The War of 1812

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    The War of 1812

  • President Madison takes office

    President Madison takes office
    When President Madison took office in 1809. The Americans were angry at Britian for arming the Native Americans of the Northwest.
  • War Hawks takes power

    War Hawks takes power
    The War Hawks felt Britian want treating The United States right as if they were still British colony. The War Hawks decided to stand up and defend the United States. They agreed to fight the war and defend American.
  • Relation with Great Britien worsen

    Relation with Great Britien worsen
    The British started to encourage Native Americans to attack United States settlements. Britian and the United States dissagreed over trade. Britian and the United States stopped all trading and shipments. While the US cotinued to trade with France.
  • Congress declairs war on Britian

    Congress declairs war on Britian
    The Americans had just declaired war! As Britian was having quite a struggle with Napolian and they couldnt spair the troops to fight the US. The United States wasnt ready for war, The Navy only had 16 ships and the army was small and ill equipped. Congess agreed to give them $124.00 and 360 acres of land for the servises. Although the men that joined were pourly trained and many left after a few monthes.
  • Americans not ready ready for war

    Americans not ready ready for war
    The British were surprized when America declaired war. British was locked in a struggle with Napolian and didnt have enough troops. The Americans wernt prepaired either as both their Navy and Army were too small to have and impact of sucess.
  • British blockade American ports.

    British blockade American ports.
    The British blokaded American ports to stop them from trading with other Countries. The American navy was too small to be able to break the blockade. Yet several Sea captions won stunning victories.
  • Invasion on Canada

    Invasion on Canada
    The clever and skillful British leader General Issiac Brock led the few untrained Canadian army. To frighten the Americans Brock and his troops marched in red coats to appear as if they were helping the British. They also exaggerated the number of Indians helping the Americans. When the Americans attempted to invade Canida the Canadians fought and forced the Americans to retreat.
  • USS constitution scores a victory.

    USS constitution scores a victory.
    Captin of the Constitution Issiac Hull spotted the British ship (Guerri`ere). After two hours the Constitution roared into action and it toar three holes in the side of the Guerri`ere. The American sea captions had won another victory at sea!
  • Battle of Lake Erie

    Battle of Lake Erie
    The Americans wanted control of Lake Erie. Their captin was Oliver Hazard Perry. The British battled Perrys ship. So Perry took his flags down and got another American ship. Finially the Americans won!
  • Battle of Thames

    Battle of Thames
    The Americans had won the Battle of Thames. Tecumseh died fighting. Without Tecumseh`s leadership the Indian confederation still fell apart.
  • Horseshoe Bend

    Horseshoe Bend
    When the leader of the creeks walked alone into the Jacksons camp to surrender. Saying "we don`t have an army i would still fight if i did". so they surrendered. The fight ended and the Native Americans had to give up once again.
  • Washington D.C attacked and burned.

    Washington D.C attacked and burned.
    When the British marched into Washington D.C they began setting fire to several important buildingsincluding the White House where the presidents had fled with important papers. The American army couldnt defend Washington
  • Star Spangled Banner

    Star Spangled Banner
    A young American named Francis Scott Key had seen the battle of Baltimore. On the back of an old envalop Key wrote a poem called "The Star Spangled Banner" . Which told the story of his nights watch. The poem quickly became popular and was set into a music format. In 1931 Congress made it the national anthom of the United States.
  • Attack on Baltimore

    Attack on Baltimore
    When the British reached Baltimore they quickly headed for Fort Mchenry(which defended the citys harbor). Over night the British bombarded the forts but the Americans still had the flag raised. The Americans had beaten off the attack.
  • Hartford Convention

    Hartford Convention
    Most of the Federalists met in Hartford convention beacause they disliked the Republican president and the war. The Delegates on the Hartford convention threatened to leave if the war countinued. When the war the war ended the protests quickly resolved with the war over.
  • Treaty of Ghent

    Treaty of Ghent
    On December 24, 1814 the treaty of Ghent was signed in Ghent, Belgium. The treaty stated British and Americans restore pre-war conditions, end the war, and continue trading with each other.
  • Battle of New Orleans

    Battle of New Orleans
    On January 8, 1815 The British attacked New Orleans. More than 2,000 British were already killed. Compaired to only 7 americans dying the British were outmatched. The Americans cheered at victory and every one had Andrew Jackson to thank!