Timeline of Media Interaction

  • Television

    I'm just 1 year old in this timeline and I was already exposed to television. I can't clearly remember that time but seeing my pictures watching television is enough proof that I was already exposed to Television.
  • Children's Books

    Children's Books
    I was 3 years old already when I'm exposed to books especially children's books. I can remember being taught by my Lola who took care of me whenever my parents are out for work.
  • Keypad Cellphone

    Keypad Cellphone
    My parents have cellphone like these when I was 5 years old so I always borrowed them and play snakes.
  • PSP

    When we visited my Lolo (Father's Side) this year I met my 2 cousins, Ate Patricia and Ate Vianna. Ate Patricia owns a PSP so I occasionally borrow her PSP to play with it.
  • Gameboy

    While ate Patricia owns a PSP, Ate Vianna owns the Gameboy. I sometimes borrow it too occasionally to play with it.
  • Playstation2

    Since my Father is a gamer he bought a Playstation2 and we both play with it together.
  • Typewriter

    In my mothers office, she has this typewriter. I grew fond of it that's why whenever I get to her office after school I always get a piece of bond paper and put it in the typewriter to play with it.
  • Radio

    Since after Typhoon Yolanda, I was always listening to the radio for music, and for the time to come pass by. it is the only thing I carry all the time since I'm always left alone in the house since my family is in Catbalogan while I was in my Lolo's House (Mother Side) in Tanauan.
  • Touch Screen Phone

    Touch Screen Phone
    My mother took me to our home after I finished grade 5 that year. So I got transferred to Catbalogan because of that. While studying my mom gave me my second phone but this time it was a touch screen.
  • Laptop

    I was exposed to a laptop when my parents decide to bought one for my need when doing assignments.
  • Youtube

    This is the time where I learn youtube. I mostly watched Winx since it's my favorite TV show. and shows on the TV are usually cut.
  • Facebook

    I already had Facebook when I was 6 years old. but my mother is the one using it. I was able to retrieve my account from my mother when I was in grade 6.
  • Messenger

    Since I was using Facebook I also learned to use Messenger.
  • Wattpad

    It was a vacant subject, our teacher didn't arrive so we are free to do what we want except going outside the room. I was roaming the room when I saw one of my classmates' scrolling in her phone so I got curious so I borrowed her phone and learned about Wattpad. Since that day I used Wattpad until now.
  • Twitter

    I made an account because my friend referred it to me and since I got curious I obliged.
  • Google Sites/Apps

    Google Sites/Apps
    it was my first time to use so many google sites/apps most of them are new to me so i was amaze to learn these sites/apps.
  • Tiktok

    Since it was a pandemic most families are in the house because of lockdown in the whole country and I got bored so I decided to try to watch Tiktok and I liked it.
  • Instagram

    I use Instagram because most Korean actors and actresses are more fond of it than Facebook. Maybe because Facebook is a lot more hacked than Instagram.
  • Discord

    I'm a gamer so I got tons of games on the phone and Laptop. Discord is the easiest and efficient app when you want to connect with other gamers.