Kaylee's personal timeline

  • My Birth

    My Birth
    The day I was born, my dad's cousin Sherri got into a car crash at Douglas Walker Park. She has 2 kids and they were in the back seat crying. She went to turn around to grab the basifier off the floor and rear-ended the people turning into Douglas Walker and killed the little girl that was in the back seat.
  • 0-1

    When I was little, my dad was holding me in his arms sitting in a chair. I was throwing and fit and rocking back and forth trying to get out of his grip when i did it too hard and swung backward and slammed my head on the floor
  • 1

    May 17 2009 my younger sister Kenna was born
  • 2

    After my sister was born, we moved (Into our old house)
  • historical event

    historical event
    The First iPad came out
  • 3

    After i turned 3, my aunt Jaime had my cousin Laken
  • Historical event

    Historical event
    Osama Bin Laden was killed
  • 4

    My youngest and last sister karter was born
  • 5

    My aunt Jaime had my other cousin, Sylvie
  • 6

    My dad was running on the treadmill. Me and My sister Karter were playing downstairs. My mom told him to watch out for her multiple times. After 10 min of being down there, I turned around for a quick second and she was behind the treadmill and sticking her hands between the bottom and the band. She was screaming crying because it was burning her skin off. After he realized he ran her upstairs to my mom bc shes a nurse. He rushed her to the ER and they said she had 3rd degree burns. (Skin Graph)
  • 7

    My Grandma, Sister, Aunt, Mom, and youngest cousin Sylvie all took a family trip to Chicago to go get our first American Girl dolls
  • 8

    When we lived in our old house we lived on a small lake. I've always had sensitive skin. But this time i got a very bad case of swimmers itch. This is one of the main reasons we moved was because i was never able to swim
  • 9

    On my 9th birthday, we were packing to move. We decided we were sick of a neighborhood, not enough space, no land, and neighbors we didn't like. So we moved into our current house we live in now and have lived here since
  • 10

    I've always wanted a cat. I've always wanted a real pet ever since my sister killed my fish. On a random summer day, my grandpa had texted my dad. He said "Do you want a stray cat." When i saw that text i freaked out. I screamed and ran to get dressed. We went over to pick him up and now hes been with us ever since. His name is mittens
  • 11

    I use to play basketball work upward. I did that 5th and 6th grade year then stopped because I didn't want for school
  • 12

    We got a red Lab and I named her Myla. A week later she passed do to some sickness. A few months later we got her younger sister Mia and now shes 4
  • 13

    When we got the "2 weeks off," we went down to Florida. Little did we know we would be there for a whole month and get our other puppy maverick
  • Historical event

    Historical event
    COVID happened. I remember hearing "Yay! 2 weeks off!" to not being in school for months.
  • 14

    My moms dad passed away. I took it really hard on myself because after my best friend died, I told myself i was always gonna put other people first and visit them before they passed. I thought he was gonna be okay, so I didn't go visit him that thanksgiving. Little did I know, i would never see or talk to him again.
  • 15

    This was the 2nd year I tried snowboarding. I really enjoy it and think its alot of fun except its a hard workout
  • 16

    Ever since we got mittens, ive always wanted him to have another friend. It was about 5 years he was alone. Until we got his friend Meeko.