Tiare Zura Rojas =)

By Tiare
  • My brith

    I mas born in Santiago
  • Period: to

    Tiare Zura Rojas

  • My First Steps

    I learned walked in the house
  • My brother birth

    My brother born in 1998
  • My first brithday

    I invited my friends
  • My first words

    I learned speak a the age of 2
  • MY first day of school

    I went to kinder garden Rosa o´higgins
  • My first friend

    I met Matias
  • My first kiss

    I kissed Rodrigo
  • My sister birth

    My sister born in 2003
  • My first boyfriends

    I was with Alejandro
  • My First Pet

    I my pet cat
  • My first time

    I was with rodrigo
  • My graduation

    My graduation school puelmapu
  • Mty first day of high School

    I high school pedro de valdivia
  • my first Friends girls

    I my friends girls whit janis and Marion