Time Line of exposure to traditional and new media by APOLINARIO

Timeline created by dominiqueapol
  • Newspaper

    When I was a baby, my grandparents would read newspapers to stay up to date with events. There would be newspapers scattered around my house and I would play with them.
  • 2002

    Ever since I was a baby, I would always see billboards everywhere I go. When I was a round 3 or 4 I would be so fascinated by all the colors and posters.
  • Radio

    My parents would play music on the radio and I would dance/bounce along with it
  • Television

    My sisters and I would watch TV shows such as: Dora the Explorer Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Kim Possible, and Lilo and Stitch. We would specifically watch Lilo and Stitch often with my family becuase that was out favorite cartoon at the time
  • PSP 2000

    PSP 2000
    My parents bough my sister a PSP for her birthday and I remember borrowing it a lot and playing sonic whenever I would borrow it.
  • iMac

    When my dad purchased the Novo iMac my sisters and I would always make videos on the photo booth app.
  • YouTube

    I first started using youtube to listen to music then I started watching funny videos like pranks with my dad.
  • iPod Touch

    iPod Touch
    My parents gave me the first generation iPod Touch for my 7th birthday. I would play games like Pocket God, Tap Tap Revenge, Sally's Salon, etc. all the time. I would also use it to take pictures.
  • Facebook

    The first social media account I had was for Facebook. All my friends had it, so I decided to join in. I would use facebook to communicate with family and friends. I would also play games like Pet Society.
  • Twitter

    I first got twitter as a fan account for youtubers to try to get noticed by them. I made a lot of friends through the app, but soon started using it as a personal account. I like twitter because it exposes me to current events with politics, movements, protests, pop culture etc. It helps keep me up to date with current events.
  • Snapchat

    I first downloaded snapchat in 2014. I would send funny pictures to friends and would share my pictures on the stories section. Up until today I still use it constantly and it's my favorite social media platform.
  • Mac Book Pro

    Mac Book Pro
    I got a laptop mainly fur educational purposes. I needed it to write papers, create presentations, and edit videos. I also used it for entertainment purposes like youtube, facebook, pictures, and videos. I also use it to read news articles about current events and to become aware of any social issues the world going through.
  • iPhone

    My parents gave me an iPhone for my 12th birthday. It was the time when Apple changed their ios and the aesthetic was completely different compared to the old one. I used it communicate with my family and friends. It was a lot easier than using facebook because I wouldn't need wifi in order to call or text them.
  • Spotify

    I use spotify to listen to music. It's my favorite source for streaming music because I can to listen to almost any song offline with a monthly payment. Spotify also has podcasts that I sometimes listen to.
  • Netflix

    I like Netflix for similar reasons as to why I like Spotify. I can watch a lot of movies and tv shows and have the option to download them for a monthly payment.
  • Google

    During grade 9, all my classes required me to create a google account I would use it for gmail, google docs, google slides, and google classroom. I would use them to write papers, research, turn in homework, create presentations, and organize notes. Google is an essential website for my school life.
  • Kahoot

    In my old high school, we would use Kahoot to prepare for quizzes and exams. The whole class would log in and would answer a multiple choice question. The fastest person to answer the most questions wins first place. I enjoyed it because it's really competitive and class would get crazy with everyone yelling and trying to win.
  • iPhone

    This year, I got a new iphone. I works a lot faster than the iphone 5 and his a lot new features. You can go on a group facetime call, you can film videos in slow motion, the battery life lasts longer, and the camera quality is much better.