Time Line of Exposure to Traditional and new Media by BUFI

By ngbufi
  • First Exposure to Books

    First Exposure to Books
    The first time I experienced being exposed to a book is when my parents read to me Dr. Seuss books and other classics. This was a basis for my first words which I copied from my parents.
  • Introduction to Computers

    Introduction to Computers
    The introduction of Computers allowed me to become more tech savvy and introduced many avenues of communication like facebook and other media.
  • First Time Being Exposed to Television

    First Time Being Exposed to Television
    Television played a key role in developing my proficiency for the English language. Cartoons that had hidden morals taught me lessons that I still use to this day like patience and Honesty.
  • First Time exposure To Radio

    First Time exposure To Radio
    Radio introduced to me many genres of music that sparked my love for music and all its genres. It also allowed me to listen to news and events happening around the country and the world.
  • Introduction To Non-Smart Phones.

    Introduction To Non-Smart Phones.
    This allowed me to communicate with my parents when they were away and relatives in other countries. It also allowed for calling.
  • Introduction To PSP

    Introduction To PSP
    The Play Station Portable was a way to pass the time through games and playing with other kids in multiplayer.