Time line

Timeline created by grpsstudent
  • Birthday

    I was born January 18th. At Mercy Health hospital in Grand Rapids.
  • sister's birthday

    I have an older sister that was seven when I was born and turned 8 . I was also born around one month before her.
  • San Francisco

    When I was three my family went to San Francisco It was just me and my older sister I was three at the time.
  • Preschool

    I went to a head start near my house I don't remember much but i do remember always playing and having fun.
  • Kindergarden

    I started going to school at William C. Abney I remember taking naps during school and reading and starting to learn the basics. One thing I can really remember was when we took a field trip to Meijer Garden.
  • Girls on the Run

    I joined a program for all girls kind of like a track team and a support system between girls.
  • Walt Disney world

    My Dad's side of the family decided to go on a trip to Disney world we went to Orlando then Miami to visit an uncle there. My favorite one was Epcot.
  • Mateo

    My nephew was born I remember spending the night at the hospital and hugging him for the first time
  • Elementary school

    Throughout all my elementary years i went to the same school William C. Abney. My Favorite elementary teacher was Mr. Levi. (fourth Grade) and Mr. Hubbert (Sixth Grade). My close friends in elementary were Stacy and Diamond.
  • Birthday

    My youngest sister Katherine was born. she was really tiny compared to when I look at her now.
  • Road Trip

    My dad's side of the family went to The creation Museum and Ark encounter.
  • Middle School

    During middle school I started getting into drawing but didn't engage into it that much. I also went to robotics In 7th grade
  • Robotics

    I rejoined Robotics starting my freshmen year I joined the middle school team in seventh grade left eighth grade year.
  • Quinceñera

    My closest cousin had her Quinceñera Her theme was butterflies and her dress was blue her entrance was beautiful and a reunion for most of the family and friends.
  • Mackinaw island

    After my cousin's Quinceñera she wanted to take photos somewhere and decide mackinaw and our dad's side of the family all went. I think the horses and how there aren't cars on the island looked nice.
  • High school

    I just started high school my goal is to keep my GPA up. This is my third year at Uprep.
  • Golden birthday

    Im turning 18 on January 18 also known as a golden birthday and I want it to be epic since Im also going to be a senior and Graduating maybe go on a trip outside the U.S or have an all night party
  • After high school

    I plan to go to college and become go into the medical field. Mostly looking forward to the food. I think I want to move onto campus and celebrate after I graduate.
  • After College

    I want to move to the a big city or stay in Grand Rapids but somewhere like Boston or Chicago would be nice. I can't wait to stay up late watching shows with some close friends or going out on all nighters. I've gotten used to public transportation which can be fun but I do want to have a car like a jeep or something by the time I graduate from college