Timeline of Media Exposure

Timeline created by Kierrr
  • CAMERA (capturing the first click)

    CAMERA (capturing the first click)
    A camera is a portable device that is used for taking photographs, making films, or producing television pictures. Moments after leaving my mother's womb, I was immediately exposed to a camera and its flashes of blinding lights. Capturing my first moments here on Earth that will be put later on in an album along with my other photos.
  • RADIO BROADCASTS (listening to whatever she's listening to)

    RADIO BROADCASTS (listening to whatever she's listening to)
    Radio broadcasting is transmission of audio, sometimes with related metadata, by radio waves intended to reach a wide audience. My grandmother once told me that she likes to listen news, music and gossips to radio while keeping her eyes to me. She said that if she were to watch the news, she will get distracted and will eventually forget about me. In other words, I am also listening to the news, music and gossips without knowing about it.
  • TELEVISION (watching what must be watched)

    TELEVISION (watching what must be watched)
    Television is an instrument used to present moving images with the presence of sound. It is used to broadcast networks and with very limited programs. If I recall correctly, the earliest memories I have is that my parents set up the TV for me to watch the collection of Nursery Rhymes, Educational channels, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and etc.
  • CELLPHONES (ringing the memories)

    CELLPHONES (ringing the memories)
    Cellphone is a mobile telephone or a handheld two-way communication device that you can talk on over a cellular network. It is also used to make alarms, notes, games, and etc. How nostalgic it is to remember the times when I was only borrowing cellphones just to play games and to listen to the ringtones.
  • PlayStation Portable (PlaySleepPlay)

    PlayStation Portable (PlaySleepPlay)
    The Sony PlayStation Portable, which is short for PSP, was a handheld game and multimedia entertainment console. After finishing the Kinder with top honors, my father gave this to me as a reward. I remember playing GTA, God of War, Fight Night and other games that seems inappropriate to my age but gave me knowledge about the Greek Mythology and other things. It is also my motivation to sleep in the afternoon so I can play games until I passed out by sleepiness.
  • NEWSPAPERS (everyday is news day)

    NEWSPAPERS (everyday is news day)
    A newspaper is printed and distributed usually daily or weekly and that contains news, articles of opinion, features, and advertising. My grandfather (who just died last week) used to read me what my horoscopes say on that day, entertaining comic strips, and he also let me help him solve the crossword puzzle.
  • MAGAZINE (browsing the magazine)

    MAGAZINE (browsing the magazine)
    A magazine is a periodical publication containing articles and illustrations, typically covering a particular subject or area of interest. I was exposed to magazines as early as Grade 1 because my teacher gives us assignments to cut images out of magazines. And also, my mother likes to browse them and buy products later on in the nearby market.
  • INTERNET (entering the internet)

    INTERNET (entering the internet)
    Internet is an electronic communications network that connects computer networks and organizational computer facilities around the world. The first internet that we had is not the router-type but the one that looks like a flash drive. We used it to make calls with my father and to use search engines for our assignments.
  • LAPTOP (puzzling out on my laps)

    LAPTOP (puzzling out on my laps)
    A laptop is a personal computer that is small enough to sit in a person's lap, and is designed for mobile uses. I think we bought a laptop to make video calls with my father overseas. Well, if ever I lay my hands on the laptop, the only thing I'll do is to play Plants vs. Zombies, and some puzzle games that makes my brain stimulates and improves its performance.