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Time line

  • The day I bornd

    It my birthday,the most important day to me, because its the day I came to this world...
  • kindergarten

    the day I go to kindergarten.My first day to school
  • Period: to


    my childhood in kindergarten,which is all about toys
  • grade 1

    my first day to grade one and first day to school that can very teach me stuff,not a play ground like kindergarten。
  • Period: to

    elementary school

    my childhood from grade 1 to grade 6......my good memory
  • junior high

    my first day to junior high, which is grade 7 (in China ,junior high start in grade7).....
  • Period: to

    my short junior high life

    my very very short junior high,but i got my best memory in there
  • Canada

    the day i came to Canada,
  • Period: to

    Canada`s life

    my new life in canada,which is pass 2 years and my future
  • school in Canada

    my first day of school in Canada, I was wondering its there any different between schools in China and Canada
  • Move to richmond green

    first day of schcol in richmond green,(i moved my house,so i changed school
  • grade 10

    first day to grade 10 , i was wandering am i having the same class with my friends or not、