Timeline created by je150ro
  • Birth

    I was born, and immediately I developed an important relationship with my parents. I had to completely depend on them, and they didn't let me down. I have been influenced by this life event because ever since I was born, the values and morals that my parents have has shaped me into the person I am today.
  • My First Medical Issue

    My First Medical Issue
    When I was a baby, I mysteriously lost all oxygen supply to my brain. I was burning up with a fever and staring blankly into space. At the time, the doctors couldn't figure out what was going on, but since I was breathing again, they just told my parents I was fine. Little did they know this was just the beginning of my now many serious medical issues. I have been affected by this life event because it caused a lesion in my brain, which the doctors think caused my epilepsy.
  • Starting Pre-School

    Starting Pre-School
    Since I have Autism Spectrum Disorder, I was not aware of certain social norms at this time, and all of my classmates were aware of it. The social institution of school was an issue with me, until I moved to Bancroft. My relationship with the teachers were strained, because they would think I was acting out, when I wasn't aware of what I was supposed to do. I also had a strained relationship with my peers, as I had impaired cognitive function, which affected how I acted in social situations.
  • My Uncle Passing Away

    My Uncle Passing Away
    The day my uncle passed was one of the hardest days of my life. We had a very close relationship, and he played a role as one of my caretakers when my parents weren't home. He was the only babysitter I was happy with. When my mother had to deal with taking care of me, taking care of her family, and trying to take care of herself, there was role conflict, because she could hardly handle her brother's death, let alone all of her responsibilities.
  • Started Private School

    Started Private School
    I started grade 1 at Ridley College School and left in grade 4. The cohort in my grade could be very rude because I was different, so it was a challenge being at that school. The relationships with my teachers were tough, as they thought I was acting out since I didn't respond properly to certain things, and because they caught me defending myself when the students would say mean things. Since I have epilepsy, they thought I wasn't paying attention because I was having a petit mal seizure.
  • Moved to Bancroft

    Moved to Bancroft
    When I was in grade 6, my family and I moved to Bancroft from Niagara Falls, and it was the best choice we ever made. The transition was smooth. I started at YRPS, and immediately I made a lot of friends, which I wasn't used to at my other schools. My parent's office was successful, despite the many challenges they faced. There was some role strain within the office. My mom had and has a lot on her plate because of the many responsibilities she has. All in all, Bancroft was a good move.
  • Met My Best Friend

    Met My Best Friend
    When I was in grade 8 in YRPS, I met Dylan. We were in the same social group, but his status in the group wasn't as high as mine because I had been friends with the people in the group for longer. I found him hilarious. Once I made the others in our friend group realize how funny he was, his role as 'the jokester' was set.
  • Starting at North Hastings High School

    Starting at North Hastings High School
    I started my grade 9 year at North Hastings High School. This, in a way, was a rite of passage to independence. Of course I wasn't fully independent in grade 9, but I felt a lot more freedom and responsibility (which could be viewed as good or bad).
  • Received a 98 Percent on My RCM Singing Test

    Received a 98 Percent on My RCM Singing Test
    In grade 10, I received a 98 percent on my grade 2 Royal Conservatory of Music exam. Because of this, my role in the music community became strengthened, and I felt really accomplished. My status within the music community became heightened, because so many new opportunities arose, like being asked to sing at many festivals and concerts, as well as with bands and other singers.
  • Starting at Lakefield College School

    Starting at Lakefield College School
    In grade 11, I started at Lakefield College School. It felt like a rite of passage to me. Beginning high school was like that as well, but starting at a new school, and living away from home made me feel like I was actually approaching adulthood. It taught me many skills that I hadn’t known before, like time management, etc. And I was able to handle things all by myself. I learned important values, because the school was centered around creating a healthy mind, body, and spirit.
  • My Stay At the Hospital

    My Stay At the Hospital
    When I was admitted to the hospital, and afterwards, I felt like my identity was stripped away from me. I was unsure about everything around me, and even unsure of myself, my purpose, my values, etc. I had to take a year off of school and had to go back and forth from the doctors regularly. I finally found out I have a rare form of epilepsy, which caused the psychosis. I finally felt like I wasn’t crazy, and I like to think I have become a stronger, more passionate person from it.
  • Begin University

    Begin University
    I am so ecstatic thinking of university! I cannot wait until I start because I know that every single thing I learn, I will be able to enjoy, and apply in real life. The transition to post secondary may be tough, but I know I will be able to do it. I will have so much more freedom and be will be able to make all of my own choices. My role set will consist of altering my behaviors and establishing my roles to succeed.
  • Start My Graduate Degree

    Start My Graduate Degree
    After I finish my undergraduate in psychology I am planning on starting my graduate degree to get my PhD. I am very excited to know everything there is to know in my field. The transition from finishing my undergraduate to starting my graduate will be tough, because the expectations will be higher and the work will be harder. There may be some role strain because I will possibly start working while I am still in university, but I am confident I will be able to handle it.
  • Start Working as a Psychologist

    Start Working as a Psychologist
    My whole life I always knew I wanted my work to be centered on helping people. I’ve always felt like it was why I was put here. Going through the experiences I went through made me realize I wanted to become a psychologist. I feel that once I work, I will have more knowledge on what makes people the way they are, as well as being able to help myself more. My moral code has always centered on aiding others, and I am excited to play a role in the mental health care community.
  • Get Married

    Get Married
    This life event will change my life substantially. Having a close relationship with another person and being able to try on each other is something I am looking foreward to in the future. We will both play an important role in supporting each other emotionally and financially, and we will be able to help each other during hard times, like if one of us gets sick. There may be some role conflict between being a wife and possibly a mother, and my occupation, but I would place my marriage first.
  • Have a Child

    Have a Child
    I have always been excited about starting my role as a mother. I've always been good with children. My role set will consist of providing for the child, ensuring I form a strong bond with my child, put my child over everything else, teach my child, and guide my child in the right direction. There may be role strain between being a mother and working, but if I cannot handle both I will stop working for a while until my child is older, if my husband could provide for us.