The war of 1812

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    The War of 1812

  • Madison takes office

    Americans were angry at brittian for arming the native americans so madison took charge and became a leader
  • War hawks take power

    Henry Clay of kentucky and Jhon C. Calhound, South Calorlina became leaders of the house of represnatives. Clay supporters were warhawks who wanted war with New England
  • Relations with Brittian worsen

    brittian will keep impressing sailors Native americans began attacking. In june they declared war with brittian
  • Congress declaires war

    Brittian not meeting american demands Native americans protecting canada but americans did not have enough funds so they were not ready for war
  • America Is not ready for war

    THe U.S was not ready for war the U.S only had 16 war ships and only 7,000 men
  • Brittian blockaids Ameroican ports

    brittian set up a blockaid of 135 war ships so americans could not use their port
  • invaison of canada

    american troop under ganeral william holl invaded canada form detroit. Fearing they did not have enough souliders they soon reteated
  • USS constitution Scores a VIctory

    a battle at sea laed to american ships taking over british ships
  • Battle at lake erie

    a key three hour battle took place and the flag ships were badley damaged the america fought and one
  • Battle at horse shoe bend

    Andrew Jackson took comand and won the treaty that ended gave up millions of achers of land
  • Washington D.C attacked and burned

    British forces marched in the city Dolly Madison Gatherd up important papers and left the white house
  • Wrighting the Star spangle banner