time line of my life

  • birth

    i was born on september 30th 1995 in greenville north carolina.
  • fishin

    i caught my first fish with my dad.
  • school

    first day of kidnergarden
  • 1st grade

    1st grade
    i started first grad at ayden elementry
  • bad time for america

    bad time for america
    the world trade center fell down in the terriost attack.
  • first kill

    first kill
    i killed my first deer a five point buck.
  • run

    i ran from school and the cops because my teacher made me mad.
  • big fish

    my dad took me fishin the day after my birth day and i caught the biggst base for pitt county in 2006
  • fire

    i becomein a ayden jr fire fighter