Timeline of My Life

  • My brother's Birth

    My brother's Birth
    My brother Joel was born on this day. He was a small baby, and really cute.
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  • My Birthday

    On this day I was born. I was small like my brother. I was cuter than my brother and everyone loved in first sight.
  • My Baptisim

    I was baptised on this day in India, With my grandparents and family there.
  • First Time Playing Soccer

    First Time Playing Soccer
    On this day my dad started teaching me how to play soccer. It was one of my best experiences becasue I love sports especially soccer
  • First day of Preschool

    This day was my first day of preschool. It was a fun day, I made a lot of friends and played games all day.
  • Washington DC Trip

    We went to Washington DC in 4th grade when I was in Sabold. It was one of my favorite trips because my mom came with me, and my friends were in my group.
  • Cousin's Wedding

    This was a really great day. My cousin finally got married to a great person who is so nice. And me and my cousins had a lot of fun.
  • Hershey Park Trip

    This was the trip we went in 6th grade. Was really fun and I was grouped with my friends. We went on all the roller coasters and went to the water park
  • First Day of Middle School

    This was the first day of middle school. It was a good day because I liked all my teachers. Also, it was easy to find where everything was.
  • Vacation To India

    This day was the day me and my family left for India. We went to visit my grandfather. It was a fun trip because I'm my grandfathers favorite grandchild.