220px the boer war by richard caton woodville

Period 5 timeline

  • Period: to

    Reign of King Louis XVI

    French king during the french revolution, eventually executed during the revolution. symbolically the last monarch of france, before a democratic system was put in place
    5.3 as with the revolution and his downfall a reform came about
  • Period: to

    American Revolution

    This revolution was fought by colonists in the british colonies of North America, and was successful as the British eventually withdrew from the colonies, this revolution affects 5.3 as a revolution dealing with unjust issues so reform was needed and sought out by conflict as with most revolutions of the era. Other revolutions would loook to the american revolution for insperation as it was a success
  • James Watt perfects steam engine

    Perfecting the steam engine lead the way for a steam age, transportation time quickly went down, and now mills and other factories that required a power source could be built away from rivers, which was one of the few sources until this time.
    This invention directly affects 5.1 for industrialization but also affects 5.4 as with the addition of steam power to ships, migration of people became easier and faster.
  • Period: to

    French Revolution

    The french revolution saw the decline of the monarch and the rise of nationalism in france the revolution did succeed in setting up a democracy although it was quickly succeeded by napoleon overall a huge social change came out of the revolution
    5.3 this revolution called for reform and was fueled by nationalism that would follow into the napoleon years
  • Spinning mule developed

    The spinning mule was a new addition to the mill system as it could produce cloth at an increased rate with shuttles it was a very efficient machine and fueled the factory system as people were needed to tend the machines
    5.1 as this machine greatly helped in industrial factories and fueled capitalism around the globe as its effect was felt as cotton was needed to fuel the machine
  • Period: to

    Wars of independence in Latin America

  • Period: to

    Haitian Revolution

    The haitian revolution was successful in overthrowing french colonial forces it was lead by slaves and one of the few successful slave revolts
    5.3 because slaves were able to organize effectively enough to over through the french and succeed in a revolution
  • Cotton Gin

    New invention that shelled cotton, made cotton production easier and increased the demand for slaves as more cotton could be processed by the machine than as done originally by hand, overall increased speed of cotton husking so more time could be spent picking.
    5.1 Industrialization and Global capitalism as it was a new industrial machine and fueled profits and demand for slaves slave demand
  • Period: to

    Wars of independence in Latin America

    Fought to free from foreign rule, drawing inspiration from other revolutions around the time many were successful as spain who predominantly had claim to south america was losing its power.
    5.3 revolutions influenced by previous revolutions
  • Period: to

    Napoleonic Wars

    The haitian revolution was successful in overthrowing french colonial forces it was lead by slaves and one of the few successful slave revolts
    5.3 because slaves were able to organize effectively enough to over through the french and succeed in a revolution
  • Period: to

    Reign of Napoleon

    Napoleon became emperor of france after a successful early military campaign, after which he was able expand areas of french control in europe until his disastrous invasion of russia after which he was kicked out and exiled.
  • Congress of Vienna

    Conference carried out in Vienna to settle boundaries and balance out major power after napoleonic wars, map of europe was redrawn essentially set up buffer states to help prevent this in the future.
    affects 5.3 as it cleaned up the nationalistic mess tht came out of the napoleonic wars, also affects 5.2 as it reformed states and balanced others out setting up for global imperialism competitions
  • Period: to

    Unification of Italy

    The unification of italy was both a political and social movement that unified the many small kingdoms of italy, once italy was a stronger world power that could go on and compete with bigger nations on a world scale
    5.3 as this movement and conflicts reformed italy into one large nation also 5.2 as the nation state was formed out of smaller provinces
  • Simón Bolivar

    Was able to organize independence movements for south america from spanish control he was a very successful politician and served as president of many south american countries
    5.3 as reform from spanish control was sought out and achieved
  • Period: to

    War of Greek independence

    This uprising was against the ottoman empire where the Greeks were supported by other nations such as Russia, Great Britain, and France, the greeks were successful in overthrowing the Ottomans in their lands
    5.3 inspired by nationalism, this revolution came about due to the wish to be free of the ottomans which was a reform
  • Period: to

    Opium War

    The opium war was fought over the dispute of the opium trade between the british empire and china, china tried to ban opium however the british won the war and set up a treaty where the were given control over hong Kong and other advantages for winning such as war reparations
    5.2 as imperialism as the british were able to take Hong Kong as a result
  • The Communist Manifesto

