and allow to be held by strangers. Neighbor watched me during the day and there were a lot of children in the neighborhood to maintain social relationships.
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    Early Childhood

  • Early Childhood 2 – 6 Years Old: Biosocial Development

    Began seeing Dentist at age 3. Was right on track with physical development. Naturally started favor the right hand.
  • Early Childhood 2 – 6 years Old: Cognitive Development

    Displayed no learning disabilities, enjoyed early school. Attended Public School due to convenience, small size and financial limitations.
  • Early Childhood 2 – 6 Years Old: Psychosocial Development

    Was excited to begin preschool, good with other children and respectful of adults. Discipline involved the “bad girl chair,” which was a form of time-out & received an occasional spanking for extreme behavior.
  • Middle Childhood 6 – 11 years Old: Biosocial Development

    Displayed normal intelligence but needed help with motivation, in retrospect parents don’t believe I had ADD but just needed a little extra support for after-school-hours work.
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    Middle Childhood

  • Middle Childhood 6 – 11 years Old: Cognitive Development

    In studies, as well as daily life parents noticed that I required more attention than my old sibling. Strived for approval and reassurance.
  • Middle Childhood 6 – 11 years Old: Psychosocial Development

    Experienced a dynamic family with two parents and one older brother. Began Religious education in additional to public school at age 7. First stressful experience at age 8 when brother was admitted to hospital for a concussion. Mother reflects, “Normally it would have been impossible to keep you in one spot, but we were in the hospital room, we sat you in the corner and said Don’t Move and for about four hours, until grandpa came to pick you up, you didn’t move, you didn’t cry, you just sat t
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  • Adolescence 12 - 18 years old: Biosocial Development

    Experienced first Menstrual Cycle at age 13. Although I had been dancing since age 5, after experiencing puberty had a bout of distorted body image and experienced anorexia nervosa at age 14.
  • Adolescence 12 - 18 years old: Cognitive Development

    Had difficulty relating to peers in Middle & High School, but luckily had close friends at dance studio. Recall the internet being hooked up to our house via dial-up.
  • Adolescence 12 - 18 years old: Psychosocial Development

    Had typical fights with parents, mostly with father. Was part of a "dance" clique however it was a good influence group of kids with no peer pressure or illegal acts.
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    Emerging Adulthood

  • Emerging Adulthood 19 - 25 years old: Biosocial Development

    After beginning college was subject to the "freshman 15," due to bad eating habits. Experienced emotional stress after departing to college, luckily after returning for sophmore year, new close friendships finally developed.
  • Emerging Adulthood 19 - 25 years old: Cognitive Development

    Surprised my parents and even myself by being able to manage friends, homework and a job while away a college. Was exposed to christianity and began to practice different religious methods then what I was raised with.
  • Emerging Adulthood 19 - 25 years old: Psychosocial Development

    Began to acknowledge own identity, decided career path and fell in love for the first time. Was finanically dependent on parents until began cohabitation with boyfriend, this was not well recieved by parents.
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  • Adulthood 25 - 65 years old: Biosocial Development

    After ending my performance career due to injury, experienced weight increase due to lack of exercise. Working to find other physical activities and better eating habits.
  • Adulthood 25 - 65 years old: Cognitive Development

    Acknowledged that I may not have the highest intelligence in the areas of Math and/or Science, however using my creativity to choreograph dances and my emotional intelligence to pursue a career in counseling.
  • Adulthood 25 - 65 years old: Psychosocial Development

    Feel strong need to work with people, thus pursuing career change to embrace this desire. In a serious relationship, beginning talks of marriage and future children.
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    Late Adulthood

  • Late Adulthood 65 - 85 years old: Biosocial Development

    At this stage I could see myself just starting to acknowledge my age and inevitable restrictions that I will have to come to terms with. I currently take a daily pill for thyroid issues, antipate decline in thyroid health as I age.
  • Late Adulthood 65 - 85 years old: Cognitive Development

    My hope is to be sharp and quick to the end, however family history has result in my Grandfather's Alzheimer's Diagnosis and my Mother's memory has significantly diminished in the past 5 years (possibly a side effect of chemo).
  • Late Adulthood 65 - 85 years old: Psychosocial Development

    Once I reach a point, I will move into an assisted living facility, where i hope for alot of interaction with other residents and activities. I hope to still have my husband beside me but if not, I pray for a close social circle to keep me busy, social and living my last few years to the fullest!
  • Death

    If I could setup my own death, I would be 86 years old, still mobile, somewhat independent, sharp and feisty! Just fall asleep one night and never wakeup.
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