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Lauren's World History Time Line

  • May 29, 1453

    Ottomans Conquer Constinople

    Ottomans Conquer Constinople
    The Ottoman Empire, an Islamic Empire, conquered Constantinople and took over trade operations in the Middle East. This Empire would spread throughout the Middle East and North Africa until 1919
  • Sep 7, 1533

    Elizabeth 1 becomes Queen of England

    Elizabeth 1 becomes Queen of England
    Elizabeth 1 was Queen of England and Ireland from 17 November 1558 until her death in 24 March 1603. She is also known as the virgin Queen and was the last monarch or tudor dynasty.
  • England defeats the Spanish Armada

    England defeats the Spanish Armada
    A Spanish fleet of 130 ships that sailed from A Coruna under the command of the Duke of Medina Sidonia to invade England. Ended in 1589 only lasting one year
  • Tokugawa Sgogunate

    Tokugawa Sgogunate
    Tokugawa clan takes over imperial Japan and establishes itself as the Shogun. They establish the capital at Kyoto and rule until 1857
  • The Thirty Year War

    The Thirty Year War
    Series of Wars in Central Europe. One of the longest and most destructive conflicts in Europe History eight million casualties lasting over 30 years and ending in 1648
  • The English Civil War

    The English Civil War
    A series of armed conflicts and political machinations between Roundheads and Cavaliers over the manner of Englands Government. First in 1642-1646, Second from 1648-1649, And third from 1649- 1651 when it finally ended in 1651
  • Manchus found the Qing Dynasty of China

    Manchus found the Qing Dynasty of China
    The last imperial dynasty of China. It was preceded by the Ming Dynasty and succeeded by the Republic of China ending in 1912.
  • Petter the Great becomes Czar of Russia

    Petter the Great becomes Czar of Russia
    The 14th child of Czar Alexis by his second wife. He had Joint ruling along side his brother from 1682 until his brother died in 1696 when he got all of the power. Peter's reforms made a lasting impact on Russia and many institutions of Russian government trace their origins to his reign. Then he died 8 February 1725
  • The British colonization of India

    The British colonization of India
    Britain came in the 1600's with sir Thomas Roe when indi was under rule of Jehangir. They were too strong to be taken over so britain traded with them till they defeated them and made them weak.
  • The Industrial Revolution

    The Industrial Revolution
    A transition to new manufacturing processes. This meant they went from hand making stuff to Machins ending between 1820-1840
  • Catherine the Great becomes Czar of Russia

    Catherine the Great becomes Czar of Russia
    Born in Stettin , Pomerania, Prussia as Sophie Friederike Auguste Vo Anhalt- Zerbst- Dornburg. Came in power from Coup Detat when her husband was assasinated, Then she died in 1796
  • The British Colonies of North America declare their Independence

    The British Colonies of North America declare their Independence
    In Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Congress adopts the Declaration of Independence. This proclaimed the Independence of the new United States of America from Great Britain and its King. Came 442 days after the first shot of the American Revolution. Thus creating the holiday 4th of July.
  • The French Revolution

    The French Revolution
    A period of far- reaching conflict in France that lasted from 1789 to 1799. Carried by Napoleon during later expansion of French Empire, because of it the Monarchy was overthrown.
  • The Nepoleonic age

    The Nepoleonic age
    Napoleon almost takes over all of France, but Russia and England stop him.
  • The Unification of Italy

    The Unification of Italy
    Political and social movement that made different states into the single state of the kingdom of italy in 1871.
  • Mexico declares its Independence from Spain

    Mexico declares its Independence from Spain
    A document made for the Mexican Empire declaring independence from the Spanish Empire. This was made in the National Polace in Mexico signed by Jose Espinosa De Los Monteros
  • The Great Reform Bill of 1832

    The Great Reform Bill of 1832
    An Act of Parliament that introduced wide-ranging changes to England and Wales electoral system.
  • The Opium Wats

    The Opium Wats
    Two wars in the mid 19th century between Anglo- Chinese disputes over British trade in china and Chinese savergint
  • The Berlin Confrence

    The Berlin Confrence
    After both Germany and Italy were colonized. Also known as Congo Conference, it regulated European colonization and trade in Africa during New Imperialism period ending in 1885. We call it the "scramble" in Africa. Ethiopia was not imperialist and Liberia wasn't because it was a place for slaves.
  • The Great Potato Famine

    The Great Potato Famine
    A period of mass starvation, diseases and emigration in ireland between 1845-1852. About 2/5 of the population would only eat potato's because they were cheap
  • The communist Monifesto

    The communist Monifesto
    Aurhors: Karl Marx, Friedrick Engles
    An 1848 political pamphlet, later recognized as one of the worlds lost influential political monuscripts
  • The Taiping Rebellion

    The Taiping Rebellion
    Massive rebellion and/ or civil war in China that lasted from 1850-1864. A battle between Qing dynasty and Millenarian Movement of the Heavenly Kingdom
  • The Origin of Species

    The Origin of Species
    It Is a work of scientific literature by Charles Darwin. Considered foundation of evolutionary biology, introduced scientific theory.
  • The Emancipation Proclamation

    The Emancipation Proclamation
    A presidential proclamation and executive order issued by President Abraham Lincoln. It was to free over 3 million enslaved people
  • The Meiji Restoration

    The Meiji Restoration
    Series of events that restored practical imperial rule to Japan under Emperor Meiji.
  • The Suez of Canal

    The Suez of Canal
    An artificial sea-level Waterway in Egypt. Connecting Mediterranean to Red Sea trough the Isthmus of Suez constructed from 1859-1869
  • The Unification of Germany

    The Unification of Germany
    Turned Germany into a politically and administratively integrated nation state officially. In the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles in France. Princes of the German states gathered.
  • The Russo- Japanese War

    The Russo- Japanese War
    Fought between the Russian Empire and the Empire of Japan over rival imperial ambitions in Manchuria and Korea. Lasted 1year, 6months and 4weeks ending on 5 September 1905 with a Japanese Victory.
  • The Russians Revolution

    The Russians Revolution
    Said to be a major factor of February Revolution of 1917. Events of Bloody Sunday triggered protestants
  • The Mexica Revolution

    The Mexica Revolution
    A major Armed struggle that transformed Mexican culture and government.
  • World War 1 Begins

    World War 1 Begins
    Global War originated in Europe. One of the longest Wars in history used tastic called trench warfare. Lasted 4years, 3months and 2weeks on 11 November 1918
  • The Chinese Revolution

    The Chinese Revolution
    The culmination of the chinese Communist Party's drive to power. Also the second part of the chinese civil war ended i 1950.
  • The civil War begins in The United States

    The civil War begins in The United States
    The bloodiest 4 years in American History Confederates under General P.G.T Beauregard open fire on Union - held fort sumter in south carolina's charleston bay