Battle of new orleans

The War of 1812

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    The War of 1812

  • President madison takes office.

    President madison takes office.
    In 1809 the fourth president of the United States James Madison was elected. Right around the time he was elected, tensions with Great Britain started to rise. So Americans resented the continued imprisionment of American sailors by the British.
  • War Hawks Take Power

    War Hawks Take Power
    In 1810 two strong nationalists, Henrey Clay, and Jhon C. Calhoun, became leaders in the House of Representatives. There supporters were called war hawks. Which are people who were looking forward to the war with britain.
  • Realtions with Great Britain Worsen

    Realtions with Great Britain Worsen
    Relations with Great Britain steadily worsened in the early months of 1812. In the spring of 1812, Britain told the United States they would continue impressing soldiers. Meanwhile Natives Americans began new attacks on frontier, settlements.
  • Congress Declares War on Great Britain

    Congress Declares War on Great Britain
    In June of 1812. Congress Decalred war, on Great Britain. Later on this war was known as the war of 1812.
  • America is not Ready for war

    America is not Ready for war
    When the war first started Americans were sure they would win. Soon after the war started the United States realized they were not prepared fot the war.
  • Invasion of Canada

    Invasion of Canada
    Before the war even started war hawks were demanding a invasion of Canada. They expected Canadians to welcome the chance to blow off British rule. So we had two battles then.
  • Britain Blockades American Ports

    Britain Blockades American Ports
    In the first day of wars Britain set up a blockade on American coasts. By 1814 135 warships were blocking American ports. After reinforcing their troops, the British were able to block all American ports by the end of the war.
  • USS Constitution Scores a Vitory

    USS Constitution Scores a Vitory
    A major sea battle started at the begining of the war. In August 1812 the USS constitution defeated a British war ship Gueriere in a feirce battle. According to tradition American sailors call the constitution, "Old Ironsides"
  • Second Battle of Sacketts Harbor

    Second Battle of Sacketts Harbor
    In the early weeks of the war the British had seized control of the Great Lakes. In September 1812 Capatain Issac Chauncey was ordered to assume command of naval forces on lake Ontario and Erie. Within three weeks he had directed and bought 149 ships' carpenters,700 seamenand marinesand some 100 cannon,along with a good quantity of musckets and other supplies.
  • Battle of Lake Erie

    Battle of Lake Erie
    American Forces had better luck on Lake Erie.Both sides were aware of the power of ruling Lake Erie. A key three hour battle took place in Put-In Bay western of the lake in 1813.
  • Battle of Thames

    Battle of Thames
    As the British and the Natives retreate, the Americans pusued them. They followed the Brithish into Canada, defeating them in the Battle of Thmaes. Techumseh was among those killed in this battle.
  • Battle of Horseshoe Bend

    Battle of Horseshoe Bend
    Native Americans also suffered defeat in the south. Jackson defeated the Creeks in the battle of Horseshoe Bend. The treaty that ended the battle forced the Creeks to give up millions of acres of land.
  • Battle of Fort Oswego

    Battle of Fort Oswego
    During the early months of 1814, while Lake Ontario was frozen. The British and American naval squadrons had been building two frigates each.With which to contest command of the lake during the upcoming campain season.
  • Washington D.C. Attacked and Burned

    Washington D.C. Attacked and Burned
    The new British Stratedgy was to attack the nation capital, Washington D.C. In August 1814 the British force marched into the city. The British set fire to many governent buildings, including the White House, Americans were astonished that the American army could not stop them.
  • Attack on Baltimore

    Attack on Baltimore
    This was a land and sea battle fought between the British and American forces in the war of 1812. It was one of the turning points in the war as the Americans forces repulsed sea and land invasions in the busy city of Baltimore. We also killed the comander of the invading British army forces.
  • The Writing of the Star Spangled Banner

    The Writing of the Star Spangled Banner
    Francis Scott Key, a young American watched the attack on Baltimore. At dawn, Key saw the American flag still waving over the fort. Key wrote on the back of an emvolope a poem he called " The STar Spangled Banner". It was about what he had seen in the battle the night before.
  • Battle of Platsburgh

    Battle of Platsburgh
    Also known as the battle of Laked Camplain.The battle took place shortly before the sighning of the treaty og Ghent which ended the war. This battle ended the final invasion of the northern states during the war of 1812.
  • Hartford Convention

    Hartford Convention
    In December a group of Federalists Went to Hartford Connetecuit. some delegates stated that Great Britain should scede from the united States. While the delegates discussed the peace treaty arrived.
  • Treaty of Ghent

    Treaty of Ghent
    By 1814 Britain had tired of the war. Peace talks began in Ghent. On Christmas Eve 1814, the two sides sighned the treaty which ended the war.
  • Battle of New Orleans

    Battle of New Orleans
    The treaty took weeks to reach the United States. In that time the two sides fought one more battle. In Janurary 1814 the American forces won a stunning victory in the battle of New Orleans.