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War of 1812

  • Declaration of the War of 1812

    Declaration of the War of 1812
    US President James Madison declared war on the British Empire
  • Battle of Brownstown

    Battle of Brownstown
    American loss to British near Brownstown even with a numerical advantage of 8-1
  • Battle of Maguaga

    Battle of Maguaga
    A small battle fought by the British troops, Canadian militia,Tecumseh's natives and a larger force of American troops near the present day city of Trenton, Michigan
  • Battle of Baltimore

    The Battle of Baltimore was a combined sea/land battle fought between British and American forces in the War of 1812. The war ended with an American win.
  • Battle of Queenston Heights

    The Battle of Queenston Heights was a British win early in the War of 1812. It was fought between United States regulars, New York militia forces, British forces and Canadian militia in the village of Queenston, now Niagara Falls.
  • Battle of Mississinewa

    Also known as the Mississineway, the Battle of Mississinewa was the first American win in the War of 1812.
  • Battle of Frenchtown

    The Battle of Frenchtown is also known as the Battle of the River Raisin or the River Raisin Massacre. It was fought between the United States and a British and Native American alliance near the River Raisin in Frenchtown, Michigan Territory (present-day Monroe, Michigan).
  • Battle of York

    The Battle of York was fought in the present day city of Toronto. The American force defeated the defending British force and captured the town and dockyard. The Americans also carried out several acts of arson and loot from the town.
  • Siege of Fort Meigs

    This battle lasted a week in northwestern Ohio. A small British army with the help of the Indians defeated a pack of American troops. The British failed their attempt to capture the fort and therefore were forced to raise the siege.
  • Battle of Beaver Dams

    The Battle of Beaver Dams is an American defeat on the Niagra front. The battle of Fort George had forced the British to withdraw from the line of the Niagara River to a new position at the western end of Lake Ontario.
  • Battle of Lake Erie

    Also known as the Battle of Put-in-Bay, was fought on Lake Erie off the coast of Ohio.Nine vessels of the United States Navy defeated and captured six vessels of Great Britain's Royal Navy. This ensured American control of the lake for the rest of the war.
  • Battle of Chateaugay

    The Chateauguay was one of the two battles which caused the Americans to abandon the Saint Lawrence Campaign, their major strategic effort in the autumn of 1813. During this battle, the Brtish defeated the Americans with the help of Canadia militia and Indians.
  • Battle of Chrysler's Farm

    A British and Canadian force won a victory over an American force which greatly outnumbered them. The American defeat prompted them to abandon the St. Lawrence Campaign, their major strategic effort in the autumn of 1813.
  • Battle of Emuckfau

    The Battle of Emuckfau was a battle between Gen. Andrew Jackson's forces and the Creek Indians, fought on January 27, near the Indian village of Imukfa. The failure of contractors and mutiny among American troops subjected them to numerous unnecessary trials and difficulties.
  • Battle of Horseshoe Bend

    This battle was fought during the War of 1812 in central Alabama. On March 27, 1814, United States forces and Indian allies under General Andrew Jackson defeated the Red Sticks, a part of the Creek Indian tribe who opposed American expansion, effectively ending the Creek War.
  • Battle of Chippawa

    The Battle of Chippawa was a victory for the United States Army in the War of 1812, during an invasion of Upper Canada along the Niagara River.
  • Battle of Bladensburg

    Also known as the burning of Wahington, the defeat of the American forces there allowed the British to capture and burn the public buildings of Washington, D.C. It has been called "the greatest disgrace ever dealt to American arms.
  • Treaty of Ghent Signed

    The Treaty of Ghent, signed on 24 December 1814, in Ghent (modern day Belgium) was the peace treaty that ended the War of 1812 between the United States of America and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
  • Battle of New Orleans

    This was the final major battle in the War of 1812. The Americans defeated the BrItish in New Orleans and the victory is said to be the greatest American land defeat of the War of 1812.