Time Line of exposure to traditional and new media by Aspirin

  • Television and VHS

    Television and VHS
    I saw a picture of me watching little Einstein on TV with the VHS player playing the show. I don't personaly remember any of this experience.
  • PS2

    I started getting into games when my dad gave me a PS2 on my seventh birthday.
  • Nintento DS

    Nintento DS
    My sisters and I were given Nintendo DS for christmas.
  • Ps3

    A friend of my dad gave a ps3 for my dads birthday
  • Apple computer

    Apple computer
    This was given to my sister on her birthday, but I mostly used it
  • Samsung galaxy s2

    Samsung galaxy s2
    My dad gave me his old samsung galaxy s2 when he bought a new phone.
  • Xbox 360

    Xbox 360
    My dad gave it as a present for Christmas
  • Wii

    On my birthday my dad gave me a wii as a present. Playing the wii was my favorite activity to do right after school
  • Toshiba laptop

    Toshiba laptop
    My middle sister got an Toshiba laptop when she had her birthday
  • Ps4

    This was my really late Christmas present from my mom. It was the console that I probably wasted most of my time on.
  • Samsung galaxy s4

    Samsung galaxy s4
    This was my moms old phone which she decided to give me after my dad gave her a new one. This was probably around the time I would start using my phone more often.
  • Wii U

    Wii U
    I got this because it was on sale, but I would say that I had the least fun playing this console then any other that I played on.
  • Samsung galaxy s5

    Samsung galaxy s5
    My dad gave my mom another new phone, so my mom decided to give me her old phone as a present for my birthday.
  • HP laptop

    HP laptop
    This was the first laptop that I ever owned. It had a cool 360 frame feature, but in the end I never really used it often, because I would be to lazy to do anything
  • Huawei P20

    Huawei P20
    My dad gave me a the first phone that wasn't second handed by my mom. This was a gift to start off senior high school.
  • MSI laptop

    MSI laptop
    This was something that I have been begging for my dad to buy for a few years. I really wanted a gaming laptop, because my current laptop had problems which made it slow and almost unusable, so he bought me this laptop and told me that I would use this one for a long time before getting I new one, but I was fine with that.
  • Nintendo switch

    Nintendo switch
    I saved up money for some while to buy this for my sisters birthday. I never really played the switch so I don't have anything I can really say about this.