Timeline about me

  • Birth

    I was born at Northside hospital on May 18th at 9:04 am
  • First day of school

    First day of school
    First day of school with me and my brothers, I was going into 3rd grade and I really liked my outfit
  • First time out of the country

    First time out of the country
    Went to the bahamas with my family for spring break and it was my first time ever going out of the country or ever flying on a plane.
  • First snow day

    First snow day
    My first ever big snow day in georgia, we had a week off of school.
  • went skiing

    went skiing
    Went skiing with my family in Colorado and I got altitude sickness and had to get a shot in my butt and sleep with oxygen in my nose.
  • Blanket Collection

    Blanket Collection
    After I took a trip to NYC and saw all the homeless I decided that I would start a blanket drive for them through my church and my first year was 2011 and i did it for many years after.
  • first day of 8th grade year

    first day of 8th grade year
    I started my last year of middle school on this day which i was super happy about because i hated middle school
  • Braces Off!

    Braces Off!
    i got my braces off in 2015 and I was super excited
  • became a camp counciler

    became a camp counciler
    had a super fun summer where i was a camp councilor of the camp that I had been going to for years
  • graduated high school

    graduated high school
    graduated in 2019 from Pope high school in roswell georgia
  • el salvador

    el salvador
    Went to El Salvador on a mission trip it was super fun and beautiful
  • started college

    started college
    Started at GSU!