Timeline of the 18th and 19th century

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  • Proclamation of the declaration of independence of the united states

    Proclamation of the declaration of independence of the united states
    Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence the Second Continental Congress, meeting in Philadelphia, voted unanimously to declare the independence as the "United States of America”
  • First french revolution

    First french revolution
    Was a period of time in France when the people overthrew the monarchy and took control of the government.
  • mexican independence consummation

    mexican independence consummation
    On September 27, 1821, Iturbide led the Triumphant Army parade into Mexico City, consummating Mexico’s independence.
  • Tanzimat

    Was a series of governmental reforms between 1839 and 1876 that sought to centralize and rationalize Ottoman rule and capture more tax revenues for the military defense of the empire.
  • First opium war

    First opium war
    Was a series of military engagements fought between the United Kingdom and the Qing dynasty of China over diplomatic relations.
  • Crimean war

    Crimean war
    It was fought on the Crimean peninsula, and also on the Black Sea. It was supposed to play out in the Danubian Principalities.
  • American civil war

    American civil war
    Was fought between southern and northern states of the United States.
  • Meiji restoration

    Meiji restoration
    Meiji Restoration came to be identified with the subsequent era of major political, economic, and social change.
  • Second boer war

    Second boer war
    Was fought between the British Empire and two Boer states, the South African Republic and the Orange Free State.
  • Fall of the Qing dynasty

    Fall of the Qing dynasty
    The Qing dynasty promoted itself as a conquering force, ruling China for 268 years before collapsing in 1911-1912.
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    18th and 19th century

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