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Q4-Timeline-William Johnston-Dalat/World History

  • 400

    17.2-Ireland/England-Saint Patrick Spread Christianity

    In the 400's, A teenager named "Patrick" was kidnapped and taken to Ireland where he had to work as a shepherd. In six years he escaped but then returned to spread Christianity.
  • Period: 400 to 1200

    Chapter 17-The Early Middle Ages

    During the Early Middle Ages many different things happened, people gained power, lost power, and many people died as well. Some important dates are: 700s-800s- The Vikings raid Europe, 800-Charlemagne is crowned emperor of Europe, 1066- Feudalism is introduced to Britain.
  • 480

    17.2-Gaul-Franks conquer Gaul

    During the 480s, the Franks, which was a powerful group, took over Gaul. Where we today, call France, by a ruler named Clovis, Franks became Christian and created one of the strongest kingdoms in Europe.
  • 900

    18.3-Cluny-The Monks of Cluny create a Monastery

    In the 900ssome French monks create a monastery. The monastery followed a strict schedule of prayers.
  • 1000

    17.3-Eastern Europe- Feudalism begins to Spread

    During the 1000s, Knights that were Frankish introduced feudalism into Northern Europe, it was spread to the Eastern side of Europe.
  • 1000

    18.2-Jerusalem-The turning Muslims take over Jerusalem

    During the 1000s, Turkish muslims entered Jerusalem and took it over. Pilgrims in Europe reported the Turkish Muslims to enter the area.
  • Period: 1000 to 1500

    Chapter 18-The Later Middle Ages

    The Middle Ages had many different dates and times that things happen which are: 1066-Feudalism is introduced to Britain, 1096-Crusaders start their battle for the holy land, 1347-Black Death Starts, 1492-Spanish drive out the Jews.
  • 1073

    18.1-Rome-Pope Gregory VII becomes Pope

    During 1073, a new Pope increased in power, named Gregory VII.But he was disapproved by the by the Emperor so he excommunicated the Emperor and gained power above him.
  • 1200

    19.1-China-The Silk Road Begins To Reopen

    During the 1200s, the Mongols took over China. They protected the roads again for travelers and traders. One of the most famous traders that many people know of was Marco Polo who traveled through the silk road.
  • Period: 1270 to

    Chapter 19-The Renaissance and Reformation

    During the Renaissance, a lot of things were changed and a lot of tragedy happened in Europe. A lot of the important dates were: 1271-Marco Polo Travels to China, 1450-Gutenberg creates the printing press, 1517-Martin posts his 95 theses criticizing the church, 1648-The Thirty Years' War ends.
  • 1347

    18.4-Europe-The Black Death begins

    The Black Death was a deadly plague that lasted from 1347 and 1351. The plague originated in Asia and spread to Europe by trading rats.
  • Period: 1400 to

    Chapter 20-Science and Exploration

    During this chapter many people did many things to help the world advance, some are: 1416-Henry the Navigator sets up his school of navigation, 1492-Columbus arrives in America, 1530-Copernicus develops his theory of sun-center solar system,1609-Galileo uses his telescope to study planets, 1687-Sir Isaac Newton publishes his book.
  • 1455

    19.2-Europe-Johann Gutenberg develops the printing press

    The printing press was a very important thing in the middle ages since it was used for many things such as translating the Bible and copying it so every bible would be the same for everyone.
  • 1469

    18.5-Ferdinand-The prince of Aragon gets married

    In 1469, the prince of Aragon, married Isabella, a Castilian princess, later on they became king and queen and ruled Spain.
  • 1498

    20.2-Africa-Vasco finishes his trip around africa

    During 1948, Vasco Da Gama sailed around Africa and made it to the coast of India. During his trip, a sea route to Asia was found as well.
  • 1540

    20.1-Europe-The Scientific Revolution Begins

    The scientific revolution was a series of events that created modern science. It occurred in Europe during the 1540s to 1700.
  • 1546

    19.3-Europe-William Finishes Translating The Bible

    Before 1546, a man named William Tyndale thought that everyone should be able to read the bible. But what he thought opposed the Catholic Church which said that only CLergy can interpret the bible. When Tyndale finally completed what he wanted to do, he was executed.
  • 17.4-Japan-The Creation Of Haiku's

    During the 1600s Japanese poets made the "Haiku" which are short, three lined poems that have 17 syllables and describe nature scenes
  • Period: to

    Chapter 21-Enlightenment and Revolution

    During this period of time many things happened during then, some of the dates and things that’s happened were: 1642-Civil war begins in England, 1960-John Locke argues that governments power should be limited, 1759-Mary Wollstonecraft is born, 1776-The Americans declare independence, 1789-The French Revolution begins.
  • 21.1-London-Benjamin Franklin states his argument

    In 176 and philosopher and scientist named Benjamin franklin went to London, he argued that the British Goverment had no right to tax the colonists since they have no representative in the parliament.
  • 21.3-America-Thomas signs the Declaration of Independence

    One of the colonials leaders named Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of independance which was a document declaring the colonies are independent from britain
  • 20.3-Europe and America-Capitalism becomes a thing

    In the 1800s capitalism became the basis for economic systems in west Europe and America. Capitalism
  • 21.1-France-Voltaire’s life begins

    Volitare was a French philosopher and he argued that the purpose of life is the pursuit of human happiness through science.
  • Chapter 17-Penang-(MDE) Christianity

    One of the most obvious things that have been passed down today is Christianity. It has been spread all over the world and many people probably believe in the Christian God in Penang.
  • Chapter 18-Penang-(MDE)Churches

    Something that we have today from the Middle Ages are churches where many people go to pray and learn about religions
  • Chapter 19-Penang-(MDE) The English Bible

    Something that is very important now, in this school as well, is the bible. When it was translated to English so all of us can read it and learn about its teachings.
  • Chapter 20-(MDE)The telescope

    One of many advances in astronomy from that time was the telescope which helps us search and watch the planets to learn about them.
  • *Chapter 21-(MDE)Declaration of Indepence

    During the creation of the Declaration of Independence it has changed America in many ways and one of the main ones is that is independent now.