Third Crusade

  • Oct 1, 1187

    Pope Urban III Recieved the News

    Pope Urban III recieved a nice irony of names. The Pope died of grief and Gregory VIII was appointed the new Pope. Pope Gregory VIII took the throne.
  • Mar 28, 1188

    Frederick takes up the Cross

    Frederick assembles up an army and sets put to
  • Jun 1, 1188

    Truces of the war

    The English and French were at war together, and wanted to negotiate a truce. Henry II and Philip II made peace on the very same battlefirld, and monarchs took up the cross on the spot. The two monarchs also agreed on levying a tax to finance the crusade, which came to be known as the Saladin Tithe.
  • Jul 6, 1188

    Death of the Old King

    Teh French and English went at war again. Henry's son Richard of Poitou and Count of Toulouse went at war. Richard then switched sides and went at war with his own father, Henry of England. The King then died and Richard of Poitou was now Richard I of England on September 3
  • Sep 27, 1190

    Departure of Richard from the Holy Land

    There were dalays because of the rebellion and war. But when Richard was made King, he had no further excuse for delay. Richard did not depart for the Holy Land until almost three years of the fall of jerusalem.