• The Day I was Born

    I was born in West Covina at around ten in the morning. My full birthname is Alyssa Ann Ledesma.
  • First Sister was Born

    My sister, Arianna Nicole Ledemsa, was born when i was in preschool. This was a big change for me because I was no longer an only child since I was the first born.
  • First Amusement Park Passes

    I was in kindergarden when i had my first passes to Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm. Since then, I've pretty much had them all my life. When I was in elementary school, i used to go all the time with a big group of family friends and i remeber having so much fun all the time.
  • First Time Going to School with my Mom

    My mom is the office coordinator at Cherrylee Elementary school. I was so excited to finally be able to go to school with her when i started kindergarden. i atteneded the school all the way until sixth grade.
  • First Performance

    In third grade, I had my first talent show performance. The talent shows at my school were always themed. The theme during this year was Disney. My class performed the song "The Circle of Life" from The Lion King. I remeber that the class nominated who gets what role. I was chosen to be Nala and my best friend at the time was chosen to be Simba. The performance was mainly of the class singing the song, but I was one of the three students to have a few speaking lines in the song. I felt so cool.
  • G.A.T.E

    I'm almost sure G.A.T.E started in February for me, but this was such an amazing experience and i really enjoyed it. GATE stands for "gifted and talented education." It's a program for students with advanced learning skills. It was only once a week durning school time! A few of my friends from school were also in GATE. Every Tuesday we would get picked up from school on a bus to go to Wilkerson for special teachings. I attended from third through sixth grade.
  • Second Sister was Born

    I can remember this day so clearly for some reason. At the time, my house was being remodeled, so my family and I were staying in the extra bedrooms at my grandma's house. I had to share a bedroom with my sister Ari. I remember waking up in the morning and going to my parents' room and neither of them were there. My grandma had told me that they had left to the hospital at 4am. My new sister Aniah Marie Ledesma was born.
  • First Time at a New School

    As much as i loved being at Cherrylee with my mom, the only bad thing was that after sixth grade, all the students go to Durffee because it's the nearest middle school. However, I live closer to Columbia than I do to Durffee so I was forced to leave my friends that I had known since kindergarden and start a new school not knowing anyone! Going into seventh grade was such a lifechanging experience for me because I was at a new school for the first time without my mom, not knowing anyone.
  • First Official Drama Experience

    I was destined to be in drama class. At the time, I was out of my acting phase and was really into singing. I chose choir as an elective, but there was a misunderstanding with my English class. Basically, I needed to be in the advanced class which was only available during the period i had choir. I had to switch electives. I didn't want to do anything else, but once I found out that drama performed musicals, I had to do it! I instantly loved it and was the lead role in a few plays.
  • Third and Final Sister was Born

    The birth of my youngest sister, Analeah Love Ledesma wasn't really the best thing for me at the time. It was the opening night of my middle school's drama performance of Grease. Our shows are normally performed three nights, but for some reason, this show was only two.However, these were the two days my mom was in the hospital. She sadly never got to see my last middle school performance.
  • Taught Myself to Play the Acoustic Guitar.

    At this time, I've had my guitar since I had recieved it as a birthday present from my parents a few years before. Something just clicked this summer that made me want to actually sit down and learn how to play my guitar. I got help from a friend that also plays guitar and went online to look up how to play certain songs. By the time summer ended, I couln't stop playing. As months passed, I started writing songs. At a point, it just became that if any little thing happened, I'd write about it.
  • My First Prom and Boyfriend

    I went to Prom for the first time during my sophomore year. I had been talking to the guy that had asked me for a few months by this time. On the day of Prom, when he came to pick me up, he pulled out a dozen roses and had asked me to be his girlfiend. I had never had a boyfrined before this, but I really liked him so I said yes. This was such an amazing day for me.
  • Realized My True Friends

    Well, my first boyfriend didn't go as well as planned. He broke up with me at the aloha dance. My best friend didn't like him from the start and at this point, we hadn't been talking for two weeks. I apologized to her as soon as we broke up, but the only thing she said was "I told you so." Things were never the same between us. During the summer, I realized who my true friends were. They were there for me and I would have never expected to have been to so close to the people I have now.
  • New Prespective

    I started the school year off with a new perspective. All these people that I once talked to who no longer acknowledge me don't have a valid reason to be mad. I was never mad at anyone and I don't hold grudges. But since they don't say anything to me, I found that I tend to do the same. I'm trying this new thing where I will be the first to smile or say "hi." I have never felt like such a better person doing these small actions.