    This work written by Karl Marx dealt with unfair land distribution, and suggested new a new communist agenda where land was equally divided his ideas were picked by by many and adapted
    5.3 as this issue suggested reform in europe and around the world it was a proposed solution to unfair situations
  • Women’s Rights Convention, Seneca Falls, NY

    This convention was a huge step towards women’s right, it outlined issues concerning women in society and was the first of many such conventions, it got the ball rolling so to speak about women rights
    5.3 as this convention started reform for the role of women in society
  • Period: to

    Taiping rebellion

    this was a civil war in china that dealt with the new issues such as a version of christianity, new social issues such as equality for women, the qing dynasty eventually put it down with the help of european powers such as Great Britain and France
    5.3 this rebellion was started as they believed reform was needed, nationalism inspired both sides leading to a bloody conflict
  • Bessemer process developed

    Bessemer steel meant a much cheaper way of steel production, which up until this process was very expensive and labor intensive to make, the bessemer process meant that industrial machines could now be produced at more reasonable prices and overall paved the way for a huge string of inventions that would be produced en mas
    5.1 as this new process aided with industrialism and fueled global capitalism
  • Sepoy Rebellion

    The sepoy rebellion was a rebellion of sepoys after finding out that the cartridges for their muskets contained pig and cow fat which went against their religion as they had to bite into it, as a result the british take control back from the east india trading company
    5.3 rebellion over the disrespect for religions
  • Origin of the Species published

    This work was published by charles Darwin, it outlined evolution and would set up scientific racism going forward and the idea that It was the white mans burden to civilize other lesser evolved humans, leading to atrocities in africa and india, and other areas

    5.2 as this work and what was drawn from it would fuel imperialism and expansion of many foreign nations.
  • Emancipation of Russian serfs

    This decision came in russia's attempt to modernize and effectively released all serfs however as they had nowhere to go most stayed in the roles they already had,
    5.3 as this emancipation was in an attempt to reform and be more modern as russia was lagging behind at this time
  • Suez Canal

    The canal built by the british allowed sailors and their ships to avoid going around africa which saved shipping time and allowed for easier control of foreign areas by connecting the mediterranean and red sea
    5.2 as for example India and England were now that much closer also 5.1 as global capitalism with shipping of goods.
  • Unification of Germany

    Under the Blood and Iron policy Otto Von bismarck was able to unite germany which brought together a large grouping of much smaller states, by achieving this germany would soon become a world power.
    5.3 as Bismarck used nationalism to reform germany into one strong unit
  • Unification of italy

  • Berlin West Africa Conference

    this conference in berlin outlined the rules that europeans would have to follow to colonize africa (as decided by europeans) and set up guidelines that they would have to follow concerning trade and imperialism
    5.2 as this conference outlined imperialism in Africa
  • Indian National Congress founded

    The Indian National Congress set up a democratic system that gained much support from indians, it was in response to british rule and worked towards a more independent india
    5.3 this was a non violent way to seek reforms in india against the british
  • Boxer rebelion

    Rebellion in China at the end of the Qing, very anti foreign and anti christian, foreign embassy’s of western nations attacked, leads to fall of qing dynasty after boxers are defeated
    5.3 as this is an attempted reform by the qing dynasty that focused on nationalistic issues.
  • Period: to

    Boer War

    Fought in africa, this battle was begun by the british for resources, and meant a nasty guerrilla war which through rather unethical tactics were able to force the boers out of the desired territory,
    5.2 as it increased britain's territorial holdings
  • Period: to

    Russo-Japanese war

    This war was fought between Russia and Japan over territory, Japan was able to beat Russia asserting its power as a world power to be reckoned with which was noted by other powerful nations all over the world
    5.1 as successful industrialization was japans key to victory
  • All India Muslim league

    The muslim league set up a way for muslims in india to have their voices heard it would help with cultural differences and make things run smoother
    5.3 as a reform for the minority
  • Henry Ford and assembly line

    The assembly line meant faster productions of goods as each station would have a specific job and a time to to it so time was not wasted unnecessarily during production
    5.1 this manufacturing process was adapted quickly in other areas of production of goods due to its advantage over other assembly this process gave henry ford an advantage and lead to global profits for him.
  • Panama Canal

    Made trade more accessible as ships could bypass south america to get from the east to west coast of the americas
    This fits with key concepts 5.1 as it assists industrialism and global capitalism as it makes trade much more accessible
    5.2 because it allowed the Us to be more imperialistic, monitoring the philippines became easier