Timeline of Me; Martina

Timeline created by Martina_L
  • Born

    I was born as the daughter of Mark and Elizabeth Leppek, younger sibling to Ethan Leppek
  • I gain a love of math

    My 2nd grade math teacher Mrs. King, taught me to really love math, setting me on my current path. In case you don't know I'm in AP calculus AB, and Mrs. King is the person (other than myself) that I most give credit to letting me get a leg up in math
  • I change schools

    This is the year that I change schools from Imagine to Towles and set myself up for where I am now. I only chose Towles because it was a school that grouped middle school with elementary, and I could take math 2 grades above. It's funny to think that was the sole reason that I am where I am now.
  • My Grandma died

    She was a very important family member and the entirety of my family felt the impact of her health and the eventual loss.
  • I Visit my Cousins

    I visit my cousins that live in Florida, and they mean a lot to me (my favorite cousins, don't tell my other side of the family), this visit got me into anime, which shaped a lot of my interests in media
  • We got our cats

    We adopted my two lovely cats Quick (aptly named) and Kessel (an ornery cat loaf)
  • Undertale was released

    This started my jump into fandom, and the culture that surrounds popular media
  • I join CANstruction

    This is the first year I did CANstruction, and I have participated in it every year since. Something that I love doing, engineering and fundraising for charity.
  • First PFW summer camp

    I learned a lot about design, programming, really all of my passions at these summer camps.
  • Australian Gay Marriage vote

    This was the year I started to understand a lot of the basis of politics, at least in certain discussions, like social issues. This was the year that the Australian Gay Marriage vote happened, something that I am sill very confused about because it didn't happen sooner.
  • I volenteer at Hope for Animals

    Over the summer I volunteered at Hope for Animals and it really helped me appreciate what volunteers have to do, and it was my first experience being on the giving end of customer service.
  • Cousins Visit for the summer

    My cousins from Florida visit for 3 weeks. Same cousins from the earlier event. I got to discuss our mutual interests, and I just really enjoyed their visit.
  • First Real Job

    I get my first real job at Oley's, I still work there
  • Period: to


    The first school I went to, had good teachers overall and was kinda unconventional. I loved it there.
  • Period: to


    My 5th grade to 8th grade school. Some of the teachers there were bad, but overall the education I got there was great, if very chaotic
  • Period: to

    New Tech @ Wayne

    We are here. It's pretty great here.