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Timeline of British Democracy

By vbalock
  • Sep 26, 1215

    Magna Carta

    Magna Carta
    First document in GB to limit power of the monarch and imcrease the power of the Parliment
  • Period: Sep 26, 1532 to Sep 26, 1536

    English Reformation

    Creation of Church of England, put monarch in charge of the church. Gave the monarch a bit more power
  • Period: to

    Imperialism and Colonialism

    Expansion of the British Empire
  • Period: to

    English Civil War and Restoration

    King overthrown and actual Parliament put in place. Oliver Cromwell leader of the rebels. Limited power of the monarch.
  • Period: to

    Glorious Revolution

    King James replaced by King William and Queen Mary. Reduction of power of the monarch.
  • Act of Settlement

    Act of Settlement
    1701 to early 1700's. Act of settlement, first PM, and regulation of the succession of the monarchs
  • Great Reform Act

    Great Reform Act
    Expansion of sufferage, beginning of new political parties.
  • Second Reform Act

    Second Reform Act
    aka the Representation of the People Act, expanded suffrage, doubling the amount voters
  • Parliament Act

    Parliament Act
    Reform of the House of Lords, strips it of its actual power.
  • General Strike from the Trade's Union Congress.

    General Strike from the Trade's Union Congress.
    Usuccessful attempt by the TUC to get Parliament to improve wages and conditions for coal miners.
  • Great Depression and the General Election of 1929

    Great Depression and the General Election of 1929
    Economic depression and high unemployments rates were the hot topics of the 1929 election. The election produces a hung parliament and Conservatives concede power to the Labour Party.
  • Beveridge Report

    Beveridge Report
    Social insurance program for all
  • Collectivist Consensus

    Collectivist Consensus
    All parties agree on interventionist state. Lasts until the 1980's
  • National Health Service and Nationality Act

    National Health Service and Nationality Act
    Health service for everybody!
  • Conservatives win election

    Conservatives win election
    Margaret Thatcher leads the Conservative party through 11 years of conservative reign
  • Hello Prime Minister Blair

    Hello Prime Minister Blair
    Tony Blair and the Labour Party wins the General Election, successfully ending 18 years of Conservative rule; the beginning of the "Third Way"
  • Good-bye Prime Minister Blair

    Good-bye Prime Minister Blair
    Tony Blair resigns from office; admits to his people of his mistakes concerning the Iraq war
  • A Sense of Unity

    A Sense of Unity
    The beginning of a coalition government between Conservatives and Liberals; David Cameron becomes Prime Minister