• Dad passed away

    My Dad passed away from a massive heart attack when I was 7.
  • Childhood Best friend

    One of my very best friends moved to Oklahoma and we're still friends to this day.
  • Most Creative

    I was voted most creative in 5th grade and that meant so much to me coming from a long line of creative women.
  • Honor Roll

    Although this isn't a huge thing to some, it was to me. I worked hard all three years in middle school to achieve this and was so proud of myself when I did.
  • Met My Soulmate

    I watched this handsome football player from a far but later got the courage to call him and the rest is history!
  • High School Graduation

    I graduated Blackwell High School
  • Lost a Long time Friend

    One of my childhood friends was killed in a tragic accident. He was such a warm spirit and always made me feel like I was one of the most important people in his life and I will forever be thankful for that.
  • Went to the Chapel!

    Married my soulmate!
  • Moved!

    We got our first place together. I miss that apartment somedays...
  • First Pregnancy

    We celebrated the upcoming arrival of our first child. Unfortunately, I miscarried at 6 weeks.
  • Lost my Grandma

    My grandma passed away from cancer. I got to be with her and watch her transition and I'm so grateful for that. She was such an inspiration on my life.
  • Welcomed our Daughter

    Mekayellah was born by emergency c-section, but the most beautiful and perfect baby I had ever laid eyes on.
  • Welcomed our Son

    Peyton came into this world with a tan and bright blonde hair, we were so jealous when we saw him and so were the nurses! LOL
  • Lost my Grandpa

    My grandpa hung on to see Peyton and hold him. Those pictures are priceless.
  • Oops, here comes another son!

    Well, we quickly found out birth control was definitely NOT effective, and we welcomed Dawson twelve short months after Peyton!
  • Moved yet again

    Obviously, it was time for a bigger house, so we got one!
  • Baby #4

    Kaeson was as big as a turkey and let me tell you I felt so much relief after he was born, I could finally breathe fully again!! I adored having a winter baby.
  • House Fire

    Imagine having a house fire and you have a two month old baby plus three older ones, yep that was us! We lived in a hotel room for 4 months while our home was being reconstructed and our belongings were being cleaned.
  • Decided to start college!

    My college journey begins!! BTW I'm fixing to turn 40 when this happened!!
  • Began at UCO

    Yep, Bachelor's Degree here I come!! I'm a Junior so it won't be long!
  • I have an Associate's Degree!

    I graduated from NOC with a degree in Criminal Justice, the most exciting day for me because I never thought I'd go back and get a degree. I completed my degree faster and technically was finished in December of 2020 but there were no fall graduations.
  • Started working as a caretaker

    Began working for the Taylor's, one of the best blessings I've been given. I love them and adore what I do!