War of 1812

  • Repeal of orders in council

    Britian hopes war can be avoided. SPencer Percavel was assasinated , Which made Lord Liverpool to come in power. Liverpool wanted better relationships with the U.S and asked for a repeal in the order of council
  • James madison sends letter to congress

    The message was telling that the british were doing unfair things to the Americans.This message did not ask for a declaration of war.
    IMPORTANT PEOPLE: United states president James Madison.
  • Period: to

    War of 1812

  • U.S declares war against Britain

    After James Madisons message the house of represantitives debates for four days and votes for Declaration of War. RESONS WHY BRITAIN BEHAVED THE WAS IT DID: The British were at war with the French for 20 years. To avoid anyone from helping the French The British made a blockade at the european ports. This affected the American buisiness. Also some of the British deserters went to American ships becasue the pay was higher When they searched for their men, they sometimes took american men.
  • News reaches for complete repeal for orders in congress

    It tooks three weeks for the news to reach North America from london that Liverpool asked for a complete repeal
  • General William Hull Attack Canadain town of sandwich

    General William Hull attacked sandwich witha American force of 1'000 poorly trained militia and won.
  • Fort Michilimackinac surrenders to British

    British army lead by captain Roberts take Michilimachinac Island without a battle because American lieutenant Porter Hanks was scared that the Natives would kill everyone in the fort. The fear of Natives often decided the fate of the battle
    IMPORTANT PEOPLE: TECUMSEH. Tecumseh was the leader of the tribal allies and the leader of the Shownee tribe. He was driven agaist the Americans because they killed his father. He was born on March 1768 and died on October 5 1813.
  • British capture Detriot

    3'000 British men including 2'000 Native allies take over detroit with 0 causualties. This also gave the british control over the michigan territory. Once again the outcome of the battle was altered by the fear that the Americans had of the Native people. IMPORTANT PEOPLE: Isaac Brock (6 October 1769 - 13 October 1812, British general tasked with the hard task of defending upper Canada. He is known to be one of the heroes of upper Canada.
  • U.S.S 'Constitution" captures H.M.S "Guerriere

    A 35 minute battle. Constitution was nicknamed Iron-sides because the cannon balls seemed to bounce off the sides
  • Battle of Queenston Hieghts

    The battle took place in the Niagra Peninsula. British won but General Isaac Brock was killed
  • British officially declare war with U.S

  • Battle of Frenchtown

    American soldiers were massacred by a suprise British attack
  • American General Dearborn captures the town of York

    1'700 American regulars boarded fourteen ships and attacked the city lead by Captain Isaac Chaucny. Even though York was a capital it's forces were small. it had only 300 regulars, 400 militia and 50-100 Natives. The ships deployed teh American soldiers which were lead by Major General Dearborn
  • Americans capture fort George

    American army of 4'000 men lead by winfield scott take over fort george forcing the British to retreat
  • Battle of stoney Creek

    The American forces are following the British forces that lost at Fort George. The British win the battle forcing the Americans to retreat to the Niagra river. The british however have lost more men than the Americans
  • Battle of the beaver dams

    The Americans marched straight from fort George and tried to launch a suprise attack on the british suppliers. Instead they got ambushed by Native warriors (from the Mohawk tribe).Thanks to Laura Secords warning. The Americans had a army of 600+ Regulars. While the beaver dams had a force of 400 Natives and 50 regulars.
  • Battle of lake Erie

    The Americans gain control of lake Erie. This also cut off the supply of the West forces of the British and Native people.
  • Battle of Thames/ Battle of Moraviantown

    The Americans persue the British from the battle of lake Erie to ensure a complete defeat. Tecumseh leader of the Native forces is killed and the pact with the British is disinergrated. But some natives still help the British. This is also the first battle that the Natives had to fight alone
  • Battle of Chateauguay

    The American army attack Lower Canada. The Canadian forces defeat the Americans.
  • Battle of Crysler's Farm

    American forces are marching to attack montreal. They are pursued by British forces. The Americans are defeated. This is the third and last attack on canada by the british
  • Fort Niagra is taken by British

    The British won a easy battle because most of the American forces are marching towards Lower Canada, leaving the fort defenseless
  • Americans capture fort Erie

    Major General Jacob Brow with Brigadier Generalt Winfield scott and Eleazar ripley invade upper Canada. The Americans have 3500 regular troops and 600 Natives
  • Battle of chippawa

    The British General Phineas Riall attacks Americans thinking that the regulars were militia. The British lose the battle and retreat
  • Battle of Lundy's Lane

    Americans persue the British from the Battle of Chippawa and fight again. The causalty rate on both sides was vast. The American forces retreat. About 640 British men died and 740 Americans .
  • Siege starts on fort Erie

  • Battle of Washington

    British defeat the American forces at washington. The British also burn washington other public buildings .
  • British attack Baltimore

  • British abandon all atempts to capture Baltimore

  • Siege ends on fort Erie

  • Treaty of Ghent

    In Europe the treaty of Ghent is signed by Britain. The News is reached in the United States after a while. All the land that was conquered during the battle was given back to the original owners
  • Battle of new Orleans

    The news of the Treaty of Ghent hasn't reached North America yet. The British war with Napolean had just ended. This let the British send troops to North America. The outcome was very bad for the British. They had lost 700 men and 1000+ were wounded. Meanwhile the men under the command of Andrew Jackson 10 or less men were dead.
  • News of the Treaty of Ghent reaches North America

    The News of the Treaty of Ghent reaches North America. The four year between America and Britian ends or in other words war of 1812 ends.