By Mayra J
  • Birth

    On September 16, 1996 my mother Socorro Garcia gave birth to me.
  • Luis Jimenez

    On the date August 12, 1998 my brother Luis was born.
  • Twins

    On July 27, 2000 mty ferternal twin brother and sister Laura and Joel were born.
  • Miriam

    On August 28, 2001 my sister Miriam Godina was born.
  • Another one!

    On May 24, 2004 my brother German Ortiz was born.
  • Marriage

    My mother marries my sisters father and apparently she was happy.
  • More...

    On April 1, 2009 my sister Espernaza was born.
  • Bestfriends

    On this date iI met my bestfriend Daisy Miramontes at Potrero school.
  • Puppy!

    On August i received a little terrier mix dog and i named him Brownie.:)
  • Fame

    I got my fifteen minutes of fame at Los Angeles. O got a makeover from professionals. It was a really cool day.
  • What...

    Most experiencing thing that i have been thrpugh was on June 4, 2012 when i first got admitted into Phoenix House Academy a rehab.
  • First Day

    Currently now i am a junior here at El Monte High School. So close to being a senior.