The Life of Carol Clarke

  • Birth

    Carol Catherine Clarke was born at Herman Kiefer Hospital in Detroit, 1982. Biosocial
  • Moved

    Moved into home with parents in Livonia, MI. Biosocial
  • Sister Born

    My sister Patricia was born. Psychosocial
  • Kindergarden

    Started Kindergarden at St. Genevieve School. Attended there until 3rd grade. Cognitive
  • Brother Born

    Brother Brendan Born. Psychosocial
  • Move to St Robert Bellarmine

    Attended school at St. Robert Bellarmine with my brother and sister. Cognitive/Psychosocial
  • Parents Divorced

    Partents got divorced- instead of attending another catholic school, I was going to a public school for the first time for high school. Biosocial/Psychosocial
  • Started high School

    Started high School at Franklin High School in Livonia. Cognitive
  • First Job

    Worked at Subway in Livonia making sandwiches, janitorial and food prep. Psychosocial
  • Burton Manor job

    Worked doing wait staff, banquet serving, then onto sales and administrative support for 6 years. Biosocial
  • Printing Press job

    Worked printing addresses on mailings that you get as junk mail for a company. Biosocial/ psychosocial
  • Step Brother Born

    Brother Patrick born. Biosocial
  • Graduated High School

    Graduated high School from Franklin High School in Livonia. Cognitive
  • Started College

    Started at Schoolcraft College and attended there until 2003. Cognitive
  • Great Aunt passed away

    My great aunt I was very close too that I helped take care of passes away. Biosocial
  • Son born

    Had my son Nate at St. Mary Mercy Hospital. Biosocial
  • Massage School

    Attended the Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy. Cognitive
  • Graduated AAIMT

    Graduated AAIMT with two certifications for therapeutic massage. Cognitive
  • First Massage job

    Worked at Healthline Chiropractic Center in Livonia doing massage. Cognitive
  • Massage at Salon employment

    Worked at MArgo's Salon and Spa in Northville for 4 years doing massage and bodywork. biosocial/ psychosocial
  • Apprenticeship for Esthetics License

    Attended an apprenticeship program for Esthetics with the owner of the job at Margos of Northville Salon and Spa. Cognitive
  • Makeup training

    Trained as a makeup artist with Sebastian Trucco line. Completed trade certificate. Cognitive
  • Reiki Master

    Took all levels of reiki but I note this date because its when my life became devoted to healing work. Biosocial
  • Esthetics License

    Got state license for Esthetician. Cognitive
  • Bodyworks Healing Center job

    Worked at Bodyworks for 2 years doing massage and bodywork and teaching workshops on all methods of meditation and energy healing. Psychosocial
  • Grandmother passes away

    My grandmother who had aggressive Parkinsons disease passes away. Biosocial
  • Akua Esthetics and Bodywork job

    Worked here as a massage therapist, esthetician, makeup artist, and energy worker. Taught informative classes on all things listed. Psychosocial
  • Got engaged

    Got engaged to my boyfriend Ben of 7 years. Biosocial
  • Back to College

    Back to school to finish transfer degree- MACRO. Cognitive
  • Grandmother passes away

    Grandmother that was my other mother that I helped take care of passes away. Biosocial
  • Left Job at Akua Esthetics and Bodywork

    Started to work at Cameron's Salon. Psychosocial
  • Wedding

    Married to Ben Tiseo in St Clair Shores, MI. Biosocial
  • MACRO transfer to EMU

    Hospice Nursing major.
  • Bought first house

    Bought first home in South Lyon, MI. Biosocial
  • Open own office

    Own my own office space and work for myself doing massage bodywork and energy work. Biosocial
  • Volunteering at the Rudolph Steiner Center

    Earn credit toward nursing career. Psychosocial
  • Esthetics Instructor License

    Got my instructors license for esthetics to teach others about sklin care. Cognitive
  • Daughter born

    My husbands first child. Biosocial
  • Son born

    Second child with my husband. Biosocial
  • Ben major promotion

    Ben major promotion to run department. Biosocial
  • Graduated EMU

    With Hospice Nursing Degree. Cognitive
  • Employment in home care hospice

    Work for in home hospice care group providing people with comfort and care through their final days using the vast background I have in massage and bodywork. Cognitive and Psychosocial
  • Nate graduating high School

    My first son Nate graduated from high school. Biosocial
  • Nate graduated college

  • Become a grandmother

    Nate's first kid. Biosocial
  • Art major

    Taking art classes to further my mind. Cognitive
  • Daughter graduated high school

  • Son graduated high school

  • Daughter graduate college

  • Daughter gets married

  • Son graduated college

  • Daughter has baby

  • Son gets married

  • Ben Retires from Dominos

  • Travel to Italy

    Biosocial/ Cognitive
  • I retire from teaching

    I retire from teaching, working as a BSN, and help with the grandkids. Biosocial
  • Move into Senior Living

    Sold home and lives in senior assisted living. Biosocial/ Psychosocial
  • Husband Ben died

    Lived a long life. Biosocial
  • Death

    Lived a long healthy life surrounded with lots of grandkids and children who love me. Biosocial
  • Won the lottery

    Kids found out I won the lottery and left everything to them.