Timeline about my childhood

  • My birth

    My birth
  • My beginning in my studies

    My beginning in my studies
  • Period: to

    My beginning in my studies

    I studied in the kindergarten "Celestin Freinet", in my third year I was selected to be in the escort. I finish my kindergarten studies at the "Theater Centenario", danced the end-of-cycle waltz
  • Period: to


    I studied my first year at the "Ford 204" primary school, while the other five I studied at the "Miguel Negrete" primary school
  • Swimming

    I wasin swimming lessons for a year, until I decided to go out to practice another sport
  • Soccer

  • Period: to


    I played soccer as my friends encouraged me to do it
  • Visit to the beach

    Visit to the beach
    My mom and I went to beach in Oaxaca for a week
  • My parents divorce

    My parents divorce
    It was a very drastic change in my life that to date I still cannot overcome
  • Period: to

    My sports career

    I entered because this sport caught my attention and to this day it is something that I continue to do and I really like
  • Preparation

    I am currently training to enter a tournament and be selected to enter the Olimpic Boxing committe and go a year to fight around the world