Time Management - Media Coursework

  • Main Task: Magazines

    Brief introduction to taskand outline of the key dates
  • Period: to

    AS Media Coursework

    This is the timespan for all my research & planning,
  • Initial Research: Genre

    Research into a number of magazines for a number of different genres. The decision of the type of magazine i will be creating
  • Detailed research into forms and conventions

    Two 500 word analyses of two magazines
  • Audience Research

    Detailed profile of my target audience
  • Audience Focus Group

    People for my focus group. Also why i need them etc.
  • Planning: Rough Drafts

    Detailed profile of my target audience
  • Audience Research 2

    Audiences opinion on drafts
  • Performers and Casting

    grid of people i am taking photographs of
  • Costumes and Props

    Grid organising my costumes and props.
  • Models

    choosing the models i want for my magazine
  • Risk Assessment

    Detailed risk assessment of potential accidents ad preventions; displayed in a grid.
  • Shot lists

    Grid displaying my idea of where the shots will be taken.
  • Locations

    Decision and brief post on how i came to that decision. images of emails or letters if permission was needed